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Understanding Bitcoin | Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash

by georgethomas 10 months ago in blockchain
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A huge amount of computing power is needed for verifying transactions. It is not a legal tender in most of the world. Bitcoins are well known as "BTC".

If you are a new trader in the crypto world. We know that you are not friendly with some confusing terms. For becoming a smart trader, first you have to clear your droughts about these terms such as Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. These terms look similar but they are different. With this article we are trying to clear your concepts about Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Both terms are very common in the cryptocurrency market. Here we are providing terms in which they are different and similar to each other. Bitcoin cash is generated as a result of the tough fork of bitcoin. These are two different currencies. Must keep this thing in mind, Bitcoin cash never be sent through a bitcoin address. For clearing concepts of these two terms, you need to first understand what is Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was first manufactured in 2008 by an unknown person or group of people well known as Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin is a type of Cryptocurrencies first used in 2009. It is generated as the result of a mining process. It is a digital currency which is used for trading other currencies, services, and goods. It is not a physical currency, Traders can keep this cryptocurrency as balance on a public ledger.

A huge amount of computing power is needed for verifying transactions. It is not a legal tender in most of the world. Bitcoins are well known as "BTC". The Bitcoin system is a group of computers also known as "nodes" or "miners" that all regulate bitcoin's code and store its blockchain. All blockchains consist of transactions. The computers consist of similar blocks and transactions. We can clearly see new blocks are filled with new coin transactions, so that nobody can hack the systems.

History of Bitcoin

On August 18, 2008: Bitcoin registered its domain name as The domain is registered under "who is Guard Protected" which means the name of a person who registered this domain is not public information. After that on October 31, 2008 Satoshi Nakamoto released a statement in the cryptography mailing list at that They are working on a new electronic cash system that completely p2p without any trusted third party. After this statement the first bitcoin block was mined as "Block-0" on Jan 3, 2009. Then on Jan 8, 2009 the initial version of the bitcoin software was launched on the Cryptography Mailing list. Nobody knows who invented bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto is a firm or association who work on an original vision of Bitcoin software and they are the people who published the original bitcoin whitepaper in 2008.

What do you understand about Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash is also a type of Cryptocurrency launched in August 2017 through a fork of Bitcoin. It is used for increasing the block size which permits more transactions and increasing scalability. In November 2018, Cryptocurrency went through a new fork which split bitcoin cash into two such as Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV (Satoshi Vision). Bitcoin Cash BCH only prefers bitcoin cash clients.

Bitcoin Cash was created for daily transactions. After some time, it will be converted into an investment vehicle in place of currency. Scalability problems started generating because of the rapid increase of transactions.The number of confirmation and fees of a translation request overloaded on Bitcoin's Blockchain. This thing happens because of the size of bitcoin which is only 1MB. The company increased the size of Bitcoin Cash as a solution between 8 MB and 32 MB. This thing will enhance the fast processing of translation per block. Bitcoin cash was submitted between 1000 and 1500. Important features of Bitcoin Cash such as Roger Ver, frequently call on Nakamoto's original vision for a payment service as a reason to enhance block size.

Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash BCH


Bitcoin cash prefers a separate hash algorithm which is different from bitcoin. This thing decreases the chances of a replay in mind of two block chains. The replay and wipeout safety mechanism is added in the situation of bitcoin cash split in the future.

Hard Fork

A group of miners and developers commenced a hard fork in August 2017. The result of this is the effective generation of new cryptocurrency: BCH. Bitcoin Cash consists of its own blockchain and specification which is totally different from bitcoin.


For networks and transactions verification, Bitcoin miners use their computing powers. On one hand, Bitcoin has roughly 100 exhalations whereas Bitcoin cash has only two exhalations. So this is the most important difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash which is necessary to understand before investing in bitcoin.

Transaction Fee and Transaction Speed

Bitcoin cash is more advanced in comparison to bitcoin in case of transaction speed. Bitcoin cash has more knowledge in terms of confirmation of your transaction fees. Bitcoins have a high transaction fee in comparison to Bitcoin cash .

How to buy Bitcoin in the UK?

There are so many brokers available in the global finance market which offer trading on cryptocurrency. Some of the brokers are Moneta markets, Vantage FX, Alpari, etc. All these are trending broker platforms that offer multiple trading assets on their platform. You just need to open an account on their platform, after that you can easily buy or sell Bitcoins or Bitcoin cash. All these platforms are easily accessible in so many different countries and accept a number of currencies such as USD/EUR, etc.

Significantly, the broker has emphasised the construction, sharing valuable training materials with clients, including technical analysis, client sentiment, web TV, and up-to-the-minute financial updates. Moreover, implanted risk management tools aid users with setting thresholds related to stop-loss, take profit and limit orders. These features guarantee users not suffering any significant losses whilst they are trading. Also, the inclusion of negative balance protection means traders remain unconcerned as regards having their account balances falling into negative territory.


Bitcoin or Bitcoin cash is a member of the cryptocurrency family. Bitcoin launched in 2008 whereas bitcoin cash came into the market in 2017. Read this above article carefully for more details about Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash. Both the terms look similar but they are different in some factors. Bitcoin Cash is a frok of bitcoin which is used to enhance the block size.


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