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Top 5 Digital Security Token Exchange Platforms for 2020

Digital Security Token Exchange

Top 5 Digital Security Token Exchange Platforms for 2020

Security Token Exchanges are the most popular thing in the cryptocurrency industry. A Cryptocurrency exchange software platform is a trading platform where traders can buy and sell cryptocurrencies/digital assets instantly.

While, in return, these traders pay a small piece of charge as a trading fee. Thus, an exchange platform will remain profited for every trading and retrieving of funds from the users.

In these crypto exchanges, utility tokens and cryptocurrencies are listed. While a security token exchange lists both utility tokens as well as security tokens. As security tokens are the latest trend in the industry which is intended to replace initial coin offerings.

This blog will provide you with the list of top 5 Security Token Exchanges in the crypto industry:

Top 5 Digital Security Token Exchange Platforms for the year 2020:

  • Bancor Security Token Exchange

Bancor is a decentralized security token exchange platform that is developed the concept of Smart Tokens can also be used for exchanging security tokens. This is one of the strongest use cases for Bancor to be one.

This is the new standard for cryptocurrencies called Smart Tokens. These tokens are autonomously and continuously converted to other tokens in the network at algorithmically calculated rates. The security token exchanges have a better part of security tokens existing in their trading platforms.

  • Open Finance Network Security Token Exchange

Open Finance Network is yet another security token exchange that allows traders to buy and sell security tokens in the trading platform. This is the first U.S. based regulated STO exchange built for a tokenized future.

If you have developed a security token, you can list them in this exchange by satisfying the security token listing framework along with a proper license in their trading platform. Here are a few approval standards:

  1. DS Protocol
  2. R-Token
  3. ST-20
  4. S3

Moreover, this exchange has collaborated with the leading brokerage, custodial, banks, transfer agents, etc. Right from 2014, the team of experts are striving to make the process streamlined.

  • Stellar X Security Token Exchange

Stellar X is one of the popular crypto trading platforms in the marketplace which performs buy and sell orders for the traders. This is a new security token exchange that is built on the Stellar universal marketplace.

This is cost-free and easy to list security tokens and virtual assets such as crypto, fiat currencies, etc. This type of security token exchange is free of cost since it refunds a small amount of fee to its traders.

  • Coinbase Security Token Exchange

Coinbase, the US digital crypto exchange is one of the popular Bitcoin trading platforms offering security token in its exchange. With its integrated wallet feature, Coinbase is a place where merchants and consumers can buy security tokens with popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.

Coinbase has acquired three financial institutions: Venovate Marketplace Inc, Keystone Capital Corp, and Digital Wealth LLC. To list the security tokens, one must satisfy the regulatory norms of the exchange.

  • Fluidity

The major aim of Fluidity is to bring real-world assets online with the process of tokenization. This will provide technology services to individuals such as registered broker-deals, issuers and financial institutions.

Fluidity will make this possible by assisting the businesses to integrate AirSwap and the relevant blockchain technologies into traditional capital market transactions with regulated financial institutions.

To Close

Security Token Exchanges are considered to be the future of trading platforms. There are a good number of Blockchain Development Company across the globe which offers Security Token Exchange with high-end features. However, as the security token gets adopted across the globe, we can expect an increasing number of STO exchange in the industry.

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