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Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms in 2022

Most popular Cryptocurrency exchange platforms in 2022

By Denver HemsworthPublished 2 years ago 6 min read
Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms in 2022

The impact of technology on each business is high. Finance is not an exception. Digital payment modes geared up during the post-pandemic. Contactless payments are a familiar thing in recent years.

Cryptocurrency is one such payment and it perfectly fits any sort of transaction without depending on banks. Generally, it is a peer-to-peer system that allows anyone to send and receive payment in a hassle-free manner.

Does anyone want to know the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges to invest in? Then this blog is purely for them. Start with how the world of cryptocurrency exchange, go through 10 cryptocurrency exchange platforms, and bring a clear view on each platform.

What is the World of Cryptocurrency Exchange?

It is generally a virtual currency exchange and prevents the double spending of money. The main characteristic of this platform is that it is purely decentralized in nature on the basis of blockchain technology.

All the transactions performed via cryptocurrencies are anonymous in nature and rely on distributed ledgers. Hence they are not traceable accurately. This enables both parties involved in transactions to not share sensitive data. The special benefits are:

  1. No banking fee
  2. A transaction fee is minimum
  3. High-Accessibility

The reasons behind the rise of cryptocurrencies are:

  1. Speculative investments
  2. Middle-man free funds transfer
  3. Non-inflationary currency nature

Till now, you come across how the world of cryptocurrencies, benefits, and reasons. Wish to invest in a cryptocurrency exchange platform? Awareness of the top 10 cryptocurrency exchange platforms is a necessary one.

10 Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms

There are some important indicators to validate the crypto exchange platforms. They are:

  • Security-Identity verification vi KYC process ensures reliability
  • Volume-Transaction volume of beyond 1B USD in 24 hours
  • Coins/Fiats Count- Coins are probably in the range of 300+. Fiats made with regional capabilities
  • The commissions-Lowest trading commission is the preferred one.
  • Based on the performance indicators, the top 10 crypto exchange platforms are:


    (Image source: Binance)

    One of the popular crypto exchanges. This allows the parties to buy/sell and trade cryptocurrency with a fee of 0.1% from the trades. In the security aspect, the Binance platform provides insurance for investors. If any of the user funds are stolen, then Binance employs the 2FA and reviews to intimate the glitches.

    The total number of coins available in Binance is 50+. Hence, you can have plenty of options to trade in it. Crypto market, the fastest growing platform overall is Binance. Since this is a platform of continuous trade, the popularity is beyond the expected level.


    1. Security & Reviews
    2. Wide range of availability
    3. Low trading cost


    1. Limited availability in countries
    2. Few coins
    3. Poor service


    (Image Source: Coinbase)

    Robust crypto exchange platform which is the safest and largest. Are you looking for a breakthrough in the crypto space?. Coinbase is the viable option with 100 tradable cryptocurrencies.

    It's an easy-to-accessible interface that makes recurring crypto investments a snap. Though it has a perfect user interface, convenience at a cost is questionable.


    1. Coins integration in one place
    2. Beginners have easy UI
    3. Easy to buy Bitcoins
    4. Wide range of altcoins


    An expensive platform for huge money transfers

    Complex payment structure


    (Image Source: Kraken)

    If you are looking for customer support in crypto exchange platforms, then Kraken is an important one. Offering a solid range of coins with low fees. 50+ cryptocurrencies are the count value of Kraken.

    Kraken builds a streamlined bitcoin exchange for both newcomers and experts to make the deposits and withdrawals easy. Also, the portfolio’s performance accurately measures accurate tracking of all crypto in one convenient place.


    1. High security
    2. Stylish & custom interface
    3. Reputation is high
    4. Benefitted with 7 fiat currencies


    A complex platform for beginners


    (Image Source: eToro)

    With the above 20+ million users, eToro turns out to be a trustworthy platform. The trading capabilities expanded into Stocks & ETFs, cryptocurrencies, and CFD.

    Buying stocks in eToro did not end with pricing. Also, unlimited commission-free trades. Fractional shares are the additional benefits.


    1. Fit for Social Trading revolution
    2. Perfect recognition for responsible traders
    3. Commission-free trading


    1. One account for currency
    2. Customer services are poor
    3. The trading fee is maximum.


    (Image Source:

    With the availability of broad cryptocurrencies such as 70+, creates a big change in the fintech industry. With the main hope towards the optimization of the coin-based rewards, is a beneficial one for many investors. Compared to the other platforms, crypto-com is the signup bonus platform and attracts many players in real-time.


    1. High-security
    2. Low fees
    3. Huge coins
    4. 50 USD signup bonus
    5. Regular promotions


    1. Funding details are not clear
    2. Complexity in the app
    3. Poor privacy


    (Image Source: Gemini)

    This platform is fit for beginners to enter the financial industry. A higher-fee structure is a worthy one when learning the ropes of low-cost trading options. Right from day one, security assurance from the industry side is done.

    Gemini is the main platform that includes the characteristics of SOC certification, hardware security keys, and insurance coverage in real-time. With the security-first mentality approach, Earning and maintaining trust values are high.


    1. Simple and easy-to-use platforms
    2. Available across 50 states


    1. Complexity in fee
    2. Structural issues during the absence of spot trading


    (Image Source: KuCoin)

    With the adoption of blockchain, reshaping the financial system happens with KuCoin. Build up of a new system with the main focus on a few richest domains. In addition to that, this platform also focuses on unemployed, uneducated, and unbanked players. This allows everyone to be involved in crypto by beginning the journey.


    1. Low fee for hundreds of tradable cryptos
    2. 20% reduction in trading fee
    3. Margin-based trading


    1. Not fit for fiat currency
    2. OTC, peer-to-peer market


    (Image Source: Bittrex)

    This is the best-suit option for high-volume traders. It is the most trusted cryptocurrency exchange and it is a known platform for the next level of security. With this, everyone can trade with confidence via expensive marketplace listings.

    Aiming to brighten the fast trades, Bittrex global’s premier platform is specially designed and grasps the power of blockchain perfectly. The difference of the Bittrex platform lies in the following modes of security. Custom-built trading engine, innovation, fast deposits/withdrawals, etc.


    1. It is perfectly fit and the best platform for beginners
    2. To do advanced trading, 100s of coins are available


    1. Even with low volume trades, high cost is required
    2. Low cybersecurity score

    (Image Source:

    Compared to all the platforms available, allows the users to access and use 600 different coins. With the aid of the latest technologies, is a better one for advanced crypto traders and meets the objectives of financial professionals in real-time.


    1. Low trading fees and the huge volume of trading coins
    2. Large gate stable coin holdings


    1. Complexity in the user interface
    2. Customer service is not up to level


    (Image Source: Bitstamp)

    Early access to the crypto-exchange space is assured with the Bitstamp platform. The unlimited range of cryptos in Bitstamp satisfies most traders perfectly. The intuitive interface with instant deposit options allows the traders to perform the transactions in high security.


    1. Advanced capabilities to perform transactions
    2. Reliability driven platforms


    1. Low cybersecurity rank, decrease the risk of future hacks
    2. Higher trading fee

    On the various metrics, crypto exchange platforms listed in this blog are different. Among them, the selection of the best one is an essential one. Wish to create a platform like it? Hire the right one and share the Crypto Exchange platform ideas with them. Let's begin your own platform in 2022


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