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The true inventors of bitcoin revealed

by B. J. C. 8 months ago in bitcoin

The secret power of royalty

This revelation starts with a story of a young man who just got a new job working for the American Embassy as an interpreter. Excited about his new job he contacted an older friend who had previously also worked as an interpreter. The two men got together to talk about his new job and the older man relayed the following information to the younger man.

In order to protect the identities of the men, the younger man will be referred to as Sam in the story and the older man, for the same reason will be called Fred.

Fred cautioned Sam that he needed to be careful exactly which jobs he agreed to take when doing interpretation, because there was some risk involved with the job. He then explained that being new to the job was riskier, compared to the people who had been around a while and had more connections. Fred then shared with Sam a personal experience he had many years before when he was newer to the job. At the time he was working with the embassy in Japan and a friend of his asked for his help. His friend was asked to interpret for some very important people at a secret meeting, the details of which could not be shared with the public.

The problem was, all the interpreters, with really good skills and years of experience, refused or were unavailable for the job and Fred's friend was unsure of his own language skills to interpret for such very important people. Trusting that Fred could interpret better than himself, he asked Fred to hide in the room ahead of time so he could text or email to this friend, any interpretations that he was having trouble with to help him get through the meeting.

It took some convincing but Fred agreed to help his friend and he concealed himself in the room to help his friend with his translation services at the meeting. Fred never could've guessed what he was about to witness. Fred then explains to Sam who it was that attended this meeting.

It was basically every royal family, from across the globe. There were queens and kings and emperors and sultans, every kind of royalty and dynasty was represented in that room. They referred to themselves as the originals. Fred found out that they have these meetings once a year, every year. Sam's reaction was simply a long “wow!” Fred then tells Sam that who was in the meeting wasn't the biggest thing but rather what they were discussing. They were there to talk about world finances and the manipulation of currency.

There was a brief discussion about the benefits of creating a worldwide universal currency but was quickly rejected because of the amounts of money and power that they had with manipulating the different currencies. They still had all their old tactics of manipulation to make money through the fluctuations of currencies but we're looking for a new way to better control and more easily move money between currencies.

This is when the idea of bitcoin was introduced to the group. There was several advantages of this new way of building money that was talked about but the main one at the beginning was the ability to take any currency in the world and safely convert it to a different currency in a way that increased its value and they had more currency after then before they made the exchange. This was a way of creating money from nothing.

As we now know, they went forward with this idea of creating the bitcoin and it's interesting that they gave credit to a fictional man named Satoshi Nakamoto. This name is actually giving credit to themselves. “As I stated, the royals consider themselves the originals because they think they have the original authority to rule over people,” Fred explains to Sam. Fred then goes on to explain the meaning of the name.

First the name Nakamoto. Moto means original and Naka means in the middle or in this case from the middle of the originals. In other words the source is from the originals. Second the name Satoshi. Toshi means year and in this case Sa means reoccurring or repeating, so basically the meaning is that they meet yearly. So, from the originals in their yearly meeting. That's what the name means!

“holy cow, that's incredible,” Sam says to Fred. “why is this the first I'm hearing of this?”

“Well Sam, this gets back to what I started saying to you. You need to be careful what jobs you take, because it can be dangerous. The day after that meeting my friends car had the steering wheel freeze and he went off the road into a river. They ruled it as an accident,” Fred explained. “The timing of that accident sure seems suspicious,” Sam response. “Was there not an investigation?” Fred answers, “of course there was an investigation into the steering wheel that had gone wrong, but obviously there was no investigation into the originals that had the meeting, because the whole meeting was secret, remember?”

Sam asked Fred, “do you think there's any chance that it really was just an accident and that the timing was purely coincidental?” “For two reasons the answer is no,” Fred replies. “The first one is because I knew everyone who was in the room interpreting that day, I checked on everyone and everyone of them was involved in some kind of accident and are not with us anymore.” “I don't know what to say,” Sam utters in a broken voice. Fred puts his hand on Sam's shoulder and says, “you don't need to say anything but you'll probably be more surprised when you hear the second reason. The second reason is a little more.... how should I say? Kind of diabolical.”

Fred then went on to explain that when him and his friend had set up communications between each other for that meeting, they installed small microphones in secret places, originally just so that they could successfully do their job as interpreters. However, those microphones were still in the room and still functioning, so Fred was still able to hear whatever was said in that room, not just after that meeting but for every meeting they had for the next eight years.

Sam inquires of Fred, “why only eight years? Did they just break down or did the batteries die or what?” Fred shakes his head and says, “that probably would've been better but unfortunately they discovered the devices and then they started to track where the signal was being received, which led them right to me,” “So how are you even here to talk to me right now?” Sam asks.

“Oh, before I tell you that second part, let me first tell you how they also hide meaning in the symbol that they use for the bitcoin,” Fred starts to explain to Sam. Fred shows Sam a picture of a bitcoin image and says, “see these little arms coming out of the B, these represent kings and queens, these other two are the emperors and empresses and these other two are the sultans and sultanas. This is to indicated the original Royals are controlling the bitcoin.

Then notice all the lines surrounding the B, these are representing that the world revolves around them, at least from their point of view. And then, around the outside of the coin you'll notice there's 34 of these little marks? That represents the 34 dynasties that are involved in controlling the currency. 26 active and recognized royal families, two elected dynasties and the other six are royal families that no longer hold any recognize royal stance in their home country but secretly still have a lot of power. Some of them are even in high levels of government. Bottom line is, there's a lot of hidden meaning in the design of this bitcoin symbol. Those are some of the basics, there's more but I think you get the point.”

Sam points to the lines surrounding the B on the picture and says, “I always thought this was just meant to look like a computer chip, since it's a computer generated currency?” “Exactly Sam. If it was obvious to everyone, then it wouldn't have been a very good job of concealing the information now would it?” Fred replies. Sam put the photo down and looks at Fred and says, this is very interesting but I still want to know what happened when they were looking for you? They were tracking your signal down, did they just never find you?”

“Actually they did find me, or at least they found the office I was in, where the signal was being picked up. I knew there was no way I could prevent them from finding it so what I did was, tape another microphone to that receiver that would broadcast whatever that receive was receiving and send it to another location,” Fred starts to explain. “Just made them think that, that office was not the final destination but just a security spot that was used just to send the signal somewhere else. That's how I threw them off of my track. I had some kids throw that second receiver onto one of the yachts, belonging to one of the royal families. This caused them to start distrusting each other. Once they started in fighting they weren't looking for me and I was able to get out of the city.”

“Are you kidding me Fred? Are you some kind of genius? How did you even come up with such an idea?” Sam inquires of Fred. Fred smiles and chuckles a little and says, “it's not that ingenious. Keep in mind, at this point I have been listening in on their conversations for eight years and I had a pretty good idea on how they think and how they operate.”

“The more intriguing thing is... Maybe that's not the right word to use because it's borderline evil, some of the things they're planning but it's I guess interesting in the sense of wanting to know what their plans are. So the next big thing is to create major disruption in countries all over the world as a way to purposefully destabilize many currencies at the same time. This is something they referred to as the long game, because the way it ends, they're going to generate or make more money than most people could even imagine!” Fred tells Sam with a sense of urgency.

“You need to understand Sam, this is nothing short of world domination through currency!” Sam shakes his head and looks to the floor and quietly utters, “well, I have to admit, there were a few time there, I was thinking you should use this secret information to make some money for yourself.” Fred kind of half grins and tells Sam, “it's funny you should say that, because I have. But that's because it's going to take money to have the resources to even have a chance at fighting back. The war chest we have now is pretty sizable.”

Sam's eyes get big and he asked, “we? You said we. Who exactly is we?” Fred answers, “we can get into that later. We have more pressing matters to discuss right now. You see, there's another meeting coming up and you've already been put on the docket to be at that meeting!” Sam abruptly stand up and says, “are you kidding me? I'm going to get murdered.” Fred stands up and puts his right hand on Sam's left shoulder and says, “Sam, you need to stay calm. Keeping your cool and keeping your wits is going to be key to your survival.” Sam tilts his head and raises his eyebrows and says, “survival? So you admit my life is in danger?”

“No Sam, you're not in any danger. You're on the docket to be there but you would not be in the actual secret meeting that will take place. However, we have somebody else who is going to be in there. What we need from you is a distraction. Will you help?” Fred inquires of Sam. “Before you answer, keep in mind that bitcoin was just the beginning of the long game plan for world domination. You could have a small part to play in helping to save the world.”

Sam's shoulders sag down as he lets out a deep breath slowly and says, “how the heck am I supposed to say no to that? I guess... well, I'm in.” “Excellent,” Fred replies. “there's no question in my mind that we could count on you. Just go about your normal life and I'll contact you next week at this same time.”

The two men said their goodbyes and Sam walks away to return home. Fred then pulls out a cheap cell phone and makes a phone call. Talking to the other person on the line, Fred says, “he's in. just like I told you he would be. Tell everyone we're ready to start phase 7. This marks the end of phase 6.” Fred then pulls the Sim card out of the phone, holds onto it with a pair of pliers and uses a lighter to start melting it and then throws the melted Sim card and the phone in the garbage and walks away.

The end . . . . . of phase 6


B. J. C.

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B. J. C.
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