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The Origin of Bitcoin

by writtenwithlove❤️ 2 months ago in bitcoin

How Nicholas Tesla & Herman Hollerith (Founder of IBM) invented 
the Cryptocurrency 'Bitcoin" to save us all from enslavement

It was 5am on a crisp November day in a small village outside Shizuoka, Japan. Prince Saionji Kinmochi slowly awoke from an unsettled sleep. His body felt heavier than usual, his bones weaker and his mind somewhat clouded. Over the past month he had been dreaming of his impending death. Deep within himself he knew this was a premonition. Although he had no fear of death, still he was filled with a sense of grief and loss. He knew that he would never again see a spring of pink cherry blossoms or feel the warmth of the summer sun upon his skin. This thought evoked a deep sadness that threatened to flood his heart as well as his eyes.

A glimpse towards the window told him that sunrise was soon approaching. Arsing slowly and with great effort, he brought himself to his feet and reached for his maroon silk robe. Bathing himself in the familiar softness of fabric, he made his way to the washroom. Cool mountain water felt invigorating on his face, causing him to inhale deeply. His mind and body were wakening up. The anxiety that threatened the his sense of peace upon awakening was slowly dissipating. He knew the time had come to honour his lifelong responsibility. He had to pass on the Key to another. The importance of his making the correct choice was vital, once he had spent a lifetime deciding upon. The Key was the last remaining hope for the people of his country, and indeed the world.

Born into a noble court family, Prince Kinmochi was highly educated and well travelled. He was a philosopher at heart, a deep thinker with a passion for justice and equality. His nobility through birthright was something that he had never felt fully comfortable with. The injustice of a world split so severely between rich and poor pained him. He was born into elite family that governed Japan after the political revolution of 1868 that ended to the former military government. He had served his country both as prime minister, and Genro. He has taken many stands against his fellow statesmen throughout the years especially with concern of his country's recently increasing militarism.

The Prince was renowned for his outspokenness, liberal opinions and was considered somewhat eccentric by his peers. He was also known for his kind heart and compassionate nature. In his youth he had been a strong advocate of democracy following a decade of study in France, absorbing Western culture and ideas. He held strong ambitions to walk a different path from the one he was born into. The Prince often wondered how different his life and country may have been had he been allowed to continue his dreams of journalism. Societal pressure from family and other court nobles had forced him to abandon his desires and instead pressured him into government service.

Due to his talent for diplomacy and his impeccable sense of duty and honour, he was chosen to represent Japan at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919. It was here that he had proposed for racial equality to be legally enshrined as one of the basic tenets of the newly formed League of Nations. Both the USA and Great Britain opposed this proposal (given their racially segregated societies) and it was dismissed. However, his nobility and humanitarian views did gift him the privilege of serving as a close and trusted adviser of the emperor during the 1920s and '30s.

Prince Kinmochi had held a secret Key with him for many decades now. Secrets had a habit of weighing heavily on the soul, and the Prince was not immune to this pressure. It was in his nature to be open and honest. This secret and his knowledge of the forces in control of this world had hastened his health decline over the past three decades. He had been warned that the US government was suspicious of the Key being in his control and rumours were circulating of a potential war because of it. Confusion and speculation grew amongst his peers, all of whom had no idea what it was the Americans were seeking. Prince Kinmochi had been living with the threat of death for many years following numerous assassination attempts on his life. The militant forces in his own country sought to silence his political voice. The Prince felt an exhaustion so deep within him. He wished there had been more he could have done to enlighten the people about the dark forces at play, controlling every aspect of their lives. But if he had tried, the Americans would have been certain that he was indeed holding what they sought, and he would already be dead. It was more important he remained silent, and that the Key survived.

Prince Kinmochi tottered to the sun room as Hanako, his housekeeper, poured tea for them both. It broke tradition for a housekeeper and her noble master to share tea, but the Prince was far from conventional. He had brought Hanako to the 1919 Peace Conference with him, prompting much gossip within high society. Hanako was the only woman who's company he truly enjoyed in the morning. She had a calming, unassuming presence that helped him to relax. Unlike his common-law wife, Hanako had no pretension about her. She made no demands of him or his energy.

Kinmochi's adoptive son and heir, Hachiro was married to his daughter. This was the only way that the Prince could ensure the security of his wealth and the protection of the Key, which was imperative. On one hand, his generous nature and aversion to wealthy hierarchies would have had him disperse his inherited wealth amongst the needy. However, he had been entrusted with something of such value and importance, that he needed this wealth to protect it. A daughter could not inherit his estate, and so he adopted Hachiro with an arranged marriage in mind. He had to ensure that he could implicitly trust the man married to his blood heir.

"I need you to arrange an audience with my daughter today." Kinmochi requested as he picked up his Yunomi, sipping delicately at the hot liquid. His eyes met with Hanako's and he smiled warmly.

"Of course, Sir. Which time of day will I request her presence?"

"As soon as possible. Tell her it is of great importance. Any other plans must be cast aside. I have much to discuss with her today." Kinmochi gazed out of the window of his luxurious sunroom. The sun was beginning to rise over Fuji-san and it was a spectacle to behold. In all his 90 years he had never tired of such an enchanting view. He mused at how many hundreds of mornings he had sat in this very spot, experiencing this same event. Except it never is quite the same event. A man never steps into the same river twice; for he is never the same man, and it is never the same river; a saying he fondly recalled. Everything in the natural world is like this, ever changing. Nothing ever repeating in exactly the same way.

The Prince remained in deep reflection for the rest of that morning, contemplating his life choices over the years. Questioning whether he was right to burden his child with the same weight he had carried for 33 years. He knew that he had was no real choice. The future of humanity was at stake. There were strong, dark forces in power now and this Key was the only hope to one day restore power back to the people. Only it was still too soon to release it.

Hanako entered the sunroom, interrupting his thoughts. "Sir, your daughter is in the drawing room. Where would you like to meet with her?"

"Please bring her to me, Hanako. I wish to watch the mountain as I speak with her."

"Of course, Sir. Shall I serve lunch for you both here?"

Kinmochi pondered this for a moment and replied affirmatively. His daughter would need strength for this story, of that he was certain. He had tried to provide for her the best education he could, whilst keeping as much of the truth hidden from her. This moment had been inevitable but he was still feeling apprehension. Any father desires to protect his daughter from danger. Not to reveal to her she will spend a lifetime with the fear of assassination. He believed that it was only a matter of time before the US Oligarchy traced the Key to him, which meant she was in danger whether he told her or not.

The door opened and Hanako announced his daughter. As beautiful and graceful as her mother had been (his first partner, Geisha Tamahachi), she floated into the room like a warm breeze. The Prince inhaled deeply, allowing her delicate floral scent to fill his senses, energising him. He smiled warmly as she took his hand in hers, kneeling to kiss his cheek in a familiar greeting.

"Aya, thank you for coming my love. I am sorry I could not give you more notice."

"Father," she smiled "It is always a pleasure to visit with you. I have missed your company of late. How I wish we could find more time for one another."

Kinmochi felt his heart smile. How he adored his daughter's graceful charm and soft heart. He had given her the per name of Aya when she turned 4. 'Angel who knows magic' seemed so very fitting for this beautiful soul who was born with a gentle charm that could win over even the sternest of men. Her real name, Shin, meant 'real' or 'true'. Again so very fitting for the woman he now knew.

"Aya, my sweet girl." Kinmochi reached to touch her face, drinking in her beauty and innocence. Even at the age of 40, her charming nature could outshine any other woman in Japan. "I have much to share with you today. It will take some time for me to explain. I need you to listen to me, you must swear not to tell any living soul of what you hear until time dictates that you must. The safety of you and your family depends on this."

Concern immediately washes over Aya's face and she kneeled by her father's chair. "My child, I have a great burden that I must pass onto you." A small moan escaped Kinmochi's lips as he wearily adjusted his position on the chair. Shin watched as her father removed a chain from his neck and handed it to her. In her hands was a brass key unlike any she had seen before. The design was intricate, but certainly not of Japanese style. "For this, I am sorry. If there was another way, believe me, I would take it. The difficulty is that you are already in danger. It is only a matter of time before dark forces will find that I have this. Once they do, they will seek to kill you, Hachiro and your 6 children. This is the reason why I must tell you. I have little time left on this earth, this I am certain of."

"Father..." Shin's eye's pleaded with him to pause. Her confusion and distress was evident to him, but he had to explain without interruption. It would only serve to prolong the inevitable.

Kinmochi raised his hand gently to request her silence. "Child, please. Listen carefully to me now. In my bureau there are four paintings of Fuji-san depicted for each of the four seasons. Do you remember?"

"Yes, Father. Of course. You have had those since I was 7 years old..."

"In each corner of each frame, there is a hidden slot for the key you hold in your hands. If you unlock each of these, it will open a compartment containing papers. These papers hold the plans for something that will save humanity and democracy in the future. It is imperative they are safeguarded until the time is right. I cannot tell you when that time will be, but after I explain what they are, you will understand when to use them. 33 years ago, I was approached by a representative of two innovators who entrusted me with this story and these papers. They could not safely keep them in their country and it was imperative they are safeguarded. I was told that they chose me because of my liberal views, my ethical and moral code and my advocacy for true democracy. They knew of me through connections in Paris, where I studied back in the 1870s. Let me begin by telling you about these men;

The first is a man called Herman Hollerith. An educated man from America who is known for many inventions. He started a company building computing machines in 1911. The other man, Nikola Tesla, is from Gospic and quite possibly is the most brilliant man who has ever lived. He is a scientist who has advanced knowledge in technology innovation."

"I know of Nikola Tesla. I recall my private tutors talking of him and I have seen his name and achievements reported in the newspaper frequently. I recall him inventing a boat that can be moved without touching it"

"Yes, my love. He did indeed. Allow me to continue." Kinmochi paused to breathe deeply. Herman began working for the US patent office in the 1880s, around the time Nikola had his first patent approved. Although both men were somewhat reclusive, the two of them became great friends. They shared a passion for innovation. Innovation that could improve the lives of the ordinary working man. Tesla desired to make a device that could provide free, clean energy for the world using the planet itself as a conductor. He had plans for a tower that could transmit messages from anywhere to anywhere on the world, all he needed was funding to build it. This is when he met a man called John Pierpont Morgan. John Morgan was initially funding Nikola's project, until he realised the outcome of it would have a detrimental impact on his ability to control and dominate the energy sector. Have you heard of John Morgan my child?

"Yes, father. I know that he created the world's first billion dollar corporation in 1901. The very same company that owned the cruise ship which sank. I believe he was the most powerful railroad tycoon in America, controlling around 8000km. He was a banker as well?"

"Not just any banker, my child. He wass THE banker. When the financial panic of 1893 happened in the US, he formed a syndicate which resupplied the US government's depleted gold reserves. Over $60 million in gold was lent to relieve a treasury crisis. The man essentially bought the US government that day. Before he died in 1913, he was the most powerful man in the world. His son inherited his financial empire, the power attached to it and has ambitions that make his father look small time.

I need you to understand the gravity of this. This megalomaniac has plans to create and control a single world currency. If he succeeds, and it appears that he is on his way to, he will be in control of the entire world population. The whole world is already becoming enslaved to the banking system. Loans are given to people with interest rates so high they will spend a lifetime repaying. If for some reason they cannot repay, the banks will seize their homes and force them into bankruptcy, retaining all payments made and the property they own. It is a system of robbery that the populations have already blindly accepted. The banks they own control the inflation rates of the country's currency. Every time they raise that rate they are stealing from anyone who has savings in the bank. The cost of living becomes more expensive and the savings are suddenly worth less than before. They are stealing in broad daylight."

Shin could not hide the look of shock on her face. She kept herself up to date with world affairs but this was a perspective she had never before heard. "Father why do the people not see this?"

"It has become so that the same syndicate that Morgan set up, is so wealthy, they own the media channels, they own the financial institutions, the own the energy companies, they own the politicians, they dictate the education systems. They own so much that they control the narrative of the working man's life. The system has been set up to keep the working man hopeful enough to work long hours and give his all for the "American Dream". Through media and propaganda they teach the working man that his goal is to have a nice house, modern appliances, a car and a family. This is his goal and he will achieve it through working. They pay the middle classes just enough to keep hope alive, tax them the right amount to keep them working until old age, and meanwhile they are individually gaining more power and wealth. The system is so corrupt that they are able to convince the people the country to fight each other; racism and slavery are written into law in their country. Children are taught from a young age to discriminate. There is much poverty in the country that seperates the 'have' and the 'have nots'. One side is bitter, resentful and jealous of the other. The rich blame the poor for not working hard enough because of the propaganda of this American Dream. No-one understands the meaning of being born into privilege, or what it means to be born into nothing. There is a dumbing down process going on of the population and the ultimate goal appears to be to enslave us all. Their ambition does not stop within their own country. Already we have see the world at war, and again another has begun. It is a power grab from this Oligarchy. My sources tell me that loans were made from this group to Germany in '38. Germany began building up arms sold to them by the same group. We are entering dangerous and unprecedented times.

There was a famous saying in Roman times of "bread and circuses". The theory is that if you give the masses cheap entertainment and enough to eat, they will throw away any ambition in exchange for these comforts. Distract the people enough and they will give up their power. This is happening right now and it will only continue to get worse."

There was a knock at the door and Hanako entered. Without a word she wheeled in the trolley filled with delicacies for them to enjoy. A heavy silence engulfed the room as Hanako arranged the treats on the table and poured tea for them both. Shin's head was spinning somewhat. The world she had known prior to this meeting has unravelled in the past half hour.

Kinmochi was grateful for the interruption. It was draining to tell all of this. It was hard to make it cohesive. So many tangents and so much to teach, it was difficult to keep track of what he had already said. He wished he had done this years ago when his mind was clearer and less susceptible to fogging. But he had wanted so badly to protect his daughter for as long as possible. As Hanako left the room, Kinmochi insisted his daughter take some tea and eat while he continued to explain.

" So, I explained that Morgan withdrew his funding for Nikola's transmission project at the start of the century? This is when Nikola and Herman became extremely worried. They could see how this Oligarchy was forming and taking control of the country. It was clear that Morgan's intentions were only to grow richer and more powerful at the expense of everyone and everything, including the earth we inhabit. They could see how powerful the banks had become, and how they were enslaving an entire county of people. This is when Nikola and Herman invented a new technology between them. They call it 'Bitcoin" and it is a new type of currency. They call it an electronic currency that will be used on a computing device and exchanged using a new technology. It will be decentralised; which means there is no single administrator but rather a public ledger of transactions that people will store on a computing device. In all honesty, the technology is so complex that I cannot fully explain it to you. What it is, essentially, is a technology invented for the common man to be able to bypass the banking system. It is a lifeline for the people. Nikola and Herman have had to hide plans for this computing technology because of the Oligarchy's desire to bury it forever.

Before his death, Morgan grew increasingly wary of Nikola. Morgan knew the genius of this man and his desire to help humanity; making him a threat to the power structure Morgan had spent a lifetime building. Morgan instructed his government to establish a Federal Bureau of Investigation that essentially became his own private investigative firm. He had access to unlimited public funds and masquerading as an official government agency, had the power to silence anything or anyone that threatened his power hierarchy. The richest man in the world was extorting the public out of their hard earned money for his own benefit in every way possible.

Herman Hollerith was found dead in 1929. It was reported to me as an assassination by Morgan's FBI, who upon searching his home, had found a handful of papers with his & Nikola's Bitcoin and computing design. They don't know that Tesla was involved, but we believe they are suspicious.

As another safety measure against the Oligarchy, Nikola delivered plans to the Soviet Union for an impenetrable defensive weapon should the US try to invade them. He saw Soviet Union as the last remaining hope for a free world. They were the only country large enough to stand against the US, as Great Britain and most of Europe was already corrupted by Morgan's syndicate and New World Order.

As he was working on these plans, he was hit by a car in New York, suffering severe injury. His health has been in severe decline since then, and he fears he does not have much longer to live. Nikola is convinced this was an attempt on his life by Morgan's FBI.

Thankfully they also managed to get the Key out of the country and delivered to me. Nikola has kept in touch through sources, but we have had to cut contact recently as it is becoming increasingly dangerous. He tells me that all phonically can be listened to by the FBI. Communications are intercepted. They can even plant technology in rooms and hear what is said from great distances. Nikola warns me that everything will get much worse before it can get better. We must wait for the computing technology to be common place, in everyones homes, before we release the plans for the Bitcoin.

Hachiro will look after you. You must protect your family. Do not tell your children unless you must. Allow them to enjoy life, without fear. Give another explanation as to why you must move away from here. And my dear child, you must move far away from here. Do not settle in any one place for too long. Do not discuss this ever again, unless you are doing with your child as I am with you now. I am deeply concerned for this investigative bureau. If they are suspicious we have anything to do with this, which my sources tell me they are, they have a whole army at their disposal.

Democracy is now merely an illusion. People are being manipulated into fighting unjust wars for reasons they don't understand and nobody questions anything anymore. Man's liberty is being stripped away. Free men are becoming slaves once again. Only this time they are slaves who believe they are free. Bitcoin will be a lifeline, an opportunity for the people to regain power from this Oligarchy. We pray it doesn't come too late. Do you understand, my child?"

Shin nodded weakly. Her head reeling from these revelations.

"I must lie down. I must rest. Suddenly I feel very weak..." Prince Kinmochi shakily rose to his feet. Shin rushed to his side and supported some of his slight weight, assisting him to his bedroom. She drew back him covers and helped him into bed.

"Father, I promise you I will protect this as you have. I will protect my family, and we will do as you say. I love you and I am so sorry you have had to carry this burden alone all these years." She kissed his cheek and watched as he closed his eyes, instantly falling to sleep.

Prince Saionji Kinmochi never woke up again. His duty has been fulfilled. He died peacefully in his sleep next to his beautiful Aya. The last image on his minds eye was of Fuji-san's snow-capped summit and almost perfectly symmetrical peak. He could see a Kamoshika walking towards him. An animal rarely seen off the mountains. It carried the message it was time to pass into the next world. And with that, the Prince took his last breath.

Following Prince Kinmochi's death, Shizuoka was bombed by the USA on June 19th 1945. There were no targets of military significance, only civilians. Most of the town was reduced to rubble across 10 separate bombing raids. The FBI and US military intelligence was now convinced that the Key had been in the hands of the Prince, and they did all that they could to eradicate it. The successors of JP Morgan's oligarchy more than ever firmly controlled the western world narrative, one of propaganda & perpetual fear. They were the players behind a game of chess in which billions of human lives were being used as pawns. Chess is indeed a game of war. There may appear to be a winner, but any win at the expense of another is ultimately a loss for both sides. The oligarchy had so cleverly taken control of the government that democracy was nothing more than another illusionary piece of propaganda. Tesla and Hollerith had foreseen so much of what became of the world following their deaths in 1943 & 1929, respectively.

The US Oligarchy had become hellbent on destroying the Key at any cost. Human lives were considered mere pawns, after all. Technological inventions of altruistic scientists (who had intended to make life better for the population) were being used increasingly for evil. The money taxed from the sleeping US population was being used fraudulent by the Oligarchy to build extensive surveillance technology and weaponry. Two atomic bombs were dropped on Japan in one final misguided attempt to destroy the Key in August of 1945. The FBI had believed Kinmochi's family to have survived the raid on Shizuoka and intelligence suggested them being in Hiroshima or Nagasaki on those dates. Almost half a million people were killed in order for the Oligarchy to destroy any potential threat against their dominant power structure. They believed the Key existed. They feared it more than anything else. If money was to be traded outwith their institutions it would weaken the entire system.

Kinmochi's daughter and family remained in hiding from the US military forces throughout the years. It seemed that the FBI believed they had succeeded in their mission to destroy any evidence of Herman and Tesla's alternative currency. As the age of personal computers boomed and no Bitcoin appeared, the Oligarchy felt they were safe from this threat. They concentrated more on controlling oil reserves in the middle east and Shin lived out her elder years in peace.

It was in on October 31st of 2008 that Herman Hollerith and Nikola Tesla's Bitcoin finally appeared in the public domain. It was Prince Kinmochi's granddaughter that released it in the year she turned 88 years old. As her grandfather had predicted, she just knew when the time was right.

To this day, the banking institutions and media are still trying to suppress Bitcoin. They still control the media narrative, and the propaganda machine promoting fear around Cryptocurrency is working in overdrive. For the first time since they were established, the Oligarchy is scared. The fear that they instilled in the population for over a century is finally being turned back on them in a beautifully karmic way. Thanks to Nikola and Herman's technology, not only is there a currency to bypass the corrupted banking and government systems with, but we also have access to a world wide web of informations. We may have to weave through a myriad of propaganda and 'fake news', but we are now connected in a way that we have never been before. The working man is waking up. Together we are journeying into unknown territory. We are slowly starting to see that the enemy is not our neighbours, immigrants, the poor, other races or countries. The enemy is above us, controlling the narrative and using us all as pieces in their war game. There is a way out. It involves taking back control of our currency, letting go of the fear our minds have been hijacked with and replacing that fear with love. Love for ourselves, love for each other and love for our earth. We can only be commanded to fight each other when we are devoid of the life energy that is love.

The sacrifice of the Kinmochi family has not been in vain. Bitcoin is rising in popularity and value every year. 68 years after Prince Kinmochi first became protector and keeper of the Key, it was released into the public domain. Perhaps one day bitcoin may become a physical currency, and if it does, my vote is for the Prince's face to adorn it.

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