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The New Kid On The Block(Chain)

by Ben Parry 9 days ago in blockchain

A closed beta platform you can join

The New Kid On The Block(Chain)
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What if there were an app you could use, log into daily and earn free money? Sounds like a scam, right? 

Well, I've recently downloaded an app called "", which allows you to log in daily, claim a reward and make money in the long term. It takes 5 seconds to do so per day and costs you nothing at all. 

Let me give you a small run down of the app, why it works and how to make money.

An Introduction to Hi.Com

So, what is and how does it work?

The company itself is referred to as a block chain for crypto currency. 

It was set up by the former CEO of bitcoin, in order to create an ecosystem for crypto currencies in the future. Rather than only having a single currency on the platform, it allows for 10 currencies, so is a one stop shop if you invest in crypto. 

However, you don't have to be a crypto investor to make money from the platform. 

When you download the app on your phone, you're taken through a simple sign up process, which, when finished, allows you to claim 1 free "Hi Dollar" per day. 

These "Hi Dollars" have a currency value. 

How You Make Money on

There are a couple of different ways for you to make money on the platform. 

The first is the most straightforward way, but purchasing and storing crypto currencies within your platform wallet. Doing so will encourage the platform to grow into the future

Secondly, you can simply log in each day and claim your free reward. This is added to your wallet. Currently, Hi Dollars are tracking just above the value of 1USD, so even if it had no investment returns, which is incredibly unlikely, you'd earn $365 in the year, just for 5 seconds work a day. 

Finally, you can earn money for referring friends. If someone uses your nickname at sign up, you earn rewards from them doing so and for their "downstream investments". Basically, you make a commission when your friends make crypto purchases or refer other friends. 

Now is the Best Time to Get Started is currently a closed beta. 

That means that, as it's currently growing, it's an "invite only" application, so it's not open to the whole world. 

This is key. 

With the current trend of cryptocurrencies, when the platform moves beyond the closed beta stage and others invest, you should suddenly see big returns on your free rewards. 

The only way to sign up on the app is to use the nickname of someone who referred you on. 

My nickname on the app is Bparry91, if you are interested in signing up, i'd love it if you would use my referral. I'll receive a commission from you doing so, but it will give you the platform to do the same in the future.

How Much You Can Earn

Currently, Hi.Com allows you to earn 1 free Hi Dollar per day, which is at 1.06 USD. 

You will also earn 25 Hi Dollars for each sign up who uses your nickname. 

In order to earn $1,000, completely free, you would just need to sign up 23 friends and sign into the app for 5 seconds each day to earn your rewards. That's if there is no growth on value of the currency in the next year.

Are There Any Risks?

Perhaps the best part of the whole process is the lack of risk. 

When you sign up for the app, the only information you give is your mobile number. It will prompt you to enter your ID and a selfie, but these aren't necessary. 

Even if you don't invest one cent of your own money, you're able to earn on the platform and help the currency take flight. 

It may be the next big crypto currency. Even if you've missed the wave with Bitcoin, it's not too late to get started with Hi Dollars.


Hopefully you've found this article useful and it gets your started in another method of free, passive income. 

If you decide to download the app, please consider using my nickname, which is Bparry91. 


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