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The mystery of the bitcoin.

by Ditra Graves 2 months ago in bitcoin

A historical fiction

The mystery of the bitcoin.
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The date is January 1st, 2008 and Satoshi has spent the day working hard to provide for his family. Everyday Satoshi gets up and walks to work to ensure his family has what they need. Satoshi lived on the hillside of Hakone. His passion has always been to discover, create and produce something great that will not only change his family's life but those that are connected to him. Satoshi was determined to make the year of the mouse the greatest year ever! Months go by and there appears to be no change for Satoshi and his family. But one thing that remains the same, is the drive Satoshi has to provide greater for his family.

It's now June and Satoshi walking into the building at the warehouse only to be told the warehouse would be closing. Anyone willing to relocate can keep their job, however, they would have to cover the relocation cost. A deep feeling of sadness came over Satoshi. Satoshi has spent years of his life building the company which is now moving.

Satoshi was always taught to be kind to others and to treat people with the care that you desire to be treated. As the employees began to file out of the building not knowing what their next move would be for their families, Satoshi stood there in silence.

Lin pulled Satoshi to the side and requested that he step into the office. Lin has worked with Satoshi for the past 15 years and knows his family. He looked at Satoshi and could see the wheels in his head were turning. Lin began to pour into Satoshi how he las saved his money and would be moving to the United States to be apart of the corporate office in Detriot.

Satoshi and Lin began to talk about the foreign exchange and how Lin was working and trading by night and used his money from trading to cover the expenses to move to Detroit. Satoshi was amazed at Lin's determination. He went home that night and began to study the foreign exchange pairs. At first, Satoshi did not understand all the pairs but as the days and weeks passed he released that there was an unknown element to the currency.

Satoshi's wife joined him in educating their family on the exchange. While sitting at the table eating dinner, Satoshi began to question what if there was another type of currency?! Satoshi left the table and went to his computer... Another currency connected to the foreign exchange... how do we exchange?! It hit Satoshi! A digital currency. He thought about his forefathers and the importance of finances. Satoshi wanted a unique name that had meaning. His son was a history buff and began telling him how from 1905 to 1917 the Danish in the West Indies. Satoshi asked his son to break down the system of the bit and he showed him the following: 5 bits = 1 cent, 100 bits = 20 cents = 1 franc, 100 cents = 5 francs = 1 daler. A portion of your coin, bit-coin the new digital currency.

Satoshi figured out what he was looking at in the market and began mining consistently. At times he lost finances, at least at the very beginning but he learned the system which was very similar to the foreign exchange. After several months of mining, Satoshi saved enough money to move his family to the heart of Tokyo but shown everyone found it that he was able to provide insight into the bitcoin. He packed his family up without notice and moved to an island that is still not known.

Ditra Graves
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