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The Mystery Of Bitcoin

by Jess Dolan 2 months ago in bitcoin

By Jessica Carton

Bitcoin has recently become widely attractive to investors, companies, and every day citizens alike. Millions of people are taking a second look at the first decentralized cryptocurrency. Just as many people have been helping the value of a bitcoin soar to unprecedented and staggering highs. Once traded at less than a single penny, it is currently being bought at nearly $48,000. The creator of this open source code with the first blockchain must have made an unfathomable and obscene of money, right? Believe it or not, the first million bitcoin they mined have been untouched in multiple bitcoin wallets. They introduced their white paper on Halloween day of 2009. Easily described as all bit and no coin, bitcoin did not materialize out of thin air as it may seem.

The pseudonymous creator by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto has set the stage for global acceptance of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a digital monetary form that has no central authority. Transactions on Bitcoin are authenticated and validated by a mass collaboration of individuals in the network. A consuming total of 18.5 million of the existing 21 million bitcoins. Experts have estimated the last block will be mined around 2140. The value will literally skyrocket from there. The smallest unit is called a satoshi, giving respect to its creator. Amongst wild and convincing theories put out by curious minds, I have come to the conclusion that Hal Finney was Satoshi Nakamoto.

Ask any cryptographer or bitcoin enthusiast who they think created the billion dollar market, and they’ll probably be adamant that it doesn’t matter and should remain a secret. But it does matter. Because who is holding the first million bitcoin? They could cripple the economy or use their money in the future with malice intent. But I don’t that Hal Finney has any harmful intentions. He worked hard to ensure that the platform would be secure and safe from attacks. I believe he released the first Bitcoin White paper in the midst of a ASL diagnosis.

Our corrupt and socialist government has created, controlled, and circulated the people’s money. We have Bitcoin and other acceptable cryptos are the solution to that, and Hal knew it. How can we trust them and the banks they’re in bed with? Honestly, we can’t. And we shouldn’t. Globalists want absolute control of us. Soon, a cold wind will be coming for America.

As a privacy activist, it was vital for Hal to implement the peer to peer cash system. Using less carbon dioxide and energy was a important issue for Bitcoin. According to blog posts by known accounts of his, he was posting and active within the community until his illness limited him entirely. He’s certainly well educated and experienced enough to have created Bitcoin. He graduated from the California Institute of Technology in engineering. A most notable contribution of Hal’s was his innovations in PGP development. His early interest in PGP confirms to me that he cared for anonymity and security.

It might seem odd to post under the false name of Satoshi Nakamoto, but that would cover his bases to hide his identity. After all, is the first recipient of 10 bitcoins as a “test” transaction. Emails sent to and from Satoshi’s computer were traced to Hal’s computer with corresponding time stamps. A smart switch from Microsoft to Mac could explain why he Stopped typing with his characteristic two spaces after each period. Satoshi and Hal also have similar anarchic and libertarian views. If Hal we’re still alive, there’s no telling what our blood thirsty powerful government would do to him. He would be seen as a threat to national security had they found evidence before he passed. This is why he seized all communications as Satoshi, as it gains more attention and his health declined. A Massachusetts software developer that he worked closely will had emailed in 2011, claiming he would be talking to the CIA about Bitcoin. Hal stopped any interactions with bitcoin associates in fear of his wife and his safety.

Even though Hal Finney had passed on in 2014, his work will out live him for many years to come. He was a genius who dedicated his time to throwing the people a lifeline. If the private keys to his bitcoin wallets do exist, his wife has them locked away somewhere unknowingly. Perhaps he plans on using them in the future when cryonic breakthroughs are capable of bringing back his cryonically frozen body. Maybe the unmoved bitcoin was supposed to be an insurance policy to ensure that no one person or persons could hold a monopoly on bitcoin.

Even if we did know for sure that Hal Finney created Bitcoin, we’d still be left with more questions than answers. What happens when all 21 million blocks are mined? What if the internet was unthinkably shut off of? Answers will be harder to come by without Hal to say his piece. I adapted the use of bitcoin around 2014, and have no bigger regret than keeping my early coins. With an imploding system of government, the threat to our monetary and basic freedoms are at risk. Bitcoin gives us that, and is here to stay.

Jess Dolan
Jess Dolan
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