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The Millionaire guide on White label Crypto Exchange

by Akshara Singh about a year ago in alt coins

All you want to know about the white label crypto exchange platform and to create one to become a successful cryptopreneur.

White Label Crypto Exchange

Digital finance is taking over the pace of financial transactions. With the emergence of cryptocurrency and other digital payments, transactions have become more easier and efficient. Despite the “Go Green’ motto, digital payments are creating a trend among the population due to its faster transactions. But there is still a lure in the minds to get into the cryptocurrency exchange. It is not a fault to be afraid of change. But change is inevitable, right? The transition from the fiat currency to cryptocurrency will have a greater impact for the good.

In this blog, you can get all such information that you want to know about the White label crypto exchange. So, let us get into the topic.

What is White label Crypto exchange?

First of all, let us understand what White label is.

If you decide to buy a mobile phone, you go to a mobile store and pick your desired mobile. The mobile will have some essential features and apps without any sort of add-ons. You can download certain apps and do some external security changes like case covers and so on that.

This is called a White label product.

So any White label product comes as a default production product and ready to use. All you need to do is to customize according to your requirement. Similar is the case in White label crypto exchange platform software.

White label crypto exchange platform is a digital trading and exchange platform to conduct cryptocurrency transactions. It comes with basic features that the software needs along with essential security features. It is Blockchain enabled and secured with 2F authentication. The exchange owner can make necessary changes and customizations based on his business needs and legal jurisdictions to promote it accordingly.

White label platform is unique and does not look like a clone or copy of any other exchange platforms. With the Whitelabel crypto exchange, your software will be unique as it is crafted based on your requirements.

The function of the White label platform is different from that of the exchange platform crafted with a clone script.

How does the White label crypto exchange works?

White label’s crypto exchange software platform works in a processed manner. A user who wants to involve in the trade has to sign up and create an account. After signing up, verification mail will be sent to the mail, and post-confirmation, you have to enter your basic and financial details. After such filing, you have to verify your KYC norms with the platform admin. It will take 3 to 5 business days for verification. Once done successfully, the user is free to start his trade or exchange. This is how a basic Whitelabel crypto exchange platform works.

The exchange owner may modify the verification process with or without KYC norms, or add 2-factor authentication with the help of OTP to enter into the site, etc. so, the owner will have the entire rights to modify the entire site based on his/her need.

The White label crypto exchange platform will help your users to conduct trade and exchange cryptocurrencies. The exchange owner can introduce amazing benefits like Airdrops for recently introduced coins or tokens and conduct contests to keep hold of the users in their exchange platform.

But many entrepreneurs do not have a full-fledged trust over the White label cryptocurrency exchange investment. There may be some reasons behind that and one among is the “FEAR”.

It is not to be worried as there are several reasons why you should trust the White label crypto exchange software.

Reasons to trust the White label crypto-exchange software:

Checked and tested - White label software is a reliable one that has flexible features and it is user friendly. Also, comparing to the clone exchange scripts, White label is the most demanded exchange platform in the entire crypto market.

Time managing and cost-effective - As the White label software is inbuilt with essential features and instant, it saves time. So, an entrepreneur can save time and start his cryptocurrency exchange platform immediately. The deployment of the site takes only a few minutes. If you need any configuration changes, then it may take time, say less than 4 to 5 days.

No need for any technical expertise - if you are an exchange owner of a White label software, then it does not mean that you should have technical knowledge in that domain. All you have to do is to choose the best professional White label cryptocurrency exchange software development company. They will take care of all things right from deployment to issue resolution.

Unique software - If you are an exchange owner, then you can create your crypto platform without any assistance or similarity for the previous products. So, you need not rely upon any clone scripts to create your cryptocurrency exchange trading platform.

Customization options - The White label cryptocurrency software comes with open customization actions as the built software has less or no customization.

Features of White label cryptocurrency exchange:

The White label crypto exchange comes with certain features:

Multi-lingual platform - The platform is crafted for global exposure and hence it contains a multi-lingual option to attract users from all over the world.

Multi-signature wallet - The White label script supports a multi-sig wallet to protect the data and provides security to the transactions and trade.

Upgraded CMS - The content management system in the White label exchange software is easily manageable that you need not have any technical expertise to handle it.

Bug- free support - White label software comes with rigid backend support and so it is completely bug-free and unhackable.

Payment gateways integrated - all sorts of payment gateways can be integrated for the facilitation of trade in the White label crypto exchange software.

No-cost upgrades - The upgrade comes free of cost that the client can request for upgrading the server at any time without spending a penny.

Customer support - White label crypto exchange software comes with a 24/7 customer support feature thereby helping the exchange owner with technical and non-technical support.

Security features of White label crypto exchange software:

Despite the presence of blockchain technology, the White label is free for any sort of security adoptions. Some of them are discussed below:

HTTPS Authentication - Secure Hypertext authentication for a secured flow of information.

Anti-DDoS - Anti Distributed denial of service to filter out the information and to prevent hacking.

Preventing SQL injection - Security features include preventing SQL prevention for easy management of the data.

Other security features include Anti Denial of Service (A-DoS), jail login, Cross-site forgery protection (CSRF), and Server-Side request forgery protection (SSRF).

These security features are provided to the client in addition to the basic security features present in the White label cryptocurrency exchange software platform. But to induct these security features, you need to choose the best White label crypto exchange software providers in the world.

If you are confused, then you need not worry. Coinsclone is at assistance for you. At Coinsclone, we have a talented team of developers. They can help you to craft your desired White label exchange platform with your customization priorities.

What does our White label cryptocurrency exchange offer?

We, at Coinsclone, follow a unique way of providing White label solutions to our customers and help them to enthrall in the cryptocurrency exchange business. At the initial level, we analyze every single requirement that comes our way and makes certain plans to develop accordingly. Then we integrate certain exchange products into the software without compromising the legal jurisdictions of the exchange owner’s country of operation. Then we integrate the blockchain technology along with additional security features as per the requirement of the client. After listing the topmost coins and the suggested coins, we do testing on the website and application whether it runs efficient enough. After confirmation of the software’s performance, we tend to transform the software with the Domain configuration server and send it to the client’s server.

This is how our Whitelabel cryptocurrency exchange platform is created for our trusted customers.

Why should you prefer White label cryptocurrency exchange software from Coinsclone?

Coinsclone is an expert in providing White label software solutions to the clients. We have an experienced team of developers and digital marketing specialists to make your cryptocurrency exchange software one of the best in the entire market. We align your website based on your business requirements and provide you the best Whitelabel exchange software within a short period. We use updated technologies and stack technologies to craft your software. We have a wide experience of serving more than 40 + clients worldwide. Our software powers almost 200+ cryptocurrency exchange development startups all over the globe.

Final words:

Starting your White label cryptocurrency exchange platform is one of the most profitable businesses in the online digital medium. Being a Millionaire is not an easy task. But with minimal investment from your end can make you one in the near future. As the entire world is transforming itself to move towards cryptocurrencies, this is the time to pick up the pace to start your White label cryptocurrency exchange software. So, if you have made up your mind to start your platform of your own, then knock on the doors of Coinsclone. So, why waiting, let us help you to start your White label cryptocurrency exchange software.

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