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The Falsehood of Bitcoin

by Alina Luke 10 months ago in bitcoin

Misleading conceptions from Bitcoin

How trustworthy can Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency be? (designed by: Alina Luke)

Bitcoin, a well-known cryptocurrency flourishes and takes the world by storm at a rapid pace. Without knowing, Bitcoin controls the minds of individuals into thinking Bitcoin will be a worthwhile investment, but how could this cryptocurrency be the savior to one's daily life? The short answer is: it cannot be the savior to anyone's life.

Since Bitcoin is an online investment with a fake currency system, you will be only pouring your money down the drain after setting down your money, in hopes of your money doubling, or maybe even tripling!

If only money was that easy to obtain.

Think about it. When someone who claims to be some fancy business owner who you don't know all of a sudden wants your input into their business and says the amount in the business will be increased to about ten folds, how believable is this statement?

Money does not fall from the sky.

Money also has to be earned.

I had once believed in Bitcoin, until a stranger approached me on social media and kept on nudging me to invest into their business and claimed that their family had health problems, and were struggling with money problems.

I told myself not to fall into their trap, to not trust them. I did not give in on the first nudge, second nudge, or even the third nudge.

About a little over a week's worth of nudging from this individual, I was getting tired and irritated. It wasn't until several nudges of having me invest into Bitcoin did I know what I had done.

Investing into Bitcoin was a mistake, a big mistake.

Initially, when I told others of the mistake I made, I had hoped for someone to patiently listen through and hopefully help me solve the problem of somehow reverting the money lost to its' original state.

Right off the bat, my family blamed for losing all of the money and asking why I even did such a thing. People started to lash out at me without understanding the full story, and only heard a portion of the story before coming at me at full throttle.

Maybe, I was growing lonely in the times of the pandemic and needed someone to talk to.

Maybe, I felt like I wasn't important enough.

Whatever feeling I was feeling, now, I know to block off any strangers right away as soon as I see them.

I now know it is better to flee when you have the chance to flee.

Just like the advertisements that so claim your skin will be free of acne with only using a little bit of their products and have results in less than a week with clear skin, Bitcoin is the same.

For one who has severe acne, there is no possible way for acne to magically go away with only one week of products, and it has to be the right kind of products for the right type of skin.

Before setting foot into the threshold of having clear skin, ask yourself whether the products would be applicable to your skin. Ask yourself the possibility of having clear skin within a weeks' worth of applying products from a certain company.

Bitcoin is the same, where it falsely advertises of the miracles that could happen with your money.

There surely are reasons why Bitcoin seemingly has an endless supply of money.

Social media is a dangerous place with Bitcoin and fake users.

Therefore, Bitcoin may seem like a great alternate at first, but do not judge a book by its cover. You'll never know what will unravel.

Bitcoin may be at the epitome of its' peak, but it will be up to you to decide what is worth your investment.

Will you let your money go to waste or would you rather take your money and donate it to a cause, a cause which could have a tremendous impact on individuals who may be living in poverty, not even be able to place a meal on a table.

The final decision is up to you.

If you so decide to invest into Bitcoin, perhaps, you'll realize after what a mistake this was.

Only when one goes into the depths of the water does one see the reality right before their very eyes. By seeing the truth will one truly realize the truths behind the conspiracies behind faulty companies like Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency.

Think now, act now, and not later.


Alina Luke

"Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened." ~Ludwig Jacobowski~

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Alina Luke
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