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The Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest Today

by Rakshit Shah 9 days ago in alt coins

Best cryptocurrencies to buy today.

The Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest Today
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Disclaimer: This article contains some referral links and if you are signup with my link you and I, will get a commission. I am not a crypto expert but trust me my 90%+assumptions are correct. You can trade at your own risk. This article will be updated monthly according to how the crypto market ups and downs.

Cryptocurrency has been growing and it seems nothing can stop its growth. Countries all over the world are embracing this new form of currency and shifting toward a digital mode of payments. Yet, May wasn’t a good month for cryptocurrencies as it took a bad hit, hampering the value of almost all cryptocurrencies. As we have entered the month of June, we can expect the best cryptocurrencies to invest in this month to rise and shine.

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Bitcoin price fell as much as half its value. Other cryptocurrencies were affected too. This proves the volatility of the crypto market. So, which are the best cryptocurrencies to invest in in June? Let’s have a look.

You may have the below question in your mind,

Is Cryptocurrency legal in India?

No law in India makes buying or selling cryptocurrencies illegal.

If you are new, I recommend you invest some money in crypto. May be government may not accept it as a major currency (Government will never accept it as the prior one, let’s say you went to a supermarket to buy something, so you can’t buy anything with this cryptocurrency, in that sense they will not make it as a major currency.) But still, you can trade (Buy/Sell) using few legit platforms.

Let me tell you my story!

Early in April 2021, I started investment in cryptocurrencies. I am observing cryptocurrencies since November 2020. Finally, I heard about 3 platforms where I can easily Invest money and trade for the various cryptocurrencies whenever I want from India.

  1. CoinSwitch (Popular in India)
  2. WazirX (Popular in India)
  3. CoinBase (Popular in most of the countries — worldwide)

I invested around 800 INR (around $100) to buy few famous trending crypto coins like DogeCoin, Ripple, BTC Cash, and a few more. After a month, You may hear about DogeCoins, I bought 400 DogeCoins — the value of 13.10 INR ($0.19) in mid-April. In mid-May, DogeCoins got a huge spike, and its value was risen up around 56.06 INR (Approx $0.75) per DogeCoin. I sold 370 Dogecoins because of that spike and kept 50 in my bucket for now.

How much profit did I get from this transaction?

Buy price: 13.10 INR ($0.19) X 400 = 5,240 INR (Approx $73)

Sell price: 55.06 INR ($0.75) X 370 = 20,742 INR (Approx $285)

* No transaction brokerage fees

Profit: 20,742–5240 = 15,502 INR (Approx $215)

Isn’t it cool? — I also invested in the below-mentioned crypto coins too. Which is giving me a good amount of return.

“Spend some money to grab more money — Make it as your Life Time Rule”

Check the benefits of the above-mentioned crypto trading Websites/Apps.

  • Start trading in cryptocurrencies with as low as ₹100 (Approx $1.37)
  • Buy, sell and trade 100+ cryptocurrencies in one click
  • They enable you to trade in cryptocurrencies at the best price
  • Withdraw anytime you want instantly, Direct in your national bank
  • Zero Brokerage, other apps are taking money for buy/sell transactions. here you can find freedom.
  • 3M+ Indians have put their faith in us and carried out ₹500 crores+ in trade (5000M+)

If you sign up using the below link what will you get and what will I get?

1. CoinSwitch (Popular in India)

As a referral Bonus, I will get BTC worth 50 INR ($0.68), once you complete your KYC Process.

2. WazirX (Popular in India)

Refer and earn a commission of 50% on each trade.

3. CoinBase (Popular in most of the countries — worldwide)

Invite a friend to Coinbase and you’ll both get $10 after you deposit $100 bucks!

Best Crypto Currencies as per my observations for June 2021:

1. Dogecoin

How can I not mention Dogecoin, the meme-inspired and the most popular cryptocurrency today? It is the fourth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap and has grown by 13,000% in just 5 months of 2021. The price of Dogecoin is low right now, go ahead and invest as it is the right time to invest in this coin.

If soon Elon Musk tweets about dogecoin, it could rise up instantly in 24 hours for sure!

US Current Price: ($0.3845)

2. Shiba Inu

After Dogecoin, Shiba Inu is the most popular as well as the cheapest cryptocurrency to buy right now. It has gained significant momentum after Elon Musk’s SNL appearance. This led to a decrease in the price of Dogecoin by 30%, which was quite beneficial for Shiba Inu.

US Current Price: $0.000008782

Important: I would recommend you to buy Shiba Inu coins with whatever amount you can invest. Once it reaches a good potential, in the future — you will never regret your SHIBA INU investment.

New opportunities will knock on your door once!

3. Polkadot

Polkadot is again an innovation in blockchain technology that will transform the decentralization of the internet. There are three reasons why it is growing — security, speed, and governance. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Polkadot’s blockchain can be easily scaled globally.

US Current Price: $23.88

4. Ripple

Ripple is becoming quite popular as it won the lawsuit where The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) didn’t give permissions to access to private documentation of Ripple Labs’ legal status. This popularity is boosting the growth of Ripple. Also, it intends to go public. This should be a major factor to consider if you wish to invest in the best crypto in June.

US Current Price: $1.01

5. Cosmos

If you haven’t heard of this crypto, it is time to consider this as the best cryptocurrency to invest in in 2021 as it has more than US$120 billion in digital assets. Independent blockchains are formed on the Cosmos Hub that ensures the transfer of assets and enables communication through a breakthrough called Inter Blockchain Communication.

US Current Price: $14.14

6. Polygon

Though Bitcoin and Ether are ruling the crypto market, many investors are looking forward to new options and investing in other cryptocurrencies that have good potential and significant advantages for long-term purposes. Here, Polygon crypto is winning the game. Especially, after the aftermath of the crypto meltdown and its steady surge in usage, it is an option worth considering.

Further, network congestion is quite a disadvantage for layer 1 networks. Since Polygon is a layer 2 network, it demonstrates its advantages in the world of Defi, wherein there is the elimination of paying heavy transaction fees to miners.

That’s the benefit of sidechains. Users can avoid the high fees due to the congestion as well as harness the benefits of popular blockchains such as existing code infrastructure, well-founded developer base, etc.

This figure itself should be one sole reason for you to invest in polygon right away.

US Current Price: $1.82

7. Ethereum

If you are amazed, the rundown didn’t start with Bitcoin, it is time to shift your focus to other good cryptos to buy this month. Ethereum came down to US$2,300 from $4,300. However, it is slowly and steadily picking up. Experts suggest that Etheruem holds the potential to beat Bitcoin this month and become one of the top cryptocurrencies to invest in in June.

US Current Price: $2,646.28

8. Cardano

Cardano is the best crypto to buy today as a lot of new improvements and developments will take place on the blockchain. With this, it holds immense potential to deliver long-term benefits with regard to investment purposes. IOHK, supporting Cardano, announced a new initiative called Alonzo hard fork. It will empower smart contract functionality on the Cardano blockchain.

US Current Price: $1.77

9. Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin cash makes the list of best crypto to invest in because of its faster processing of transactions with low fees. This crypto offers scalability, which implies its potential to grow in the future is huge. Now is the best time to invest in Bitcoin Cash as the prices have slashed down.

US Current Price: $686.77

10. Compound

The compound is basically a lending platform on Ethereum that enables users to not sell their crypto assets for them to procure liquidity for other activities. This is an innovation in the DeFi space and hence experts recommend that it is the best crypto to buy today.

US Current Price: $432.28

Hope you find the best currency for you soon. Happy trading!

Disclaimer: This article contains some referral links and if you are signup with my link you and I, will get a commission. I am not a crypto expert but trust me my 90%+assumptions are correct. You can trade at your own risk. This article will be updated monthly according to how the crypto market ups and downs.

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