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Spotting the big players in the cryptocurrency market

Market whales

By Abdullahi AliyuPublished 4 months ago 5 min read

What would the crypto space look like? Without market swings and moves, if there's no volatility, no market makers just a static boring market that only moves voluntarily without any push from big hands I guess the space will be very boring with little influence on the masses, big players in the market are **whales** they virtually makes the market a bit fun although these whales are found of manipulating the market to their advantage small retail traders can predict these whales movements and make calculative profits from big hand movers by tracking their transaction on the blockchain.

The cryptocurrency market has evolved into a dynamic and highly competitive landscape, attracting both individual investors and institutional players seeking to capitalize on the immense potential of digital assets. With thousands of cryptocurrencies available, identifying the big players in this market can be a challenging task. However, spotting these influential entities is crucial for investors looking to make informed decisions and navigate the ever-changing cryptocurrency ecosystem.

In this paper, we will delve into the methods and indicators that can help discern the big players in the cryptocurrency market. These major players often possess substantial financial resources, technological capabilities, and market influence, making them influential forces in shaping trends and driving market movements.

One key aspect of identifying the big players is examining market capitalization. Cryptocurrencies with significant market capitalization tend to have greater liquidity and stability, attracting attention from both investors and institutions. Furthermore, analyzing trading volumes can provide insights into the level of activity surrounding a particular cryptocurrency, indicating the involvement of major players.

Another crucial factor in spotting big players is assessing their involvement in influential projects and partnerships. Collaborations with established financial institutions, technological giants, or prominent industry figures can significantly enhance the reputation and influence of a cryptocurrency. Monitoring such collaborations can help identify which cryptocurrencies are backed by major players and have the potential for long-term success.

Additionally, monitoring regulatory developments and institutional adoption can provide valuable clues about the big players in the market. Regulatory approvals, endorsements, and institutional investments can signal the growing interest and involvement of influential entities, often serving as a catalyst for market growth.

In conclusion, spotting the big players in the cryptocurrency market requires a multifaceted approach that considers market capitalization, trading volumes, partnerships, and institutional involvement. By understanding the dynamics and characteristics of these major players, investors can gain valuable insights that inform their investment strategies and help them navigate the exciting yet unpredictable world of cryptocurrencies.

### **Big players in cryptocurrency**

Not everyone in the crypto space is super rich those that got into the space very early quickly stack lot of coins through simple early computer mining, faucet and airdrop while some bought at early stage at a very low price and hold for years to become diamond hands, these group of people are known as big players in cryptocurrency their moves are closely watched by other traders when they sell or buy from the market there is an impact on market price change.

Crypto whales as they are popularly known are group of entities or individuals that influence the market through their large token holding they are associated with high volatility in the market

The total market capitalization of asset/token can be used to determine when a holder can be considered as big market player as there is no fixed amount of holding that will automatically make one to be called a whale in the market an individual or entity that has 1 million dollar worth of asset in a token of 100 million market capitalization can be considered as a whale while another individual that has a million dollar worth of assets in a token of market capitalization of 100 billion isn't classified as a whale which mean one influence to move a market price up or down will automatically determine if they are market players or not looking at bitcoin with high market capitalization individuals with billions worth of btc could easily move the market compared to those making exchange at millions.

### **How to spot big players in the market**

Not all big players in the market like to draw public attention when they're moving their funds thanks to blockchain transparency and openness which can always give insight about users transactions on the block.

With the use of blockchain explorer like [etherscan]( one can easily track large amount of cryptocurrency been moved from one wallet to another.

Another means of spotting big players in the market is through social platform, big whales like to give hints to their audience on what moves they will be making next on a crypto asset traders often take advantage of this information from whales and make good trade entry.

Tracking whales transaction through blockchain explorer has shown to be more reliable as it gives reliable information about transaction movements.

### **Should retail traders rely on big players moves**

Market sentiment is a psychological trading strategy traders use when trading this strategy don't necessarily require the use of chart its purely base on predictive moves by following what people are buying especially those with big volumes, traders can easily take advantage of big players moves by monitoring their buy/sell moves since whales are capable of moving market to their advantage when traders stake their move in line with that of big whales they can make good returns on their trades.

On the other hand relying on big market movers can be very risky as this movers only care about filling their bags, taking money from small traders puts more money into their bags which means one should be very cautious when playing along with whales as they can easily dump on the market which can likely liquidate any trader.

It's all depends on a traders trading strategy buying the news and sell the rumour what's working for A might likely not work for B so it is best to analyse ones trading strategy before moving into play with the big movers.

Watching big players move in crypto can be very insightful as it can easily give one tips on market direction it can assist in making quick market decision and entry, however this shouldn't replace the use of other technical analysis tools like doing your personal research on any project before making any trade moves.

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