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by Linda John 4 months ago in blockchain
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The year 2021 saw bitcoin demand soar to previously unheard-of heights. In just a few months, the industry's market capitalization surpassed two trillion dollars. The rise of bitcoin resulted in the emergence of a new asset class known as non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. In August, the NFT market surpassed three and a half billion dollars.

NFTs are a fantastic technology that allows content creators to build one-of-a-kind digital products without the need for a middleman. NFTs are also based on blockchain technology. NFTs can be used as a certificate of authenticity, which has a lot of potential in the art world. However, the potential of NFTs extends beyond digital artwork; we're seeing it every day in industries like gaming, real estate, and marketplace development.

We’ve gathered together a list of alternative uses for NFT and the impact they could have on the industry. Here are the ways NFTs could work in other industries.

  • Ensuring product authenticity
  • Real Estate
  • Identity verification and medical records
  • Protecting intellectual property
  • Academics
  • Gaming

Ensuring Product Authenticity

As previously stated, NFTs serve as verification of a digital asset's legitimacy. The blockchain saves information about the goods indefinitely, verifies its rarity, and secures its validity. NFTs may keep track of the manufacturing process and guarantee that everything is done fairly.

A significant problem in the world is the prevalence of fake food products like medicine and supplements. However, NFTs can overcome the issue by tracing and tracking food products. Here, a user can scan a QR code and track the product’s journey from start to finish.

Real Estate

In the real estate market, NFTs have enormous potential. NFTs could be used to transfer land, offer ownership verification, and track property changes using time stamped NFTs in this case. NFTs can be used to speed up or simplify transactions, enable smart contracts, and establish decentralised home services in this situation. These advantages are provided while the user's sensitive information, such as debit card information, is protected.

A property owner may learn everything they need to know about a property they're buying in only a few steps thanks to real estate NFTs. They do not necessitate the involvement of third parties such as brokers, notaries, and other intermediaries.

Identity Verification and Medical Records

An NFT can keep a person's medical records while maintaining confidentiality and reducing the danger of tampering. Furthermore, all transactions are recorded on the blockchain, making them impenetrable to tampering.

NFT birth certificates are another potential application for NFTs in the healthcare business. These NFTs are assigned to newborn children by healthcare providers. This method is suitable for producing a blockchain-based permanent identity that is tied to a birth certificate. Parents and children can check the verification at any time using an app.

NFT ledgers are a secure solution to store sensitive medical information that may yet be accessed when needed.Protecting intellectual property

NFTs have immense potential for protecting intellectual property and patents. NFT tokens here enable users to prove their ownership over any content. This way of proving ownership does not exist in traditional IP rights tools like copyrights and trademarks.

Users can view the IP’s history and establish ownership. The NFT chain is immutable by nature and that ensures the NFT owner can prove they created a piece of work at any time.

This process also applies to patents. Here, NFTs can work to protect or certify ownership of an invention or innovation. NFTs also provide the required data for verification and create a public ledger. This ledger documents every transaction relating to the patent.


NFTs also have potential in the academic industry. Here, NFTs provide attendance proof, degree earned, and other essential information that gets stored on the blockchain. NFTs create immutable records for courses by issuing tokens for each course.

In the future, there will be minimal reliance on a paper certificate. NFTs will provide a record of academic achievement and users can transfer NFT education tokens to other users. This approach provides proof that the owner earned the NFT.


NFT and the gaming industry go very well together. Developers can integrate NFTs into the gaming world and allow NFT cross-platform playability. NFTs provide a new way for developers to expand their brand and create an additional revenue stream. Players have more incentive to keep playing a game. Now they complete objectives, earn rewards and can keep them or sell them on an NFT marketplace and profit.

NFTs also make it easy to trade items in games. This approach can even increase an item’s value as more players compete to own it. The lack of third-party involvement ensures that NFT users do not encounter any scams and transactions appear on the blockchain for everyone to see. This approach opens up various possibilities like purchasing weapons, equipment, and items that were already tested by users.

The most notable example of an NFT game is Axie Infinity. However, there are many other NFT games in development with the potential to change the industry.


NFT technology may be something new but the potential is immense. Every day, developers are unlocking more of their potential and businesses are considering integrating NFTs to streamline processes. NFT may have started as a way to help digital artists but at present, it holds limitless potential.


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