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by James Green about a year ago in bitcoin · updated 2 months ago
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It was an early afternoon, no different than the last one for Satoshi. Satoshi loved to walk, it was his favourite pastime along with drinking coffee and spending money on frivolous things. That afternoon he walked past a phone box which began to ring. “Strange,” he thought, as he looked around with no passer-by insight. Curiously he walked inside and lifted the phone to his ear. Silence. Staring blankly into the outside world he began to feel a chill down his spine. Silence. He swiftly left the box, began walking down the road compelled to look back at the box but with no haste to return to it, or to indulge in thoughts about it. Later that evening tucked inside the womb of his humble, but, lavishly adorned apartment, he couldn’t help but think about what transpired that early afternoon; “Why the call to no one?” he said to himself. Perplexed, he sat there, wondering why was he chosen to pick up the call, and why the silence. He couldn’t help but think this meant something, something far deeper than he could comprehend. “Stupid,” he said to himself, “What nonsense,” he uttered under his breath. Feeling his imagination running wild he decided the day had run its course and fell joyfully into his bed.

The next morning had arrived. Not wanting to pass the phone box which caused him an evenings dismay, he went down a side street not too off beat from his normal route to his office and a happy change of scenery given what the other route may have lying in store for him. Down the side street he stumbled upon three children playing some kind of game. “Hey, Mr!” one of them yelled; “Want to play a game?” another fluted. “No thank you,” said the half asleep Satoshi, not wanting any more surprises for the week, or to delay him from his duties at the office. “Come on, it won’t take long, theres a prize for you if you play!” said one boy. “The game will be very quick, very quick indeed,” said another boy. “Fine,” sighed Satoshi, now looking at his watch. Smiling faces and clapping hands the boys began their game. Each boy, three in total, grasped from behind them a small pouch, each pouch cupped in each of their hands. “Choose,” said one of the boys, “But no peaking inside,” smirked one of the other boys. Satoshi, with a raised eyebrow in confusion, stretched out his hand to one of the pouches; stretching his arm towards the boy the boy dropped his pouch, spilling gold coins all over the floor; Satoshi, standing there bewildered stared at the coins, then began to stare at the boys, now running into the distant landscape laughing in uncontrollable delight. Spontaneously and nervously he scooped the coins into his pockets, gazed at his watch, and darted his way to his office. Sitting at his desk trying to make sense out of what just transpired, clinking the coins silently in his pockets as he blinked wide eyed into his desks many screens, he sat there, quietly. “Maybe these events are related,” he thought to himself, fingering the coins between the fingers in his pockets, the wafting smell of coffee now filling the air in which he pondered. As the smell of coffee took his attention away from the coins in his pockets he began to smile, a smile he realised unlike any smile he could ever remember smiling. Silence. Fists pounding on his desk! A wide mouthed smile from ear to ear. A jiggling body dispensing coins from pockets attached to legs trembling in chaos and fear. “My calling!” he cheered.


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