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Rebase Token: What do you need to know about it?

The world of cryptocurrency exchange is consistently changing. Every day, new coins with better and unique financial incentives are being introduced into the crypto market.

By Rea SetiaPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

This blog will provide an overview of one of the many coins, namely, Rebase coins, with exceptional features.

Rebase coins, or elastic tokens, are cryptocurrencies whose nature is similar to stable coins. The rebase token price often fluctuates, but to control its nature, its supply is algorithmically modified. Compared to other assets, rebase coins or elastic tokens mint new coins or ignite tokens in flow, but they do not make use of reserves.

To prevent the rebase token owner’s share of the coins, the rebase token price is altered through the algorithm which adjusts the supply by escalating or diminishing it. Sometimes, the nature of the reserve of the rebase tokens can be highly volatile, but its cost can be stabilised depending on the rebase token tracking of the asset price. The chart of the rebased tokens or elastic coins never drops as a consequence of a steadily ascending price floor, thus, this notion can prove to be profitable for advertising projects by rebasing tokens.

Working Protocol of the Rebase Tokens

The operating protocol of the rebase tokens or elastic coins occurs on a routine basis. For instance, with a target cost of $1, the rebase of Ampleforth’s AMPL is planned every 24 hours. The value of every AMPL token is lessened when the price of Ampleforth’s AMPL rises over $1, and during rebase, the circulating supply enlarges. Furthermore, the value of an AMPL token upsurges if the cost of the coin falls below $1 and during rebase the current supply decreases.

The value of the rebase tokens in the holder’s account does not change, but their amount can rise or decline with the help of the rebasing mechanism. To give an example, if a person has 1 AMPL in his electronic wallet, the value of the token will double to $2 due to the increase in supply throughout the rebase span. To delve more into the topic, since the value of the 1 AMPL token would now be $2, its value will still remain $1 when the 1 AMPL falls to 0.5 AMPL.

As we have got an overview of what a rebase token is all about and how it functions, let’s take a look at the current top three rebase tokens in demand among investors in detail:

● AntiAmple (XAMP)

Almost the same as Ampleforth’s rebasing, the rebase aspect of the AntiAmple token allows the burning of the supply, and for accessing this rebase feature, you have to use OnlyOwner as an altering tool.

● Ampleforth (AMPL)

Starting a crypto revolution in the crypto and DeFi industry, Ampleforth (AMPL), as a cryptocurrency, alters its supply limit to sustain the rebase taken price peg at $1. Many coins have now emerged in the crypto market with the success of Ampleforth. These coins or tokens are consistently testing themselves with rebase operational functions like rebates against the cost of other tokens, supply rises or decreases, and so forth. Ampleforth’s smart contracts also help in the modification of the balance of the method by making a contract call to rebase the absolute ownership of the coin. Not only this, but to call on the rebase mechanism in this circumstance, one needs supplyDelta (increases or decreases the token supply), data-time for logging, and an epoch.


Being a random rebase coin version, Ampleforth’s RMPL observes that no party, even the owner, steers away from power and the execution of the rebasing procedure is fully self-governed.

Therefore, with this, we can conclude that, rebase coins, with their integral and exciting monetary benefits, have been truly changing the crypto space day by day.

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