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PT Wallet has officially launched, and PT Public Chain has set sail

by PR Agency 7 months ago in wallets

PT Public Chain Wallet: decentralized compatible digital asset wallet

According to the latest announcement on the progress of the PT public chain project and the disclosure of the project code, in the latest code update, PT public chain has completed the relevant code development and operating environment construction of the wallet, which means that the PT public chain wallet has now been officially launched. According to the plan in the PT white paper, the decentralized wallet is an important part of the PT public chain ecosystem. The official launch of the wallet means that PT public chain has completed the preliminary preparation work and has officially started operating. This is positive news for the supporters of PT public chain and means that PT public chain has made its first steps and is now progressing rapidly.

What is PT public chain wallet?

In fact, as an independent distributed network, supporting independent asset management, a wallet is a must. At present, there are hundreds of public chain projects on the market, but most of them are still at the conceptual stage. With Ethereum wallet, you can manage ERC2.0 tokens, and you don’t need an independent wallet. Therefore, whether there is an independent wallet is actually an important criterion for judging whether a public chain project is reliable. In addition to the functions of digital asset management, the PT public chain development team has also given the PT wallet more important functions.

PT Public Chain Wallet: decentralized compatible digital asset wallet. First of all, PT wallet supports the management of PT digital assets in the chain. At the same time, it adopts a decentralized compatible architecture design, so PT wallet is also compatible with other digital assets including BTC and ETH. This one wallet can meet almost all the needs for digital asset management, for most users.

PT Public Chain Wallet: the gateway into mining. For users who are contemplating an initial mining project of PT public chain, the launch of the PT wallet is undoubtedly a very significant benefit, because the team designed the wallet as the entrance for PT aggregation mining, and the prerequisite for participating in the mining is to deposit digital assets into the PT Public Chain Wallet.

PT Public Chain Wallet: the gateway into a decentralized exchange. Decentralized exchanges are a very popular concept this year. The PT wallet is also compatible with the function of decentralized exchanges. In the future, PTSwap in the wallet will allow the exchange of various mainstream digital assets by PT. In fact, PT wallet is also a DEX exchange.

The wallet, and the gateways to mining and DEX exchange, along with the PT development team, will be a leading trend in the blockchain industry, giving the PT public chain a more futuristic look and feel.

Starting with the wallet, the PT public chain is ushering in a leap forward

The official launch of PT wallet not only showcases the phased achievements of the PT project and consolidates the confidence of PT fans in the PT public chain, but it is also an important beginning for the public chain itself. Starting with the wallet, PT public chain has entered the phase of synchronization of technology and operations, and the functions outlined in the white paper are gradually being released and put into actual operation, which is an important leap forward for the PT project.

Mining enters the countdown phase: after the wallet is launched, the much-anticipated mining function will also start its countdown. Users will deposit mainstream digital assets into the PT wallet and start waiting for their profit share from the initial mining, which is the core part of the PT public chain.

Community fission begins: after the wallet goes online, the original incentive for community fission, as outlined in the white paper, will be able to be implemented. Those users who come through community fission will also enjoy fission rewards. Therefore, the wallet is the entrance for the PT public chain’s traffic, which, in turn, will promote the rapid fission of the community and take over the market in a short period of time.

All functions are on the agenda: in the planning of the PT white paper, the wallet is the enabler of many functions. With the launching of the wallet, users will gradually be introduced to features such as the decentralized financial sector based on DeFi. After the wallet is launched, all of the planned functions will be formally put on the agenda.

The official launch of the wallet is like opening up the mechanism of atomic fission for the PT public chain. Its domino effect will promote the overall ecology of the PT public chain, and officially launches the PT public chain starting with the wallet.

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