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Other Uses of Crypto for Our Everyday Lives


By legacysuitePublished 4 months ago 5 min read

The crypto market has changed dramatically in the previous 18 months. Its expansion has been more rapid than ever, however, its future has never been more uncertain.

With so much free time and so few things to do, most customers have ventured into cryptocurrency trading as a beginner during the pandemic. All of this points to one major tendency. Cryptocurrency, which was once only comprehended by a small group of anti-establishment investors, is rapidly becoming a household name. Market analysts predict that the global market of crypto will more than triple by 2030, reaching roughly $5 billion in value. Brands, businesses, and investors cannot ignore the swelling wave of cryptocurrency for long, whether they want to or not.

The number of investors in the crypto space has been steadily enhancing worldwide, but recent growth has been spectacular. Furthermore, the investor profile has transformed. It is no more a niche passion in the era of meme stocks and stimulus checks. Instead, regular consumers have considered this new asset category as an opportunity to supplement their portfolios with possibly more rewarding, if riskier, investments.

Cryptocurrency and its Importance

A few years ago, many of you might have imagined cryptocurrency as some sort of currency that is involved in an underworld banking system having hooded traders or investors sitting behind shady computers. But now, we read about them in almost every section of news publications. So, the question is; do you really think that cryptocurrencies deserve so much attention? Are they important? What will be the effect of cryptocurrencies in the long run?

In essence, these unique digital coins are- as blockchain-built platforms are meant to be- fully decentralized. It means cryptocurrencies are not controlled by any monetary authority or central bank. It is instead supported by a peer-to-peer community computer network composed of “nodes”.

In contrast to traditional institutions, you do not need an address for cryptocurrency trading, all you need is an internet connection. Theoretically, cryptocurrency is based on the collective activities of regular users to self-regulate; they maintain the ledger of transactions- the blockchain- safe and updated, and the method enables anyone having a computer to mine coins. Interesting, isn’t it?

Let us now dive into the benefits these cryptocurrencies offer to users.

The transaction cost for cryptocurrencies is negligible, unlike the price for sending money from a digital wallet to any bank account. You can transact at any time you want, with no limits on withdrawals and purchases. In addition, unlike opening a bank account, which needs documentation and other procedures, anyone can use cryptocurrency.

International transactions using cryptocurrency are also more efficient than wire transfers. Wire transfers consume about half a day for money transfers from one location to another. But with cryptocurrencies, transactions are accomplished in seconds.

How can We Use Crypto in Our Daily Lives?

It is worth wondering if the fame and attention that Crypto assets Protection has gathered over the years are hollow or not. Nevertheless, although it is nowhere near substituting institutionalized cash, crypto coins, especially bitcoin, have acquired wide acceptance worldwide.

Mode of payment

Most merchants across the world like jewelers, restaurants, flights, and apps have begun accepting cryptocurrencies as a viable source of payment. Apple Inc. is one of the most prominent acceptors of cryptocurrency as a feasible payment medium and enables 10 kinds of cryptocurrencies for transacting in the App store.


Cryptocurrencies have now been considered the most lucrative option for investment. Its value appreciation is extremely dynamic and can be an exceptional avenue for capital growth.

Travel the world

It is now possible for you to travel wherever you want by using cryptocurrency which is mainly due to its explosive growth in the past ten years. Well-known travel agents such as Destinia and CheapAir accept bitcoin as a medium of payment to book flight tickets, hotels, and car rentals.


If you are a game-lover, then cryptocurrency is good-to-go. The recent rise of the gaming industry combined with crypto games and blockchain has built a new trend that was never seen before. Games based on cryptocurrency tend to gain more popularity, and there are numerous reasons that support their popularity.

De-corrupting charities

Who says cryptos are only meant for gaining profits? Cryptos are powerful for non-profits also, such as donating to charities. Crypto asset based are transparent, faster, and most essentially, cost-effective than traditional currencies. Donations done with cryptos can minimize costs, with respect to time and fees, and can avert corruption in charitable firms and fund leaks.

All You Need to Know About Legacy Suites

If you are looking for a reliable platform that can help you transfer all your digital assets securely and safely, then Legacy Suites is the best place for you. Legacy Suites is primarily established to preserve your digital life.

Legacy Suites’ patent pending technology strives to revolutionize the Estate planning process by allowing you to retain your crucial ledger of NFTs, crypto, and all digital assets in a single safe personal ‘centralized’ place. Moreover, the platform enables you to share these critical facts with whomever and whenever you wish. This helps guarantee that your assets are not misplaced and stranded, and it offers your heirs complete knowledge of all your assets.

The team of Legacy Suites comprises artists and the precise, profound, and inexhaustible source of art which is their commitment and dedication to creating your ever-lasting legacy.

Looking Ahead

We believe cryptocurrency signals the beginning of a new era of technology-driven markets with the potential to disrupt traditional market tactics, longstanding corporate practices, and reputable regulatory outlooks- all to the benefit of consumers and greater macroeconomic efficiency. Cryptocurrencies have the potential to offer individuals unprecedented access to a global payment system-anytime, anywhere- wherein participation is limited only by access to technology, instead of considerations such as having a bank account or credit card history.

Futurists estimate that by 2030, cryptos will account for 25% of national currencies, implying that a large portion of the globe will begin to believe in bitcoin as a form of transaction. It will be broadly accepted by customers and merchants, and its volatile nature will imply that prices will continue to vary, as they have for the past few years.

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