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OKEx Clone Script

You no longer have to spend a fortune on your business because it is a cost-effective business solution.

By Tina SwiftPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
OKEx Clone Script

OKEx Clone Script

Simulated versions of OKEx have been in widespread use in the digital currency world recently and are expected to receive more attention in the not-too-distant future.

The reason for this volume of popularity of these softwares is that traders can trade with their desired features and have more choices for their desired platform. In this way, they like trading in OKEx exchange but want more currencies supported by it or want to trade in their own language which is not supported by the main exchange and can find these in OKEx clone script versions.

So we found that using simulated platforms can meet the business needs of any trader as he wants.

All you have to do is order such a platform from a very reputable and, of course, affordable developer. Then customize your favorite features and now it's time to serve traders from all over the world.

Choose OKEx because…

In 2014, Star Xu launched the excellent OKEx exchange. This exchange has been able to increase the trust of users day by day with its extraordinary features and brilliant history that it has gained among traders and other exchange offices. The integrated security of this exchange with extremely practical and up-to-date security layers, which is progressing more and more every day, has made it a safe choice for any trader.

This exchange has been providing services to digital currency traders around the world for many years, and so far no cyberattack has been able to defeat it. Because it is designed to be able to protect the assets of its users in any situation.

The OKEx digital currency exchange annual budget reports for consecutive years prove that trading in this exchange will take us to a higher step in the digital currency ladder. Just choose what position you want to have in the world of cryptography. If you want to be a regular trader in a regular exchange, OKEx is not our suggestion. But if you want to make big profits in the world of digital currencies, especially bitcoin, and enjoy trading, OKEx will be your first and last choice.

In fact, the goal of launching OKEx was to create a customizable platform for traders at any level, whether advanced or professional, to use it and trade bitcoins and other digital currencies.


Features of this platform

  • Margin Trading: The method of trading assets using funds provided by a third party. It is a process in which individual investors buy more shares than they can afford.
  • Futures trades: In these trades you allow your traders to do it if they want to make a trade and at one time can not postpone it to the future but at a fixed price at the same time.
  • Limited order: A limited order is an order to trade assets at a specific price or better. Limited order is executed only when the stock market price reaches the limit price.
  • OTC order: A transaction can be crypto to crypto (for example, exchanging bitcoin with ether) or fiat to crypto (exchanging US dollars with bitcoin and vice versa).
  • OCO order: This allows you to set two orders at the same time. In this type of order, when the stop price or limit is reached and one order is executed, the other order is automatically canceled.
  • Market order: Market order is the order of buying and selling stocks at the best price. Limited orders determine the maximum and minimum price at which you would prefer to trade.
  • Stop Limit Order: The Stop Limit order is a limited (pending) order to buy or sell when it reaches a certain price, an action called a stop.

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