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Multichain builds bridges for digital assets in the private domain metaverse

by cross chainbridge 5 months ago in mining
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cross chain bridge

》》》The cross-chain bridge leader grows in the mission《》》

1 billion market value : Just a week before the official announcement of Multichain’s current round of financing, the project just completed a major brand upgrade, changing the protocol name from Anyswap to Multichain, which is more suitable for its business scenarios. The valuation and financing of the company is currently valued at $1 billion.

This round of financing was led by Binance Labs, with participation from Sequoia China, IDG Capital, Bridge Smart Contract Development Services Three Arrows Capital, DeFiance Capital, Circle Ventures, Tron Foundation, Hypersphere Ventures, Primitive Ventures, Magic Ventures, HashKey and other institutions. This is the first time that several institutions have formed a group to participate in a blockchain project!

With the collective outbreak of public chains such as Solana, Avalanche, and Fantom, the wealth-making effect of the new ecology is rapidly rising. The demand is constantly expanding, and the direct result of the expanding demand is the blowout of the cross-chain bridge business volume. The upgrade of Multichain by Anyswap’s changes is undoubtedly a successful breakthrough.

Cross-chain bridge leader : In fact, there is still a large gap in the entire cross-chain bridge service market. Many people have not noticed the outbreak of the public chain craze, and continue to pay attention to the public chain craze that will continue to erupt in the visible moment. Multichain has benefited from this, and the entire cross-chain bridge track has followed this round of public chain upsurge and quickly achieved a synchronous explosion. It is expected that the strong development momentum will have more outstanding results.

In 2021, Multichain has delivered a very impressive result — the total cross-chain transactions in the year exceeded 35 billion US dollars, based on its four advantages: early start time, wider service coverage, and better liquidity depth , Low cross-chain fees. The total value of assets locked in the Anyswap smart contract is as high as 5.12 billion US dollars, and the business data in multiple dimensions is far ahead of other similar services. deep interest in long-term cooperation.

The huge amount of capital flow pool is supported in the opposite direction, which is the basis for the realization of the ultra-large amount of transactions. The consolidation of advantages, hard power is always difficult to imitate.

Interconnection : Looking back at the past, why did Anyswap become the leader of the cross-chain bridge?

Multi-chain routing allows users to freely transfer various tokens between multiple chains. From the comparison of “old version front-end VS new version front-end”, we can see that Multichain has a clearer product idea for handling asset transfers between multiple chains.

Assets are cross-chain, and the wealth-making effect of the new ecology is rapidly rising, in order to pursue these new wealth opportunities.

Stare at the main ecology of Ethereum, Cross chain bridge development expand multi-chain, suck ETH, and make Binance Chain more and more stable.

Ecological expansion, many new public chains (such as BSC) are eager to open up the circulation of assets with the ecology mainly including the Ethereum main network, and realize the interconnection of ecological boundaries.

As expected this time, Binance invested in Multichain. After building a successful BSC public chain bridgehead for CEX, the central fortress of digital assets, it took action to lay out a cross-chain bridge section to once again magnify the effect of multi-ecological asset transfer.

It seems that Multichain is bound to become the leader of the cross-chain bridge!

New version of the front-end : A week in advance, the new interface was launched predictably, and the employer and the project team had a full and in-depth interaction, making full preparations.

If users have a front-end understanding problem when they first come into contact with a product, they are more likely to turn to alternative services that are easier to understand instead of asking the bottom line.

Both the employer and the project side have noticed the problems in the old version of the front-end on how to reduce the cost of understanding. As an optimized deployment before the official announcement of the official financing, the new version of the front-end is more concise and efficient.

Here, the entry-merge method is adopted, and the two cross-chain entrances of “cross-chain bridge” and “multi-link router” are unified into “multi-link router”. At the product level, the integration of the interactive interface has been realized, and the processing efficiency of cross-chain transactions has been greatly optimized at the experience level.

In addition, along with this major iteration,Build a cross chain bridge the future DAO governance is roughly described in the new official website announcement.

Although I have not seen the announcement of more details, it accounts for the absolute proportion of the MULTI model division.

The looming DAO track and DAO’s value concept will always be seen in the layout of the major players in 2022.

》》》Mature and reliable technical team《》》

Technical team : The quick start has brought Anyswap a great first-mover advantage, making the project always take the lead in the subsequent ecological expansion and liquidity accumulation competition, and it still exists in the entire cross-chain bridge service market. when there is a large blank.

The layout of the entire technical team is comprehensive, the technical coverage is wide, the technology is stable and solid, the technical division of labor is clear and organized, and the company is confident and has sufficient bullets. From their old official website, can see the sincere dedication of a group of technicians, and the technical focus of data status processing.

Version planning : From the perspective of technical architecture, the core of Anyswap business operation is a multi-chain node network based on SMPC (Secure Multi-Party Computing).


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