Looking to Advance Your Career in Blockchain? Here's How

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Looking to Advance Your Career in Blockchain? Here's How

The decentralized currency “Bitcoin” was the spark that had many people, developers, and entrepreneurs tilt their heads at its underlying technology; blockchain. The blockchain technology was theorized in the 90s as a secure chain of blocks that validate each other. The first actual and practical blockchain was created with the launch of Bitcoin by the unknown person/group Satoshi Nakamoto. The blockchain technology was heavily tied to cryptocurrency until a few years later when different organizations started experimenting with it. The blockchain capabilities were one of the main reasons that made Bitcoin the giant it is today. It didn’t take long for Silicon Valley to start familiarizing itself with it as shown great promise in every field. Investments by tech giants are helping in pushing boundaries and upgrading the current state of affairs of blockchain technology. A career in blockchain is becoming something very worthy and rivals many prestigious careers like machine learning and virtual reality.

We’ve collected some of the best methods to get you started on advancing your career as soon as possible.

Certifications and courses

Like many types of programming languages and skills, courses are a great way to help you climb the figurative career ladder. If you happen to already know a lot about cryptography and blockchain technology, a certificate would be a way to prove it to other people and companies. A quick glance at what’s offered on Loud Programmer will help you find the most recommended courses and certifications that can help boost or start your career in blockchain. It’s important to know which courses you need as some may only skim the subject which could be a waste of time and money. You should instead look for in-depth courses and certifications to make sure you have what it takes in such an industry. The fast-paced growth of bitcoin provides diverse learning opportunities and paths for beginners to get into a ripe market as soon as possible.

Getting familiar with the basics

The Blockchain technology is relatively new. It’s important to understand that it’s very different and alien to most technologies people are familiar with. Decentralization and smart contracts are not just words used to peak the attention of developers, they’re the building blocks of blockchain. As a blockchain developer, you’ll want to have some basic technical skills to help you understand the basics and foundations of blockchain. JavaScript and Solidity are great programming languages to get you started on familiarizing yourself with smart contracts, not to mention that they are great languages to learn for freelancers as they prove useful for web designers and developers.


Blockchain technology is considered cryptography, which is the study and research of securing communication between devices and channels. Cryptography is essential in not only blockchain, but also many types of security firmware where a simple mistake could send a company crashing. It’s advised to start learning the basics of cryptography to help you advance in your blockchain career as they’re invaluable.

Experience before money

Unlike many traditional careers, experience in bitcoin can translate to exponential rewards since it’s a relatively new career. Never turn down an opportunity to learn the intricate mechanics of a field related to bitcoin because it’s free or doesn’t pay enough. A college degree is considered in many types of tech fields and bitcoin can be self-taught as long as you know what you’re doing. You can look for skills that you’d like to learn more about and offer to work for free for an individual or agency. The pressure of working for free can be offset by the rewarding future of a career in bitcoin, not to mention that a college education and loans cost substantially more anyways.

Engaging the community

Blockchain technology is one of the wonders of open-source programming where everyone has the right to pour their information or extract it. The active digital community building or supporting projects are in the thousands, making them a glaring opportunity looking for anyone interested in learning about blockchain. Cryptocurrency projects are always on the lookout for people to help them develop or organize events. Any student or developer studying the blockchain can learn a considerable amount by directly working on projects or learning closely from the experts.

A career in blockchain is one of the most promising careers available today. As time goes on and technology becomes inseparable from everyday life, the demand for more secure communication is only going to increase. Blockchain is currently being researched to support financial systems and many tech institutions, making it a very lucrative opportunity for those looking to seize it.

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