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LocalBitcoins Clone Script

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By Tina SwiftPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
LocalBitcoins crypto exchange clone script

LocalBitcoins Clone Script

Localbitcoins Clone Script is a simulated version of Localbitcoins that has all the features and can be a replacement.

You can buy a Localbitcoins clone script and change its features to your liking with the customization option and enjoy trading with it.

This clone script has a white label and is based on China Blockchain technology, which has many layers of security that make it secure.

Another important feature is that it is decentralized and completely independent which makes it reliable.

On the other hand, this encrypted script is peer-to-peer and there will be no third party among your traders that will gain their trust.

Localbitcoins is an encrypted clone script for all devices and all systems, and you can offer it to more traders.

Support for multiple digital currencies and Fiat currencies and multilingual support are some of the great and useful features of this clone script.

It is recommended that you do not procrastinate to attract traders and have a platform similar to Localbitcoins.

LocalBitcoins clone script

LocalBitcoins cryptocurrency exchange

LocalBitcoins is a trading platform that supports bitcoin trading on both the LocalBitcoins website and the LocalBitcoins application.

This Exchange is a face-to-face trading platform founded in 2012.

In this exchange, people from different countries can convert their currency into bitcoins.

The trading system in LocalBitcoins is such that users create ads, and when other users respond to these ads, the chat page opens for both parties to the transaction. Users can specify payment methods and exchange rates in their ads. This is an ability for both parties to the transaction. That is, both the buyer and the seller set the desired price in their advertisements and thus find their trading side.

LocalBitcoins protects bitcoins until the transaction is completed.

If you want a secure wallet, LocalBitcoins also provides it so you can do your transactions.

LocalBitcoins is a peer-to-peer encrypted exchange with decentralized transactions. You can trade directly with the person you want without the intervention of a third party.

These transactions are done faster.

In addition to providing a high level of security, it also supports a variety of payment methods.

Finally, the registration process for starting a business as a digital currency trader is very fast.

LocalBitcoins receives more than 3,000 registrations today and is one of the most popular Bitcoin providers due to its advanced services.

The purpose of building this platform is that everyone in any country can trade bitcoins.

Features of LocalBitcoins software

Deposit: Security services make payments more secure. This service helps both parties to complete any bitcoin transaction as soon as possible and away from any hacking.

wallet: Localbitcoins Clone Script wallet integrated to hold bitcoins. These wallets allow you to transfer your bitcoins from one wallet to another.

OTC trades: These transactions are a kind of offline exchange. This means that traders trade offline and personally buy and sell bitcoins locally.

Margin Trading:

This type of transaction increases trust over time. Its system is based on loans and borrowings.

In such a way that a person lends a certain amount of currency to another person and that person is obliged to return this amount of currency to him, apart from his profit and loss.

Advertising-based business:

Traders can easily trade bitcoins by posting ads that contain their trading details. Trading details include the type and price of the currency.

Upcoming trades:

In this feature, your users can be more active by guessing future bitcoin prices and increasing their profits.

Integrated chat robot:

Provides easy trading for traders with the other party This robot allows traders to talk to each other during the trade.

Digital currency subscription:

Users can share their desired currencies and receive rewards in the process.

Multilingual support: Traders can go through all the steps in their language and easily, and they will not have any problems when trading.


LocalBitcoins clone app

Today, in the digital world, the use of exchange clone apps has become very common.

LocalBitcoins emulators can offer you and your users the same features you would expect from LocalBitcoins, just like any other clone app.

These mobile apps are supported for Android and iOS and are fast and secure and make the transaction enjoyable.

Setting up LocalBitcoins clone script services is done by mobile application development companies. The possibility of offering such programs will help you attract more traders and become a global platform.

These programs have different features and you can change their features according to your business needs.

Various trading features that can be configured allow traders to trade as they wish.

Traders may want to transfer their currencies from one wallet to another, which wallet integration feature can be part of the advanced features of your LocalBitcoins clone app so you can store your assets in multiple wallets at the same time and increase security.

In LocalBitcoins applications, encrypted scripts that have been developed and have white labels, you can create an option called Business History that helps traders have a better view and trade more confidently. Be sure to enable multilingual support for your users so they can trade in their language. Because trading with their language can help them achieve the desired result faster and easier.

How do LocalBitcoins work?

Follow the steps below to get started with LocalBitcoins Encrypted Exchange.

Step 1: Traders must first register using their email or phone number. In this way, first, enter your username and enter their email or mobile phone number and choose a password for yourself. After entering the email or mobile number, a link will be sent to you, which by clicking on it, your account will be known.

Step 2: After your account is created, your account must be confirmed, so send a series of detailed details to receive this confirmation.

Step 3: Submit an ad

To be able to trade faster, you can advertise currency specifications and prices to find your sellers or buyers.

This method helps you to make your transactions easier.

Step 4: Payment Method

Recharge your account to purchase Bitcoin using one of the payment methods. You can do this using your bank or credit card.

Step 5: Wallet

Consider a wallet to store your bitcoins. There are different types of wallets, each with different features.


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