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Learn How to Earn Cryptos Without Spending a Dime

by Estalontech 5 months ago in alt coins
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There’s no shortage of ways to earn cryptocurrencies online

After the recent Fed Meeting on Token Taxnomy ( or Cryptonomy ) ,the Bitcoin has react with a downslide , but yet it manage to slow a bit current happening event ,like Omicron Virus situation has not shown sight of a stable solution for the World ,therefore all exchange will react to any bad news and react accordiningly

The cryptocurrency market can be highly volatile and since the market has corrected recently ,the timing to go into the market to buy low is the better strategy and with market coming down since lastv few week from their all time highs, now is a great time to acquire some cryptos for free

As this article is Not about Puting in your money nor spending a Dime , these coins are at lower price then before and now it gives the opportnity to acquire more with least work and effort. It is Likely, these coins will settle down for awhile before the next big prime boost or we called a primer boost . We have notice this pattern and it has repeated with the overall crypto market and with the larger more established coins whenever there is a major correction.

To get any coins you’ll first need a wallet,each wallet generates a private key for you allows you to access your funds. This key should be kept safe in case you ever need to recover your wallet. As a investor , you’ll want a wallet that is easy to use and allows you to receive payments in multiple currencies

There’s no shortage of ways to earn cryptocurrencies online. The most reliable of these methods, however, require that you make an small investment. But of course there’s also alternative ways to earn cryptocurrencies without spending your hard earned money . So if you just don’t want to risk your money for whatever reason, there’s something in store ,which i laid out for your consideration, my list will come with disclaimer as follows ,which is meant for your casual reading and is not meamt to be an investment tips , readers are to judge and do their own research and all risks taken are at your own charge.

1. Cryptocurrency Airdrops: Cryptocurrencies are always in a process of improvement, and one of the most frequent ways of doing this is by way of airdrops. These are free giveaways of coins, which are distributed to the public, usually via an online platform when a project wants to encourage people to continue supporting the project and when a start up wants to gain visibility. . is one of the most known airdrop sites in the cryptosphere. Sign up there to keep up with ongoing airdrops and also to be notified when new

Most airdrops pay a small amount. That means the worth of most airdrops are in the single digits since the tasks involved are very simple and takes only a couple of minutes. For instance, there’s no real way to make money with most airdrops, but some are simple enough that you could make a little money.

2.. Cryptocurrency bounty programs.

Cryptocurrency bounties pay people who can find bugs in a project’s code thousands of dollars, so if you’re a programmer, you can earn hundreds of dollars just for spotting a bug.

Bounty0x ( is a platform that allows users to buy and sell contracts that will be awarded when certain conditions are met. These are paid out in cryptocurrency. People who have specific skills and skillsets, such as writing, designing, video editing, etc. are able to create a listing that will be put up for auction. Other people can bid for these contracts and once a winning bidder meets the conditions of the listing, the bounty hunter gets paid.


You should be wary of doing anything with airdrops and bounties because you need to be sure that the project you are going after is legitimate. Otherwise, you might end up with a bunch of worthless tokens. Be prepared to end up with a bunch of useless tokens if you don’t look carefully at the ICO you want to invest in.

3.. Earn cryptocurrencies by searching the web.

Presearch is a decentralized search engine that pays its users for searching the web. Users are rewarded for searching and can use the tokens to pay for their searches. One search equates to 0.25 Presearch token.

Searching the internet for free can be used to earn some cryptocurrency, but it’s a terrible way to earn because you’re just searching the internet for nothing. However, you can search the internet using your favorite search engine on its presearch platform right now.

You can also do presearch on Dtube now! Earn tokens when you invite friends to the platform. With this, you don’t have to put in any extra effort to earn, especially if you’re new to the space.

4.Social Networking effort to gain Crypto

On Publish0x, readers can read quality content for free and publishers can be compensated for their hard work. Everyone who takes part in the ecosystem is rewarded and therefore everyone has value. This ensures that readers always find great articles and creators write great content

Beside PublishOX , a New All in One Social mega App, and is coming online soon .It is more powerful and user friendly than Publish IX , as is an aggressive new platform application that combines the best features of several feature in shortclips similar like Youtube shorts , messenging funtion similar like telegram ,photosharing like instagram and many others . It’s the first of kind with Omni Feed AI Technology, which comprises all similar social media features all combine into one’s objective will be to achieve as the first truly people-driven social network running on the blockchain network , to make life easier, warranting a smooth user experience by integrating the most important social media features in one place

Omni-ai is officially listed on PancakeSwap and interested parties can purchase Omni Coin tokens on the open market at any cryptocurrency exchange where Omni Coin is listed. Please use my referral here and join the their wait list before their official launch- coming soon

Photo By Omni -ai


One of the first pioneers of cryptocurrency, Coinbase offers a program where users are paid to learn about blockchains and cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, you have to be invited before participating.

To summarize, blockchain technology is completely revolutionizing the way we make money online. It doesn’t matter if you have no previous experience or you’re just starting out. You simply earn money according to the quality of your contribution.

However, this method is not the only way to earn free cryptocurrencies online. Some other methods are time-consuming and thus not worth it. However, if you’ve found some reliable ways to earn free crypto coins without spending money, do let me know so that I can add them here for others to benefit.

6.Bitcoin Faucet Sites

Bitcoin faucets are reward sites that give out small amounts of virtual currency. Some sites are similar to online casinos that offer free games. Users earn crypto coins for viewing ads, taking surveys, playing games, and completing offers. Users want to maximize earnings by going for high paying offers and surveys. During surveys, users need to be honest and consistent, if they aren’t, some sites will ban them from taking surveys. For those who do take surveys, there are many options available. These sites can be quite addictive due to the gamification background , you want to get in get a good amount of points and get out.

7.Crypto Advertising

A-Ads is one of the first ever ad networks to pay out with cryptos. it is an ad network that pays with cryptocurrencies (bitcoins) is one of the first ever ad networks to do so. The best part is that they accept virtually any site. Sites like Tumblr, BlogSpot, image sites, auto-blogs, and apps can all be monetized. The site offers ads in various types: image-based ads, text-based ads, and some offer the option to be customized to match the style of your site. They pay in bitcoins but will pay more if people are clicking. They pay for impressions but will pay more if people are clicking. You can check out their ads and see what they are offering. Try to make your site compatible with them.

8. Brave Browser and the Basic Attention Token

Brave aims to change the dynamic of advertising on the internet.

Brave aims to improve privacy, security, and block ads. But it isn’t just that. In addition, Brave also allows website publishers to monetize by enabling a new form of advertising — which users can opt into — in which they earn cryptocurrency. The Brave cryptocurrency is called Basic Attention Token (BAT). With this model, everyone earns: publishers, advertisers, and users.

How Users Earn with Brave

In order to keep your browsing activity private, Brave users earn rewards through advertising. Rewards can be shared with content creators or automatically donated to the websites they visit.

How Publishers Earn with Brave

It’s a lot more involved than just earning from using ad-blockers. Publishers must first register as a Brave Content creator. They then verify different websites and social media, and they connect their accounts to Uphold (a crypto currency wallet and exchange). Once this is done, publishers can earn their BAT from their sites and social media by blocking ads.

9 .Mining with the Un-mine-able App

Direct mining of cryptocurrencies has become increasingly difficult as computers have gotten more complex and costly. However, an average person can still get involved in mining by joining a mining pool. A mining pool is a group of computers that mine together, the reward is pooled and divided based on how much computing power each computer contributes. A mining pool that allows people to mine using their CPUs as well as their GPUs is known as Unmineable. With this type of mining pool, anyone can use any computer to mine and receive cryptocurrency payments. This also means that you can mine with any computer whether it has a GPU or a CPU, giving you a wider range of choices. This means you can mine with any computer without needing to invest in specialized hardware.

Not all computers can successfully mine cryptos if your hashrate is too low. This is because it would take more electricity to power your computer than you’re mining.Not all PCs can profitably mine cryptos even with a pool, if your hashrate is too low you could be expending out and spending more on electricity than could on this config

10 .Creating A Donation Page

How can I make more money from cryptocurrencies? I know people who receive donations from their websites and blogs. If I could do that, too, I would have more money in my pocket.

If you are looking for a crypto coin that has a less well known name you can always just Google search ,but meantime , we wait to update in the near future again

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