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Just a Crypto Theory

by Robert Elder about a year ago in bitcoin
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Simply I just improve #1st story

     Plans for a self sustaining economy are already at work. With the implementation of Crypto Currency as a main source of income being the goal of the future. I believe we can expect to see more companies investing in the Crypto market and use the new currency as a way to pay their employees. I believe the outline for crypto to become a main currency across the globe is being laid with ETH & DeFi. 

     As we know there can only be a certain amount of each coin before every coin of that variety is mined and kept securely in private wallet's. Say for example every coin of ETH has been mined and the majority of those coins were owed by a select group of people. They may invest their ETH into a corporation that is responsible for borrowing crypto with a higher value and using it to purchase crypto with a slightly lower value. With the purchased crypto they could pay employees as well as the investors a.k.a the owners of the ETH. 

     The owners of all the ETH would do well by investing a portion of their wealth because they would be investing in the Crypto that payed their employees as well as paying them selves in the process. 

     Due to the fact that these people would be loaning a large portion of their assets theoretically their original investment would be kept safe and paid back. While in the meantime be making a profit based off the crypto purchased with their loaned out investment.

     My Theory is this; becoming a majority owner of Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin today will grant the opportunity to own the resources needed for large corporate accounts to pay employees in crypto.

     My Theory continues withe the belief that an online business will/does exist to loan a large amount of Crypto from the majority owners of Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin. This loan could in turn purchase large amounts of a less valuable coin and use it to pay employees as well as pay the investors. Since it was a loan all of their original investment would be paid back while in the meantime be making a profit off the coin that's this company buys.

     Now to be honest this is a Theory I do not know if this is already an idea or in action. However I believe that if I have thought of this other have as well and in some way may already be in use iñ some way.  I believe this is an original idea of mine however it's true that "great minds think alike".

     So if any of this makes sense to anyone else I highly suggest to buy as much Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin as possible. I know the possibility and value of those coins are endless. I believe that they mark the beginning of the revolution and the future of a new economy.



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