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Is Civic Coin a Good Investment In 2021?

by Aamir Kamal 9 months ago in blockchain
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Is Civic Coin a good investment to make more money? Is Civic coin will reach $1 in the future? we have some predictions and cool data about this alt-coin.

Is Civic Coin a Good Investment In 2021?
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What is a civic coin and what does it do?

Civic is a cryptocurrency with the primary goal of providing voting tools for blockchain-based companies. Civic has partnered up with many successful organizations, which include WikiHow and Ganotok. The civic coin started in 2015 as an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Few also make the price prediction by Civic at the end 2025 is expected to be $17 per civic token.

The Civic ecosystem is a way to verify people's identities. The verification process is smooth and easy. You can use the civic coin as payment to make it easier for people who want new identities.

If you verify your information with a service provider before, you don't have to do it again. But if you verify your information now, the service providers will give you CVC tokens. It is easy to verify your information because everything is on the blockchain. And that makes it safe from identity theft.

How to buy Civic Coin?

Buying a Civic coin is as easy as buying any other crypto. To buy Civic, choose the broker from whom you want to buy from. Brokers are those who exist as an intermediary in the cryptocurrency market to aid the process of buying and selling. Some of the top brokers include eToro, Binance, Gemini, and Coinbase among others. Once you have a broker of your choice, signup and verify your email, and set up an account to make purchases.

Now that broker is settled, you need to have a wallet to store your purchases. Almost all brokers provide you with a wallet to store the coins you buy from them but it is advisable to get a separate wallet since they are highly limited. Buy CVC either through limit order or market buy. A limit order will let you buy the coin at a specific price of your choice when the coin reaches that mark. In a market order, you can buy the coin at the current market price as long the price is the same throughout the execution period.

Why would you invest in Civic Coin?

Civic Coin is a good investment to consider in 2021 as it has been giving promising returns ever since its epic launch in 2014. It did dip a bit after its huge success after the launch but currently, it is back in the game again and is trending and caught investor's attention with the growth in April 2021.

If you already own Civic coins then now is not a good time to sell. It is meant to skyrocket in the near future thus holding it will do you more good. Apart from this, the Civic coin does have its own unique features. It guarantees high security to your identity, it uses private keys using a multi-signing feature to execute a transaction as opposed to mnemonic codes. CVC wallet is more than just a place to store your coins. It can be used to store papers, documents and can even act as your passport identification and store health information.

What are the risks of investing in Civic Coin?

Some experts say that Civic is not a good investment for the long term although most contradict this statement. It was in a dip before trending again in April this year and price predictions cannot exactly guarantee further spikes.

The market volatility, trade volume, and supply, and demand are getting unpredictable in this pandemic because of a mega boost in crypto investors. The price of Civic is bound to go up by 10-15 percent in the next few months if the current market scenario continues. A slight change in the trend could be drastic for a vulnerable coin like Civic which has just started to gain a solid spot in the charts. The civic coin is one of the best examples that can be stated for crypto volatility. The coin has gained more than 200% in 2021 and around 800% percent in 2020. In March 2020, CVC dipped to an all-time low of $0.01081.

Price predictions of Civic Coin (CVC) for 2021

Coindex predicts that the price of the Civic coin will drop by -14.44% and will reach $0.302449 at the end of September’s first week. It also says that the present is a good time to buy CVC as it has maintained 8.55% price volatility in the last month.

Now, to talk about the bigger picture, certain forecast systems tag Civic as an awesome 5-year investment. CVC is one of those coins with good returns and qualifies as a profitable investment option. At the time of writing, Civic’s price stands at 0.354 USD if a person buys CVC worth $100 then they get a total of 282.606 CVC. if the predictions are right then the coin is bound for a long-term increase.

By 2026, it could be valued at $1.764. This five-year investment plan can get you revenue of more than 398.31%. Hence, the $100 investment could be at around $498.31 in 2026. For a short-term investment of 2 years, the price of Civic can be around $0.6389.

Final thoughts on the future of this Civic Coin (CVC)

The ones who bought the coin at this time turned out to be really lucky as they now get a return of more than 2300 percent. The civic coin seems to be one of those which is extremely volatile but is also gradually moving in the upward direction.

Investing in Civic now is not considered a bad move by many but then again this cannot entirely be considered as financial advice and people are expected to do their own research with their limits in mind to make a wise choice.

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