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I Guess I'm A Miner

Welcome to the First Few Days of Mining

By Kelly ThompsonPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Coin, a simple app I've discovered that has introduced me to the world of Cryptocurrency.

I'll be honest; I was never really someone who understood cryptocurrencies. When Bitcoin first emerged globally all those years ago, I never really paid any attention to it. It seemed like a cool stock like thing that was all the rage in techy circles, with my geeky friends going on about how it would be the new thing, the currency that would herald in a whole new way of doing business and how we would treat money in our newly digital world. It was a breakthrough filled with websites and weird hardware I didn't understand and wallets and no tracking and blockchain and... yeah. I'll be honest, it seemed so daunting, and I didn't try to figure it out. I metaphorically left it in the corner for others to look at, for others to deal with and figure out, and letting myself just generally not care about it. This applied, as the field expanded, to basically every cryptocurrency - I was never really one to get involved, never get too interested, because I always thought of it as this daunting, massive block of complexity that would take forever to get introduced to.

That all changed for me when I found an add on Facebook for an App called Coin - a cool app that is largely based around mining 'coins'. Basically, it breaks the world up into small squares, you can "mine" them, you get coins, and you can use those coins to buy a number of things, including XYO tokens, Bitcoin, Ether, or, if you're looking for something a bit more tangible, they have a wide variety of more 'prize-like' offerings like Airpods, Nintendo Switch Lite, Xbox Ones or PS4s (in addition to many other things). Also, if this interests you, if you follow my link above, you'll also get a bonus 1000 coins when you sign up.

I'll be honest, in specifics with the App, i love it. It's easy to use, and i just seem to make coins while going about my day to day life. While you can do activities to help boost your earnings, just letting the app run while you're cooking dinner, working, gaming, or sleeping is a great way to get some passive income - and, unlike the sales people in multi-level marketing companies, this is truly passive in every sense of the term.

On a larger level though, I feel that coin is a great introduction to how 'mining' works, how you can generate some sort of currency and use that for other currencies, either real or crypto. While there are tons of scams and cons and games trying to trick you into winning bitcoin or promising unrealistic amounts past your wildest dreams, my first few days of using this app have given me more of a realistic amount, and this seems like a platform that someone can reasonably make part of their daily routine, which I think is super great.

Now, while I know this article sounds like a massive ad for Coin, it isn't meant to be that. I'm not getting any sort of financial compensation from the app for writing this, but I do this because if you're like me, and you're looking for a way to start learning about cryptocurrency, mining, wallets, everything like that, this is a great place to start. It's completely free to use (there are paid subscriptions that offer earning at a higher rate, but it's completely up to you to use), and if it's something that you've been wondering about, or thinking about, I highly recommed it.

In the twenty minutes it took for me to write this article, I made twenty in-app coins. I think that's worth it. I highly recommend looking into the app, and seeing if it helps you as much as it helped me.


I have received no financial compensation from Coin for writing this article. I do not guarantee any results from the app, nor am I a representative for the app.


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