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Hivelance Offers Year End Sale on Many blockchain-based products and services

Hivelance Year End Sale 2022

By Andrew CharlesPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Hivelance Year End Sale 2022

Hivelance Is Offering Great Discount On Many blockchain-based products and services During Hivelance Year-End Sale in 2022.


Hivelance launches Year End Sale 2022

The Sale will last till December 31, 2022

Hivelance offers exciting discounts on a number of products and services

Hivelance is a leading blockchain development company. We provide comprehensive crypto and blockchain-based development solutions such as Web3, Metaverse, DeFi, NFT, Crypto, DAO, Dapp, and more. With Hivelance Year End Sale offers, you can save up to 30% off on all products and services.

This blog covers "Hivelance Year End Sale" which will give you exciting Deals and Offers. You can also check the list of products and services here.

Hivelance Year-End Sale For Our Primary Services

Hivelance is offering up to 30% discount on the following development services

Web 3.0 Development [Web3 based Crypto Exchange, Web3 based Games]

DAO Development

Metaverse Development [Metaverse Token, Metaverse NFT Marketplace, Metaverse Games]

NFT Development [NFT Token Development, NFT Marketplace Development, NFT Game Development]

Crypto Token Development [ERC20, ERC721, BEP20]

Stablecoin Development

Blockchain Game Development

Play-to-Earn (P2E) Game Development

Move-to-Earn (M2E) Game Development

Bitcoin Lightning Network Development

Cross-chain / Multichain Bridges Development

Blockchain Fork Development [TRON Fork, BSC Fork]

Blockchain Crowdfunding Platform Development

DeFi Development

DApp Development

Popular Crypto Exchange Clone Scripts

Crypto Exchange Software Development [Centralized, Decentralized, Hybrid, P2P, Escrow-powered exchange, Crypto derivatives, Crypto Futures Trading, Crypto leverage and Margin Trading, OTC trading]

White Label Crypto Exchange Development

Crypto Wallet Development

Copy Crypto Trading Software Development

Crypto Payment Gateway Development

Crypto Trading Bot Development

Crypto Arbitrage Trading Bot Development

Smart Contract Development

Let’s take a look at the top featured ready-made scripts that you are going to have at a discount price throughout the Year End Sale!

Best Selling Cryptocurrency Exchanges Clone Script

Binance Clone Script

Binance TR Clone Script

Crypto.Com Clone Script

XT.Com Clone Script

LocalBitcoins Clone Script

Paxful Clone Script

Remitano Clone Script

Coinbase Clone Script

Coinswitch Clone Script

CoinDCX Clone Script

Kraken Clone Script

And more

Start a cryptocurrency exchange within 10 days by taking advantage of our discount of up to 30% on our crypto exchange clone script!

Best Selling Metaverse Clone Script

Our Metaverse clone script is built using state-of-the-art technology and was specially designed with Metaverse-based business models in mind.

Sandbox Clone

Decentraland Clone

Illuvium Clone

Alien Worlds Clone

Polkacity Clone

Horizon Worlds Clone

Second Life Clone

Roblox Clone

Grab Up To 30% Off On Our Metaverse Clone Script and kick-start your Metaverse-based business successfully!!!

Best Selling NFT Marketplace Clone Script

Opensea Clone

Rarible Clone

NFTrade Clone

Binance NFT Marketplace Clone

Coinbase NFT Marketplace Clone

Solanart Clone

Bored Ape Yacht Club Clone

Cryptopunks Clone

Foundation Clone

OnlyFans Clone

PolkaCity Clone

Solsea Clone

And more

Get Up To 30% Off On Our NFT Marketplace Clone Script and kick-start your NFT marketplace within 10 days!!!

Best Selling Blockchain & NFT Games Clone Script

Whatever your gaming business type and size, you don’t need to panic. Our blockchain & NFT game clone script is developed for every type of gaming business whether it’s P2E, M2E, RPG, or others

Axie Infinity Clone

BC.Game Clone

Zed Run Clone

Spring Game Clone


CryptoSnack Clone

Crypto Blades clone

Polkawar Clone

NBA Topshots Clone

F1 Delta Time Clone

Gods Unchained Clone

And more

Grab Up To 30% Off On Our NFT Games Clone Script and kick-start your NFT gaming platform within 10 days!!!

Best Selling DeFi Clone Script

As a business person, you can start your own DeFi-based project instantly using our ready-made script

PancakeSwap Clone

UniSwap Clone

1inch Exchange Clone

UniSwap 2.0 Clone

Panther Clone

Goose Finance Clone

SuShiSwap Clone

Yearn. Finance Clone

AAVE Clone

And more

Grab Up To 30% Off On Our DeFi Clone Script and kick-start your DeFi-based business platform within 10 days!!!

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