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Everything About Launching Your ICO Platform Using ERC20 Token & ICO Script

by Antier Solutions 6 months ago in tokens
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ERC20 is a popular token standard leveraged by start-ups and established businesses to launch their Ethereum tokens. If you are planning for ERC20 token development to launch your ERC20 token, this blog will enlighten you on important things to consider.

Many companies in today’s digital world aspire to launch a crypto firm and benefit from the crypto market. More often than not, most of these companies have innovative ideas and concepts, but they lack the necessary funds to finance their idea. This is where the cryptocurrency crowdfunding platform comes in.

The cryptocurrency-based crowdfunding platform allows companies to quickly raise funds for their initiatives. The popular fundraising programs include ICO (Initial Coin Offering), IEO (Initial Exchange Offering), IDO (Initial DEX Offering), STO (Security Token Offering), ILO (Initial Liquidity Offering), and IFO (Initial Farm Offering). ICO is one of the simplest of these options.?

The tokens are created using different token standards – ERC20 token development being the first and popular.

What is an ICO (Initial Coin Offer)

ICO is a type of crowdfunding that is leveraged to raise funds in the cryptocurrency market. Companies create and launch their crypto tokens and sell them to raise funds.

This essentially means that companies can issue tokens and use them to raise funds. To put it another way, an ICO is a crypto token sales platform where newly issued crypto tokens are sold to customers.

The investors are responsible for purchasing tokens using fiat currencies or cryptocurrency on the ICO platform. These investors purchase these ICO tokens expecting that once these tokens are listed on crypto exchanges, their price will increase.

The best thing about an ICO is that it requires very little money. In the crypto business, anyone can start an ICO platform and raise funds.

The ERC20 Tokens for ICO

The Ethereum blockchain, in particular, is the most widely used Blockchain platform for most new projects. ERC20 is the popular token standard widely used to create tokens. By generating their own Ethereum Token at the beginning of the process, companies can instantly launch an ICO to raise the funding needed for their project. Let’s look at what an Ethereum token (ERC20) is and how to make one.

What are ERC20 Tokens and how to use them?

The Ethereum blockchain serves as the foundation for an open-source software platform. It allows programmers to construct and distribute peer-to-peer programs (dApps). Where a location creates its cryptocurrency or tokens, ERC20 is another term for Ethereum tokens. They are crypto-based assets that are being constructed for crowdfunding models on top of the Ethereum network. ERC20 tokens are a special sort of smart contract that exists on the Ethereum network. In other words, the Ethereum token is a form of digital asset generated from the Ethereum blockchain.

Here are some of the principal factors why ERC20 Tokens are different from their competitors.

Tokens on Ethereum are easy to understand. The blockchain also offers a simple deployment process.

The ERC20 token standard is designed to address major issues with a large number of tokens they handle.

ERC20 is the first widely used specification for standardizing Ethereum tokens. This is owing to its widespread appeal. Also, how it grew in popularity among investors.

Steps to create ERC20 Tokens for your ICO:

1) Determine the format of the ERC20 token:

It is the initial step in the ERC20 token development process. You’ll need to decide on a slogan for your Ethereum token. Also, how this Ethereum-based token can benefit your company or project; make a list of the features and functions you want it to have. After that, make a plan or a roadmap to follow.

2) Create a smart contract using the ERC20 protocol:

The majority of people are aware that Ethereum Smart Contracts are an essential component of Blockchain Technology. As a result, priority, and importance should be given when designing smart contracts for their initiatives. The ERC20 Smart Contracts have a total of eight major functions, which are given below:

Total Supply

Contract Owner




Add Holder

Remove Holder

Remove Appointee

3) Check contract code for Etherscan verification:

After you’ve finished authoring your project’s Smart Contract code, your ERC20 token development company can build the code to see if all of the features are operational.

4) Check the Tokens for Validation:

After all of the checks and verifications have been completed, The ERC20 Token transactions can be tried. Check if your Ethereum tokens are performing well. Make necessary adjustments if there are any flaws, defects, or problems with it.

5) Failure-proof deployment for crowdfunding sales:

Finally, the code can be deployed to the Ethereum Blockchain.

These five stages will aid in the successful ERC20 token development process.

What is an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Website Script?

The ICO website script is a pre-designed customizable ICO website that contains all of the fundamental functionalities required to promote the coin. You can design and deploy a secure ICO website platform in a few days by utilizing this ICO script because it is pre-configured software, is highly customizable, and can simply be changed to meet your specific business needs. You can perform crypto token sales and efficiently raise funds as a platform owner.

This clone script includes a fantastic ICO dashboard that makes it simple for your investors to purchase your crypto tokens. The ICO dashboard script’s superior user-friendly layout will aid in drawing a large number of crypto users to your platform. Because of the rapid development in the ICO sector, most crypto companies and entrepreneurs are prefer ICO website script to quickly launch their ICO website.

If you are planning to build and launch your token, Antier Solutions can help. We have a team of skilled blockchain developers and subject matter experts who leverage their experience and expertise to quickly launch tokens based on your needs. Whether you need an ERC20 token, BEP20 token, or a token built on any other standard, we effectively cater to your needs.

Connect with our subject matter experts to share your business requirements.


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