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Essential Blockchain Technology Concepts You Need To Know

by Aviv Lichtigstein 7 months ago in blockchain
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A List of Key Blockchain Concepts You Should Know About!

Blockchain has indeed turned out to be a technology tailored for the future. Master futuristic technology by learning key blockchain concepts and get ahead towards a prolific career.

Blockchain technology transformed trade finance with a completely new perspective on all basic services. Blockchain basically leverages a decentralized, digital distributed ledger model for exhibiting a robust and secure infrastructure. It can provide a viable, decentralized account of transactions along with many other advantages, including security, immutability, and transparency.

As a result, people are eager to learn about blockchain concepts and understand the technology for what it is. The basic concepts pertaining to blockchain would provide the foundation for beginners to learn blockchain easily. The following discussion aims to reflect on some of the key blockchain concepts to understand blockchain better.

Key Concepts in Blockchain Technology

If you are willing to learn blockchain, then you should always start with the basic concepts. The key concepts in blockchain build the identity of blockchain and showcase proof of the value advantages it offers in present markets. Here are some of the notable technology concepts related to the domain of blockchain.


The foremost technology concept you would come across when learning about blockchain is the concept of blockchain itself. Many beginners often share the assumption that blockchain is the same as Bitcoin. As a matter of fact, it is not! Blockchain is basically a chain of blocks that cannot be modified in any way possible.

The blocks contain data regarding transactions on the blockchain network, and each transaction is validated by network nodes rather than any central authority. If you want to update information on a blockchain, then you have to add a new block. So, it offers a solid ledger technology that could support various applications, and Bitcoin is one of them.


One of the key highlights in any account of the blockchain concept explained properly would point towards decentralization. Decentralization is a key highlight of blockchain technology as data is never stored at a single destination. It also implies how users can interact with each other directly without the involvement of any third party.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are also another entry among key blockchain concepts. They are the building blocks for different blockchain-based applications, with the concept underlining smart contracts having similarities to traditional contract processes. Smart contracts help in governing transactions between two or multiple parties by embedding the conditions of an agreement programmatically. As a result, they can help in the programmatic verification of transactions with blockchain and remove the need for depending on central authorities.


Another notable term that has been noted time and again with blockchain is mining. It is the process of adding transactions to a blockchain network. Mining basically focuses on creating a hash of a block that is immutable, thereby safeguarding the integrity of the transaction and the entire blockchain system. Miners use computational power or their crypto assets for mining blocks and establishing their stake in governing blockchain networks.


Security is one of the foremost benchmarks in the world of blockchain, and cryptography sets the foundation for the same in the blockchain. You need to understand the basics of cryptography as it is one of the important blockchain concepts, especially for beginners. The concepts in cryptography, such as the use of public keys and private keys, are important for any beginner. As a matter of fact, cryptography concepts could help you learn how to use blockchain productively.

Consensus Mechanisms

Consensus mechanisms are basically algorithms which the nodes in a blockchain network used for validating transactions. Consensus algorithms are important entries in the concept of blockchain as they are important for adding blocks to a blockchain. The two most popular consensus algorithms are Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake algorithms.

In the Proof-of-Work consensus algorithms, miners would have to use computational power for solving mathematical puzzles faster. The miners who solve the puzzles faster could add blocks and achieve rewards in return. In the Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithms, network participants stake their crypto assets in the blockchain network. Users with the most stakes could get the opportunity to become validators for transactions on the blockchain network.

Bottom Line

While the array of concepts related to a blockchain is quite massive, you can find some basics always helpful for learning blockchain. The different blockchain concepts, including its definition, smart contracts, decentralization, and cryptography, clearly showcase the fundamental design of blockchain.

In addition, you can also discover the details of consensus algorithms used in blockchain networks. The interesting fact about every blockchain concept explained properly is the clear impression of the significance of each concept. You can learn more about the other concepts of blockchain in detail with credible blockchain training platforms such as 101 Blockchains. Discover more about the world of blockchain now to get ahead.


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Aviv Lichtigstein

Aviv Lichtigstein is the founder and CEO of101 Blockchains. It is helping professionals and enterprises with the Enterprise Blockchain courses and certifications.

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