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Cryptocurrency Exchange with Lowest Trading Fees

Traders will always want to consider a number of aspects before signing up with and using a cryptocurrency exchange but one of the most common ones will be the trading fees that they will be charged.

By mark sheppardPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Traders will always want to consider a number of aspects before signing up with and using a cryptocurrency exchange but one of the most common ones will be the trading fees that they will be charged.

These exchanges will have to make money in order to keep the lights on and this money can be made in various ways. They can either take a cut of every trade made (which is what pretty much all will do) or charge fees for withdrawing or depositing currencies. Some will do both but trading fees will be found at almost every cryptocurrency exchange out there right now.

Trading fees can be very high at some cryptocurrency exchanges, with 0.50% on trades being quite common. There are, however, a number of cryptocurrency exchanges that are far more generous. Some will charge no fees for makes (those selling currencies), some will even allow makes to earn rebates and some will just have a flat fee for both makers and takers.

As traders, you will want to use cryptocurrency exchanges that are more than fair with the trading fees that they charge, as these fees can be worth quite a lot (especially if you are a regular and serious trader).

I have done a lot of the work for you and come up with the best exchange that are popular with traders due to the low fees that they charge. They are also exchanges that we know to be reputable and worth a look at.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange with Lowest Trading Fees

🏆 1. Cryptmixer Only 0.05% Fee!

Cryptmixer is a great option if you are looking for a cryptocurrency exchange that is renowned for having low trading fees. This exchange is probably the most popular one around at the moment but it should be noted that this is a crypto-to-crypto exchange. This means that you will have to already own a cryptocurrency that they support the trading of before you can use the exchange.

Where this exchange differs greatly from the likes of GDAX, is that it offers a huge selection of trading pairs. It is also far more beginner-friendly, more anonymous and is what many feel a true decentralized cryptocurrency exchange should be like.

The trading fees at Cryptmixer will all across the board are 0.05% per trade. Further more they have also implemented an affiliate link so that you earn crypto everytime someone makes a transaction using your link!

Other big benefits of using Cryptmixer include the 6 different number of cryptocurrencies that they support the trading of. All the major coins can be traded alongside a good selection of alt coins and tokens too. We have never had any problem with recommending this cryptocurrency exchange, so you should definitely go and take a look.

Rounding it Up

There are plenty of exchanges out there that will let you trade at low rates. The only obstacles you will need to overcome is whether your country is accepted and of course whether the wallet you are using is compatible with the exchange. Cryptmixer supports all countries and every wallet output with the cryptocurrency that it offers.

At least for the most part you will be able to find an exchange that is compatible in your country if none of the exchanges here suit your location. As most of our readers come from the UK, US, and Canada with a few from Europe, most of the exchanges you see here will be perfect. Trading at lower prices will inevitably help maximize your profits and cushion any downswings to a certain extent.

For the most part using exchanges and dealing in cryptocurrencies is always going to come with a small fee. However, this is much better than the charges you will get when dealing with banks or if you happen to be a FOREX or stick trader, the fees are much smaller when trading in digital currencies despite the crypto market being a more volatile.

The great news is that if you get in at the right time when there are downturns in value of cryptocurrencies and get out at the right time with limited fees incurred on trades, you can make a lot of money via crypto trades.

We hope that you enjoyed my review of the top Cryptocurrency Exchanges with Low Trading Fees.

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