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Crypto Scalping Strategy for Small Time Cryptocurrency Traders

by Estalontech 4 months ago in blockchain
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Try Buy-Sell techniques within the same day during possible Bitcoin recovery stages

There are tons of questions stalking most crypto enthusiasts for this week .

Should you invest in cryptocurrency? Which is riding up fast ?

What are the risks? Which is most volatile

Where do you buy it?

Which exchange provide the best deals ?

Where do you store it? How , Where , When , What , Go , Buy or Sell …. Its rattling everybody’s mind!!!

Be patient and wait for the right set of circumstances. Don’t panic, and don’t get emotional. And, always diversify. You have to make wise decisions about when to exit your positions. If you invest in crypto now, you will be able to scale out later if the price continues to rise.

Buying the dips is a strategy to buy more assets as the prices drop. This strategy works best in a flat or bullish market, rather than a bearish market.

This method is based on a chart analysis, historical price action, the difference between average movement and support “Buying dips” means that you purchase a selected crypto at a price below the average price of the value of the crypto. “Selling dips” means that you sell a crypto at a price above the average price . The difference between the price at which you bought and the price at which you sold is how much money you made. People who buy massive dips use this method when they want to take advantage of a good opportunity, usually when prices fall. If you buy massive dips, you can set your price anywhere from 5% -25 % below the average as crypto are volatile, in the same day ,an altcoin can move up and down with 5–35% flux for 3- 5 times within 24 hours

Some people think that the strategy has a limitation, that you can only buy crypto when the price is rising. In fact, there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies available today. When the price of bitcoin is increasing, you can buy other cryptocurrencies as their reaction to bitcoin movement is much closer by average 10 -20 minutes .

So, you should research crypto trading platforms and their legality before investing each time, and once your login to purchase , do Favorites Your crypto in the Favorites list fo your exchange dashboard in order the trader can monitor the movement . After you learn more about the different cryptocurrencies, you can buy into them. My advice is to learn more about crypto exchanges. Look at their portfolios and read about the companies involved in the different platforms. Check on the rewards they are offering for each trade deals , for example Coinhako offer free tokens and each trade accumulate with some bonus point up to 25 % discount, which come as a coupon code, which traders can use and apply for discount in following trading us to offset price difference , where they use the coupon in swap or trading purposes

Crypto scalping strategy is presently among the most popular amongst small online traders ,as many small time traders has been hit by recent inflation and also suffered much set back due to the covid 19 pandemic . It is Not every body who can outperform those Big Whales , and cryptos being decentralized frankly has totally open up a Micro cap investing horizon for all small punters like many out there to consider penny stock investing .

This strategy combines different types of orders, such as stop loss, pump dump calls , and limit orders.If you make a lot of mistakes while trading in a short period, you may never be able to trade again.It is Normal that Trading and investing fortunes could have been made, and fortunes have been lost , all in the same day or within a short duration in 48 hours or less

There are normally two types of investors. Those who see it as a mathematical probability game and make a fortune. And those who see it as a mindset game and lose their hard-earned money.

Some of the richest people in the world are traders. They get rich by following proper trading strategies and minimizing losses and they usually will have a team of traders each with certain expertises , therefore , being a small time investors one need to be quick witted and be focus , and has plenty of good networking friends with similar interest and always on all ears and eyes to latest tips and must be able to decide to take prompt decision

The best way to minimize your losses is by learning crypto trading as a system and from your trading mistakes.Don’t just learn from your own mistakes, learn from others’ mistakes also

This strategy is very useful in the market because it gives you a good chance of profiting from the trade, but also gives you control over how much risk you take. It’s a great way to combine profit and loss control. It’s best to set stop-losses, so you aren’t forced to place more than two orders, and take profit so you can reap the profits if the market reaches the goals you set for it. Try Not to over burden yourself with a big list of cryptos , focus on small list for short and fast delivery on all actions

Stop-loss is a strategy that can make your portfolio more efficient and profitable. You can place a stop loss when you are not sure whether or not you want to sell. For example, you might want to set a stop loss if the market falls too much. With stop loss, you don’t have to worry about risk because your money is protected. You will also know if you made a profit or a loss. If you frequent some good crypto exchange , some provide bots assisted trading , but off course , they allowed stop loss setting and Bots are not mindful to market news , so they cannot readily make all prompt decision for the trader

For Crypto scalpers : Winners does Not Take all , Winners Only can Take the Most .

HODL for Holding

One of the most effective strategies for cryptocurrency traders is to hold the position, no matter what happens in the market. While you could lose everything or make hundreds of percent on your investment, you can also end up losing a lot or gain a lot with this strategy.

There is a simple, risk-free way to trade in cryptocurrencies, and it is called HOLD. When you decide to use this trading strategy, all you need to do is buy the coins. No special set-up is required. You don’t even need to set a stop loss. However, when the price increases, you can sell it off quickly, thus making good profits. If you are not satisfied with your results, you can repeat the same process until you get what you want.

Your profits will be higher when the price is low. But if the price drops dramatically, you will lose more money. But, the majority of the crypto traders who are holding crypto coins are only investing when the price is low and are taking their profits when the price increases dramatically.

HODL is a difficult strategy for most traders to implement because of the risks involved. It is necessary to keep the amount of money invested to a minimum.

Despite the risks involved, this is one strategy for traders who wish to avoid the volatility of the market.

Being a Crypto scalper is a person who buys and sells bitcoin, usually for profit, by utilizing fluctuations in its price. To trade this way, a scalper needs to research the value of a certain asset and choose a buy and sell point within a single day , therefore HODL practise is useful for certain situation, and do check with your crypto exchange on its functionality and benefits .

If you want to make money trading cryptos, then the most effective way to do so is by Dollar-Cost Averaging. This strategy requires a certain level of patience and the ability to read charts and spot trends. It is essential to learn how to manage the risk when exiting a trade. You can find some very useful information by reading the chart and studying the market cycles.

Trading in cryptocurrencies involves using computer programs to look at technical indicators and figure out when to buy and sell. Traders who adopt this trading strategy look for ways to enter and exit a position at the right time amid intraday fluctuations. For a successful trade, investors may use technical indicators to figure out entry and exit points for a particular crypto and you will need to know trading words like “ candlestick charts ” , this keyword is now popular as many traders are quoting it ,and all readers can easily find some good crypto tracking software on google browser , and get acquainted with all new terms and charts description

High-frequency trading (HFT) is a method of automated stock trading in which computer algorithms rapidly buy and sell large quantities of stocks. These algorithms are developed and traded using complex mathematical algorithms. Therefore, it is best suited for experienced investors.

To protect yourself from extreme volatility, build a balanced portfolio of cryptocurrencies that include different types of cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, altcoins, and some others . These diversified investments will give you the right amount of risk to keep up with your objectives.

You can also keep a fixed amount of investments in different cryptos to increase the risk appetite in a systematic manner. This will ensure that you get a good return on your investments over time.

#Disclaimer Note : This publication is not intended for use as a source of any financial , money making legal, medical or accounting advice. The information contained in this guide may be subject to laws in the United States and other jurisdictions. We suggest carefully reading the necessary terms of the services/products used before applying it to any activity which is, or may be, regulated. We do not assume any responsibility for what you choose to do with this information. This article is not meant for financial advice , Use with your own judgment.


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