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Crypto Retirement Plan: February Update

February update on my retirement plan

By Sam BTCPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

At the start of 2024 I had shared blueprint of my plans on how I plan to make more than a million while starting from $0 during the next 2 years as I expect the bull run to hit it’s peak the en of 2025.

If you are wondering how do I plan to fund this seemingly crazy plan then I am going to use the airdrop I receive and also the earnings I get from platforms like Publish0x and Medium.

If you would like to read my plan in more details you can look up the post titled - My Crypto Retirement plan: Blueprint.

Before we dive into the February update I have a small request. My previous twitter account got hacked by scammers and I have lost access to it. I am now starting with a new account here -

If you have been following my content for a while I will really appreciate it if you can give me a follow. Drop a comment whether you came from Publish0x, Medium, Hive, YouTube or some other platform and I will surely give you a follow back.

Quick Recap for January!

I had made a post on my earnings during January which you can refer if you want to see the details.

The broad summary was that I made about $420 from Airdrops from zkFair, MANTA, WEN, JUP, LFG (LessFeesGas).

I had bought a bunch of meme coins like FUD, Silly Dragon and a bit more of TIA and VXS by selling part of the airdrop.

How was February for my Retirement Plan?

In January I got many airdrops though none of them were huge but $420 is a decent amount.

I was expecting to hit a similar amount or more in February but it turned out to be quite dry. None of the big airdrops came out and I almost missed out on Stark as I lost access to my Argent wallet.

Luckily I was given the base level $STRK airdrop for my ETH activity.

So Feb had just 1 airdrop:

STRK - $201

I was a bit confused if I should hold my STRK or sell it but I decided to hold it for a while as it seems really underpriced at levels lower than $2. I will wait for it to hit $3 to $4 level before selling part of it.

I am still looking for good options to stake my STRK in the meantime so if you know any good options let me know.

The only good news I got during February was that my meme coins seem to be pumping and POPCAT has already done almost 10X from the level I bought it. I think meme coins will continue to pump till later this year so I am not going to sell any of them till they do a solid 100X after which I will start booking profit in batches.

TIA and XVS have not moved but I am not concerned as those are my long term plans that I plan to hold till the entire bull run plays out.

In Jan I had sold half of my WEN airdrop and it is pumping like crazy now but these things happen all the time so no point complaining. I need to focus on finding the next 100X targets.

I made about $8 from Publish0x and $21 from medium during the month of Feb but I will probably combine it with March earnings and then utilise it.

Hopefully I get a decent 5 figure airdrop in March and the memecoins keep pumping to higher levels.

Here I would like to end by admitting that one of my strategies did not turn out to be completely accurate. I was expecting big meme coins like Doge and Shiba to underperform and smaller meme coins to pump beyond moon. In reality all meme coins small and big are pumping like crazy. Things are going so parabolic that it won’t be too farfetched now to see Doge or Shiba actually make it to top5 coins by market cap.

Let’s see how March turns out.



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