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Building Crypto Portfolio with no Capital - Part II

by Sam BTC 2 months ago in bitcoin
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In this follow up post I will expand upon the process of growing your crypto portfolio

In the previous part of this series of posts I mentioned how can you start collecting small amounts of crypto by writing articles about the crypto projects you are interested in.

In case you missed it you can read it here:

Once you start writing regularly and consistently you will soon start earning $50-$100 every month, which will soon start growing into a decent portfolio.

In this continuation post I will share some methods how you further accelerate this process of collecting crypto assets.

As you keep writing about the upcoming projects and read about what other authors are posting on the crypto related blogs you will stay aware of which are the new projects being launched and also get informed reviews and perspectives if they are worth getting involved with.

1. Participating in Promotional Giveaways

Most of the new projects getting launched will be holding some sort of giveaways to promote their collection. This is a great opportunity to get some free giveaways and earn the whitelist positions. If you are able to support the project through activities like writing articles highlighting the main benefits of the project which raises awareness then you will definitely be rewarded well by the founding team. Even if you have still not reached a stage where you can write in a very articulate manner you can still participate by promoting them on twitter.

If you are able to identify and join a project that has solid fundamentals from their early days you will be able to collect some tokens or NFTs which might appreciate greatly in value once the project launches and gets popular.

This process will have a positive feedback loop. The more consistent you are with your writing the better rewards you will get during the promotional phase of the project. As you continue to write your reader/subscriber base will grow and projects value author who have a higher follower count.

2. Takin Part in Free Airdrops

Some projects give free tokens or NFTs to everyone who retweets about their project and some perform a raffle or lottery to select a few from those who participated. This will depend on how many followers the project gets during the initial phase.

In the lottery mode you will not win a lot as the probabilities are low but if you actively participate in a high number of these drops you are bound to win some. There are numerous successful projects that started as free airdrops but later gained significantly in the value. A great example is the Banana project which distributed a high number of free token to initial participants in their games and they even gave out many free NFTs. People who participated early have collected bags which are worth a lot now.

3. Interacting with the AMAs

All the new projects hold AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions which are like open questions & answers forum where they address what are the points related to the project that the public wants to understand better.

If you raise any valid points or questions during these AMA sessions you will be rewarded with some free goodies by the project which can be their native tokens, NFTs or even stable-coins.

To improve your chances you should do some research about the project and it’s main competitors before joining the session. The reason why these projects value good participation during AMA is that good questions help clarify the project objectives to the general public which has joined the session to understand it better.

Initially you will feel that this process takes a lot of time and many of the projects are never able to take off. As you gain more experience you will be able to judge to some extent which project has a solid use case to do well in the long run and you should focus your energies more in following and researching about them.

Once you have diligently spent some time in the process that I explained in the Part I and Part II of these series you are bound to have collected a decent amount of crypto assets in the form of coins and NFTs and will be in a good position to take your journey to the next level which I will explain shortly in the Part III of the series of these articles.




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