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Blockchain Developer Salary in India 2021 [For Freshers & Experienced]

by Santiago Urias about a month ago in blockchain

The Blockchain Era has arrived and it is here now

The Blockchain Era has arrived and it is here now. Businesses from all sectors are warming up to decentralized ledger technology. A global wave of Blockchain adoption is underway among businesses and companies to solve fundamental business problems. Gartner predicts that Blockchain technology will be used by more than 3 trillion people by 2030 .

A 2018 PwC survey found that nearly 84% of respondents said they were using Blockchain in some capacity. India is also following the growing trend of Blockchain Adoption. The Blockchain Adoption market is growing rapidly, with both government and private firms showing increased interest.

India's growing need for Blockchain Developers

It is difficult to find Blockchain talent as it is an emerging technology that has only recently gained traction. Blockchain is one the fastest-growing skill sets, with jobs growing at an astounding rate of 2,000 to 6,000%. Additionally, the salaries for Blockchain Developers are 50-100% more than traditional developer jobs. There are many opportunities for Blockchain developers, but there is a small talent pool. Blockchain developers in India are in high demand. This is because of the BFSI sector. But, healthcare, education and supply chain management also have a large impact on Blockchain technology.

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Hyperledger and Solidity are the most sought-after Blockchain skills at present. Ripple, Ethereum, Solidity, Ripple and Ripple are also in high demand. This space is still relatively new so companies will often hire professionals who have a particular skill set. Blockchain developers must be familiar with basic mathematics and algorithms. Because the majority of Blockchain projects are written using these languages, they must have a good knowledge of C++, Java and Python.

Blockchain developers must also be familiar with at least one tool required for Blockchain development, such as Geth and Remix, Solium, Solium, Parity and BaaS. They should also have experience working with open-source projects. Most companies will hire Blockchain Developers with at least a bachelor's in Computer Science or Mathematics.

A Blockchain Developer should have a strong technical background and be curious about learning new technologies.

The salaries of Blockchain Developers in India

Employers are willing to pay high salaries to Blockchain professionals, if they have the right skills and talent. The average IT professional's salary is much lower than that of a Blockchain techie. You can earn twice, or even triple, the salary of a Software Engineer if you have the right blockchain skills.

The average Indian Blockchain Developer salary is a wide range as more Indian organizations and companies join the Blockchain revolution. The average salary for a Blockchain Developer is between Rs. 5,00,000.00 to 0,00,000.000 LPA Your yearly salary will increase depending on your level of experience and your depth of skills. The salary package also depends on whether a candidate holds advanced certifications as well as the job position (entry-level to mid-level to senior-level).

The salary packages for Blockchain jobs are also highly dynamic. If a professional has three years of Blockchain experience, their annual remuneration could be as high as Rs 45,000. This is more than twice what a professional with five year's work experience, but no Blockchain tech experience, would receive.

Paul Dupuis is the MD of Randstad in India.

"Salaries of ready-to be deployed techies who have blockchain experience are twice as high than those without blockchain expertise."

Lohit Bhatia (Chair Executive, Staffing) at IKYA Human Capital Solutions reiterates this fact. "The salary offered to a Blockchain techie with only five years experience is almost equal to that of a general manger in a bank having three decades of experience."

In 2018, the average salary for technology positions at senior level (without Blockchain expertise) was Rs 1.5-2.5 Crore. Companies are now willing to pay more than Rs. Senior-level security professionals and blockchain techies will be paid 4 crores.

India has a large gap between the supply and demand for Blockchain professionals. Only 5,000 of India's 2 million software developers have Blockchain skills. Public sector banks have the highest demand for Blockchain Developers, with approximately 4,000 experts (as of 2018), compared to 2,300 in 2017. This represents a 75% rise in the demand for Blockchain specialists . TeamLease research shows that there are approximately 2,000 Blockchain professionals working in NBFCs, and 2,400 working in the public sector.

Wrapping up...

However, Blockchain skills are being developed and encouraged by employers in-house so hopefully there will be more Blockchain professionals in the future.


Santiago Urias

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Santiago Urias
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