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by LiftedCoder 2 years ago in bitcoin
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The "Million Dollar Bitcoin question"

If Bitcoin is currently priced at $15,840.40 per 1.0 BTC

How much is 0.0350000btc($551.00) worth if Bitcoin reaches $1,000,000?

In The Future,

If Bitcoin is worth $1,000,000

and I had 0.035 bitcoin,

To figure out how much it would be worth you take $1,000,000 and divide it by $15,840.40

the answer is 63.1.

To understand how to do this equation you would have to know about several playing factors used in the world's economy nationally and globally. First you would have to understand that the success of Bitcoin is just as dependent on Life's resources as we are. Therefore, if are economy is not thriving, well I believe Bitcoin should also be considered useful to the global economy as it serves as a way to solve real formulas and problems.

(I'm also saying is that, if you have one resource which is Solar Power Energy, and you take lots of big solar panels, and place them on as many planets as you can across the universe and galaxy, How much power will one have? You can use this solar panel system to propel electric space shuttles throughout the galaxy and create an actual flying car system that runs off the power of the nearest solar giving energy.)

Solar power is just a way to look at Life Forever. Solar power is a way to see at night.

In Life you need resources to survive.

The bare essentials would be fire, water, food, clothing, shelter, and security.

Take 0.035 bitcoin and times it by 63.1,

and the answer is 2.2085.

so if you take $551 and times it by 63.1,

You will get 34,768.10.

In this math problem it gives me the ability to predict the success of Bitcoin price.

In the future, 0.035 Bitcoin will be worth $34,768.10

In The Now,

If Bitcoin is worth $1 Million US Dollars

My btc stake would be worth $34,768.10 instead of $551.00.

It is safe to say in the future, if Bitcoin reaches the Million Dollar Mark,

0.03 bitcoin will be worth in the 30 thousands..

Wow, and just imagine how easy it is to earn, bitcoin.

Combine bitcoin with a galactical planetary solar panel system,

you can light up your whole galaxy, with free money. $_$

0.030 bitcoin of 1 billion bitcoin is equal to $30,000,000.

In order to reach this mark, your Bitcoin earning output would have to be

(output) times 63,129.71

0.030 bitcoin of 1 trillion bitcoin is equal to $30,000,000,000.

In order to reach this mark, your Bitcoin earning output would have to be

(output) times 63,129,718.94

So in other words, IF mankind even had the kind of technology capable enough to run these numbers. I am sure the world would acquire this internet technology and run it in all the Earthly systems to end World Poverty. They say Life will not be easy in the Future. I am a firm believer in God. With this Bitcoin technology I believe you could even save lives. If you have Bitcoin, your worth an infinite amount of wealth. And what comes with Wealth,


This is an example of how bitcoin can increase in value and one million is a very high mark but I believe anything is possible. Now I do think I am a Genius before I wrote this equation. But I also did ask myself, Am I a Robot? All jokes aside. I wasn't that good in Math, But I believe if you ask, you shall receive.

But it is up to you, to achieve.


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