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Bitcoin Going to the Moon: Collect While You Can!

by Coin airdrops about a year ago in bitcoin

Coin Airdrops

No matter how you go about doing it, collecting as much bitcoin as you can is probably a wise idea. It is almost universally believed that bitcoin is either going to move up at a steady clip over the next few years or its going to shoot right up to moon in a matter of months. In both scenarios, it’s moving in an upward trajectory which is why any free bitcoin you collect today will only multiply in coming months and years. So, how can you find free bitcoins? Surprisingly, it is easier than you might expect.

Common Methods to Earn Free Bitcoin

There are quite a few different ways that you can earn free bitcoin, and they all come with their own pros and cons. Here are a few of the most common methods used and what we think about them.

• Gambling – gambling is one of the riskiest methods for earning free bitcoin, but it also promises some of the highest rewards. There are many online casinos that accept bitcoin as a payment source and will pay you out in bitcoin as well.

• Day Trading/Speculation – Like gambling, day trading and speculating in the bitcoin price markets can be quite risky. The volatility is such, though, that investors can make daily returns on a regular basis.

• Games – Games are a great way to earn bitcoin. Usually, sites and services that offer bitcoin rewards for gameplay will pay out what’s called micro earnings which build over time. While the games are often addictive (in a good way), it still takes considerable amounts of play to earn any substantial bitcoin.

• Promotional Offers and Referral Programs – Many crypto exchanges, online crypto wallets, and some casinos will offer a sign-up bonus in bitcoin for signing up. It is also possible to continue receiving rewards for referring new customers to them.

• Mining – Even now, following the halving event, mining bitcoin is a good way to earn free bitcoin. While it is not technically free when you consider the resources used to mine for the popular cryptocurrency, you do not have to directly buy it using this method. The simplest way to mine for most people is to use a cloud mining service.

• Affiliate Programs – There are many affiliate programs that pay out in bitcoin. To take advantage of an affiliate program, you usually have to help drive traffic to a particular site, service, or product. This can be an excellent way to build up a passive income but there is considerable work in the beginning to get started.

• Faucets – Other popular options for micro earnings are faucets. These pay you in bitcoin to complete certain tasks, answer surveys, or be exposed to targeting advertising. Like playing games for free bitcoin, to earn a good amount of bitcoin, considerable amounts of time is required.

• Interest Account – As bitcoin becomes more popular, financial products designed for it become more sophisticated. There are now several services that offer up to 8% interest of bitcoin held in a crypto savings account.

No matter which method for earning free bitcoin you find to be the most attractive, always keep an eye out for scammers! There are many sites claiming to give you free bitcoin that are not trustworthy. As a general rule, never send your own bitcoin to a site promising to give you more in return. Remember that if something sounds too good to be true it probably is. If you are serious about earning free bitcoin, understand that there will be some time and effort involved. Time and effort doesn’t mean that it’s difficult to earn bitcoin, but it does usually mean that you are part of an advertising or mining network for which your time is being compensated.


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