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Bitcoin (BTC) ETH market panic spreads, record lows reappear

by vp md2037 2 months ago in ethereum
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Analysis guided by ETH

Two days ago, the encryption market was experiencing its darkest weekend, when panic spread to the weekend for the first time this year, with mainstream cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and ethernet giving their lowest levels since the start of the bull market. the darkest moment in the encryption market is approaching. After protecting the market strongly for half, Bitcoin finally showed weakness in the face of the intensification of the sell-off. Taifang had to bow its head and admit defeat when the loan on the chain of nearly 0 billion yuan expired, and the shanzhai market was even more mournful. The market is cruel after all. For the friends who leave messages to me, what I can tell you is professional things, which need professional people to do. It is not that I know that I cannot copy the bottom, but that the market does not recognize the low position and is not worth entering the market. The choice is greater than effort is not just words, it can stand the test.

Bitcoin (BTC) market analysis and interpretation: the market both fell sharply over the weekend, and the price of Bitcoin fell all the way to near 00 at the position of 00 over the weekend. The market threat index increased sharply, and the market fell all the way down without rebounding. At present, from a weekly point of view, this wave of decline has fallen below the important support position of support 000. then the current line below is at the position of 0000. That is to say, there is no bottom performance at present. In the face of such a situation, transactions need to focus on two aspects: first, the current location market needs recognition, so it must be crazy to test the position to confirm the support of this position; secondly, in terms of the law of market fluctuations, the market recognizes the new historical position needs to be repeatedly pulled back to form an effective technical form.

Part of the operation plan within BTC: in the internal operation, focus on bounce 00 position empty single entry, target focus on 00000 lower position stop profit in batches, stop loss on the upper position; below focus on 00 break situation, step back on this position for the first time, and target 0-00 range directly leaves the field. The author suggests that it is effective before the US market, and the real-time market in the market is determined according to the actual trend, and pay attention to risk control.

Ethernet Square (ETH) market analysis and interpretation: Ethernet Square market is more simple and rough, the author mentioned many times in the point of view that the market is in a very weak state, the previous luna crash, leading to a certain panic in the market, many people intensified their worries about Ethernet Square, and then began to sell off one after another. The unanchor of the etheric market is mainly caused by the exchange rate anchor generated by the lending platform, which makes the market more panicked and the selling more serious. Accelerated the decline of the bear market At the line level, the trend of ethercoin has fallen faster relative to Bitcoin. After falling below the key low, the trend has been weakening all the way. Bitcoin is interval concussion, and Yitai Fong is going down along the channel. At present, there is the risk of top-bottom rebound and decline after testing the position of the lower 00 line in Taifang.

Part of the operation plan in ETH: so in the inner operation, pay attention to the upper position of the rebound, the empty single entry, the stop loss 0 position, the target focus on the 0-00 line position; the lower return position, the new low position, the lower stop position, and the target focus on the 0-0 position.


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