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Binance Clone Script: Guide for Developing a Binance Website

by Matty Reign 9 months ago in product review
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Utilize the popularity of Binance Clone to get huge traffic, customer base, trading volume, and profit turnover.

Clone script

Clone script is a well-tested way to build new software based on an existing app. We can use it to build our software. When you use the Binance clone script, you will start your exchange platform with the same features as Binance. You can add extra features to the platform and build your unique site. It lets customers trade directly with each other in a p2p way. With the Binance clone script, you can make a simple, user-friendly, and safe website like Binance quickly. Stay here and read on to learn more about the Binance Clone script.

What is the Binance clone script?

Many people are starting to use cryptocurrency more and more every day. A lot of the trading traffic comes from the Binance exchange. It shows that traders like Binance because of its high security, low transaction fees, and other features that make it better. Binance is a successful, reliable, and safe place to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. As of 2020, this business made about $800 million. On May 20, 2021, about 251.3 million people visited its website. Binance is a place where you can buy and sell coins like bitcoin, litecoin, Ethereum, and more. It is a website that traders use to do many different things on the platform.

Premium features of Binance

Low Fees: Binance is one of the exchange websites that doesn't charge as much money for transactions as other websites. Binance charges a fee of 0.1 percent for each deal.

Accepts New Cryptocurrencies: New cryptocurrencies can be added to the list on Binance after the initial coin offerings are over,

Rewards and Bonuses: People who trade crypto coins will get rewards and bonuses, like free crypto coins.

Features of the Binance exchange

People who speak more than one language can use this service

Chart of live trades

A program that gets people to refer people to you.

Strong trade match engine

Allows for multicurrency

The best UI/UX design

Different types of orders: market, stop stop-limit, and stop-limit order.

P2p trading is when two people buy and sell things from each other.

Binance clone app

Binance clone app development is the process of making a fast, trading mobile app that can run on both iOS and Android. It has the same features as the Binance app. People now have their phones, so you can see that they do almost all of their work on their phones. So, if you make a Binance clone app, customers will trade anywhere and easily through their phones.

Features of Binance Clone App

Apple iOS and Android

It has a pin lock.

People who speak more than one language can use this service

In real-time, the value of the assets changes.

Transaction history

There is a live chat.

Chat will be faster.

To trade orders, you need to write them down

Referrals get money.

It's easy to buy and sell right away.

Benefits of Whitelabel Binance Clone Script

  1. White label crypto exchange platform cuts down on the time and energy it takes to build a website or write a script from scratch.
  2. The white label Binance clone script is a pre-made script that doesn't cost much money to make from scratch.
  3. Because the clone scripts are powerful, some other successful websites are using this script and work well is proof that these scripts work well.
  4. This exchange platform has a lot of different altcoins. The exchange accepts a lot of different types of cryptocurrency coins and tokens.
  5. This white label Binance clone script is completely customizable. If you want to add some extra features to it, you can do that, too!
  6. If you use this platform, you won't have to deal with bugs or problems when you set it up. And you can be sure that the platform will work well because the script is already on other sites.

Feature for Users and Admin

Whitelabel Binance clone script is a ready-made cryptocurrency exchange clone script of a well-known exchange platform called Binance. It's called the Binance clone script. Other clones have all the same things that Binance has, like many of them. To start your branding more quickly, use a white label clone script. Make sure that traders notice your exchange platform.

Also, it will help you get into the market faster than if you were to start from scratch.

People who use this Whitelabel Binance clone script can get all of these things:


  • List tokens and crypto pairs as available trading pairs.
  • Add or remove APIs based on changes in the market.
  • A change can be made at any time to the fees for trading and withdrawing money from an exchange.
  • To get into the admin URL, you can use HTTP access.


  • It will only be able to trade after the 2FA and SMS verification.
  • IP address verification is stopping for multiple logins.
  • The history of all the transactions
  • It is easy to use by the user

Looking for White Label Crypto Exchange Development Company?

Why should you start a website like Binance?

  • A brand's reputation
  • A person who could be a customer.
  • a lot of people buy and sell things
  • For users, high market cap
  • Users can learn and make money with the clone script, which is a copy of a well-known website that has been around before. There is already a "demand" for the same website.

How to choose the best company to develop a website like Binance

  • Support Period.
  • Customization Option.
  • Data Backup.
  • 100% Source Code.
  • Maintenance Cost.
  • Free Addons
  • Their customer's feedbacks
  • We recommend you request a Binance clone script from your chosen company before purchasing the script.

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