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Best Play to Earn NFT Games Development in 2022

by Matty Reign 6 months ago in nft
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People who play NFT games can earn crypto, which is like money. Check now to learn about Play to Earn NFT Games Development.

People who play NFT games can earn crypto, which is like money. Unique digital items with in-game value, such as those linked to characters, clothing, and even plots of land. You'll also be able to get them, as well.

In this guide, we look at the 10 best NFT games on the market today and how to start your first non-fungible token quest right now.

The 10 Best NFT Games for 2022

Here's a quick look at the 10 best NFT games you might want to try.

Silks – Overall Best NFT Game for 2022

Decentraland – Exciting Metaverse NFT Game with Huge Potential

Axie Infinity – One of the Best Play to Earn Games for Virtual Pets

My Neighbor Alice – Top NFT Games World With Tradable Virtual Items

CryptoKitties – One of the Original Play to Earn Games

Gods Unchained – One of the Best Free Play to Earn Crypto Games for 2022

Pirate X Pirate – One of the Best Upcoming NFT Games to Try

Mines of Dalarnia – Top Play to Earn Game for Fans of Action and Adventure

The Sandbox – Popular Play to Earn Game With Top-Performing Native Token

Forest Knight – One of the Leading Mobile NFT Games for Android

What kind of game do you like? Keep reading to find out!

A Closer Look at the Best Play to Earn NFT Games

It's important to think about whether or not you'll enjoy a game before looking for the best NFT games. Then, look at the in-game rewards and the NFT you can get from them.

Below, we look at the best games to play to win in 2022.

Silks – Overall Best NFT Game for 2022

A game called Silks is the best NFT game coming out this year. Silks is an upcoming project in the metaverse with many fun play-to-win (P2E) features. Some other blockchain games aren't Silks, though. The Silks metaverse is powered by the real world of thoroughbred horse racing.

This is how Silks players can make money from their in-game exploits. Players in the Silks metaverse can own racehorses (called Silks horses) that look just like real-world racehorses. This link is made by using public data on the horse's bloodline, racing record, and development history to make sure it is true.

If your digital horse wins a race in the real world, Silks players will get money. Silks white paper says that these rewards will be paid out in $STT, Silks' transactional token. Players will also be able to make money through the breeding process and Silks' unique staking mechanism.

Also, Silks horses and virtual land plots can be traded and speculated on in this new NFT project because they are NFTs. Players can buy and sell these in-game items through the Silks marketplace with $STT. Finally, community members will also be able to make money through mining, which is part of Silks' Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus protocol. This means there are many ways to make money through this exciting project.


It's one of the best NFT games to play in 2022. Because Decentraland is an NFT and metaverse pioneer, this platform gives you the best of both worlds with this platform. Decentraland asks you to make a unique avatar that you can change in its most basic form.

As soon as you do this, your avatar will enter the Decentraland virtual world, where you can explore and talk to other people. Many people know about Decentraland because it lets you buy virtual land that you can later use to build real-world homes. An NFT token is a way to show this real estate. Then can sell it in the open market like any other item.

Also, you can get a lot of different types of NFTs that let you make your Decentraland gaming experience unique. In the Decentraland ecosystem, MANA is used to buy every NFT sold.

Axie Infinity

This is the next game on our list of the best NFT games. Axie Infinity is next. This popular game, built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, lets people make virtual monster-like pets called Axies. They can then play with them in the game. You can use your Axies to go on adventures, fight, and even have babies with each other! To do important things, like defeating other Axies, you can get crypto tokens as a prize.

We like the battles we play against bots, backed by smart contract technology to ensure they're fair, or against other people who play the game. The second way to try and make money from Axie Infinity is to make or buy an NFT of a rare in-game animal. A player in the game might want to buy the NFT that you own. You could try to sell it for a higher price.

My Neighbor Alice – Top NFT Games World

Next, we have My Neighbor Alice, who lives next to us. You can buy virtual land and start a farming business in this top NFT game. You can add in-game items to your farm to make it more valuable.

All kinds of things are here, from animals to houses to vegetables and decorations. People who play this NFT game need to use ALICE tokens to buy and sell virtual goods. If you want to have the best chance of making rare NFTs in this game, you might want to check out the secondary market at Binance.

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The Sandbox – Popular Play to Earn NFT Games

When you play well, you can make money by making NFTs, but that's not the only way to do it. On the other hand, investing in land and real estate portfolio can be a good way to make money. The Sandbox is at the top of this field and recently sold one person's $4.2 million worth of virtual islands. The buyer made digital villas of each island and sold them to other people.

The Sandbox is also home to one of the best-selling digital currencies in recent years, which you can buy in the game. So when SAND, as it trades, first came out in 2021, you could buy each token for just $0.05. SAND has reached a high of more than $8 per token in the past. It also has a lot of NFTs for sale.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is the best place to go if you want to play for free and earn games. This title is all about strategic NFT card games that are played based on skill. You'll see how important battles will turn out based on how well each card does and how bad it is at certain things.

If you do well at certain in-game tasks, you might be able to make a rare NFT card that other players want to buy. Gods Unchained has a huge NFT market where you can buy and sell games cards. Value is based on many things, like the tribe and the god and health and attack abilities metrics.


Launched late in 2017, CryptoKitties was one of the first games that let you play and earn. The main idea behind CryptoKitties is very similar to the classic Tamagotchi game. This is because CryptoKitties is a place where you can breed virtual kittens that you can buy.

Every kitten in CryptoKitties is unique and has its own NFT token, just like in most games where you play to get money or prizes. What kind of CryptoKitties you own might make it possible to have a rare NFT that you can then sell on the open market. It has already sold for more than $1 million. NFT number 40 is part of the "Gen 0" series and was sold for that amount.

Pirate X Pirate

If you play this game to earn money, the name says it is all about pirates. Players have to put together crews, which both characters and ships need to do. This NFT game was only released in March 2022, so it's one of the newest NFT games that can be played to earn money.

The main goal is to explore the sea with your crew and defeat other players. In doing so, you will get in-game money called PXP. PXP tokens can be bought and sold online, just like all of the best NFT games. This means that they have real-world value. It also lets people make their own unique NFTs, like better ships.

Mines of Dalarnia

Next, we have Mines of Dalarnia, one of the best NFT games for people who like action and adventure. People who own land and work in mining are the two main groups in this top-rated game. It was first made available to the public through the Binance Launchpool.

The first will try to get virtual land in the Mines of Dalarnia ecosystem. At the same time, the latter have to kill monsters to get resources. You can buy Mines of Dalarnia in-game items from the Binance NFT market to make your game more fun.

Forest Knight – One of the Leading Mobile NFT Games

In the market for one of the best Android games for not-for-profit (NFT) games, you might want to check out Forest Knight. If you defeat the dark forces in this blockchain-based game, you can get crypto tokens even if you don't pay, even if the game is free to play. You can also get and trade NFTs that represent a specific person.

If your NFT is rare, you can sell it on the Forest Knight market. You can also get NFTs in weapons and other game items. Perhaps the main problem with this game is that it doesn't work on iOS phones right now.

Final Thoughts

Play to Earn NFT games development is a great way to have fun and make money by developing new games mentioned above. Many exciting projects have been coming out of Play To Earn Platform Development in the last 18 months because of their unique use of NFTs and in-game currencies from the games they work on.

As we move into this virtual world, new projects are added because of new technologies, and more people use them. No matter what kind of game you want to play, there's sure to be a play-to-earned project.


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