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Best Exchanges to Buy Ethereum (ETH) In India

by Rahul Kohali about a year ago in ethereum

How to buy EHT in India?

Ethereum is a blockchain-based computing platform that enables developers to build and deploy decentralized applications (Dapps)—meaning the ones not run by any centralized authority. You can create a Dapp for which the users of that particular application are the decision-making authority.


Ether: Ether is Ethereum’s cryptocurrency.

Smart contracts: Ethereum allows the development and deployment of smart contracts.

Ethereum Virtual Machine: ETH provides the underlying technology—the architecture and the software—which allows you to understand smart contracts and allows you to interact with the same.

Decentralized applications (Dapps): ETH allows you to create consolidated applications, called decentralized applications also known as a Dapp (also spelt DAPP, App, or DApp) for short.

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs): This crypto allows you to create DAOs for democratic decision-making.


Can be used as a payment tool

A token issuance platforms

The Trustworthy Platform For Stablecoins

Can be used as Multi-Sig For Company Operations

ETH As The Biggest DApp Ecosystem


After the Supreme Court ruling which lifted the banking ban on cryptocurrency, many cryptocurrency exchanges emerged. India also witnessed a surge in investment from traders and buyers who wanted to try their luck in the cryptocurrency market. This spread not only brought a number of international cryptocurrency exchanges to the home country but also led to the development of multiple local cryptocurrency exchanges and trade markets to cater to Indians.

A cryptocurrency exchange is a trading platform that allows the user to buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency exchanges mostly support the top cryptocurrencies, as mentioned in Coinmarketcap. There are many exchanges, in some, people are looking for the security of their crypto holdings in other cryptocurrency exchange rates, the users can reach out to the exchanges that offer great functionality, are user-friendly, and secured.

Below are few exchanges which are trusted, prominent, and user friendly to buy Ethereum in India.


PCEX Member, a crypto broker of an Estonia based cryptocurrency exchange is the leading and trusted coin trading platform in India. Running independently in India, Traders have a wide variety of options for cryptocurrencies like BTC, LTC, BCH, ETH, and many more.

Being the best crypto broker in India, PCEX Member has the lowest trading fee with a digital wallet whose custody is solely given to clients. Trading can be done through INR, USD, USDT, and C2USD. PCEX Member consists of an added layer of franchisees, master franchisees which ensures credibility for the end-user. The platform is soon going to launch its futures trading, that one means one can go for ETH Futures too!


The franchise business model ensures high-liquidity resulting in profitable trades for all the traders and investors.

No hidden fees are charged on this exchange while buying ETH. PCEX Member-only charges a Single Fee Transaction Fee. Unlike other exchanges, there are No maker & taker charges or AMC charges.

Payments are accepted through all wallets, credit & debit cards. Also, one can convert fiat money to digital currency or vice-versa all in one place.

PCEX Member employs a five-layer security model which leaves out just 1 in a billion chances of your account being compromised

The user-friendly interface provides a super fast and convenient platform to exchange your digital assets.

Lastly, the exchange is going to launch its Android app soon which will make the Ethereum trading easy and handy.


WazirX is considered as the ruler of Indian cryptocurrency as it is one of the prominent exchange platforms. WazirX platform was created in 2017, and within two years of existence, it gained huge popularity among significant investors and users. On the security front, the platform conducts regular security audits to ensure the safety of its user’s investments and keep the platform safe and secure.

WazirX is quite competitive when it comes to trade fee as compared to other exchanges. The exchange is backed by the world's largest exchange Binance


WazirX has its coin WazirX( WRX) for trading on its platform at discounted fees.

​According to Coin Market Cap, the traded Volume of the platform for 24 hours is 3 million USD.

The first real-time open order booking system was introduced by this exchange.

To provide mobile-based trading to their clients, wazirx has launched a mobile application for trading which is available at iOS as well as android phone systems.

Transactions on wazirx are faster; it could handle millions of transfers in a second

After collaboration with Binance, it offered 100+ WRX to the first 30,000 traders who signed up in wazirx


Giottus is another local crypto trading platform which is internationally recognized for its ability to handle almost 50 thousand transactions per second while guaranteeing stability even when millions of orders are placed at one time. It was created with a motive to provide zero downtime and high processing speed to its users. It works with the P2P model. For signing up, users have to go through a quick KYC process, and it’s mandatory for all their users.

Giottus displays, the updates of the Crypto industry in their exchange by collecting information from different 60,000 credible sources

They assure a maximum of 30 minutes as the transaction time during the trade.

Bitmax-a Singapore based exchange holds hands with this exchange platform.

Giottus allows you to trade cryptos for INR.


In the USA, Europe, Canada, UK, and India, Coinbase is the easiest way to buy cryptocurrency Ethereum with a credit card or debit card. Coinbase is the world’s largest crypto exchange and a broker. With their exchange, called Coinbase Pro clients buy and sell offers to other users on the platform and Coinbase charges a cut of the deals. The fees will amount to 3.75% and you can buy it instantly.

The easiest and fastest way to buy Ether in the USA, Europe, UK, and Canada

The signup process is fast and the website is easy to use

Coinbase is one of the most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges throughout the globe.

It is the Beginner Friendly crypto platform

The exchange also has an Integrated Wallet, so users need not to have an independent wallet.

Coinbase has its Mobile App available on iOS and android phone


CoinDCX, launched in 2018, is India’s largest and safest crypto trading platform. The exchange is the most versatile exchange present in India and has a convenient and straightforward user interface that supports limitless trading on the CoinDcx exchange platform.

This exchange that supports INR as Fiat currency became one of the first platforms to allow deposits and withdrawals directly from bank accounts. This means one can buy ETH can be bought and sold in INR.

CoinDCX also supports 200+ cryptocurrencies, including the important ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum and others like DASH, XRP, etc.

Other than bank transfers it also accepts various payment methods like UPI and IMPS.

The platform takes care of their client’s security by following a two-factor authentication method. However, user accounts have to be KYC verified


Rahul Kohali

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