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A Complete Guide On How to Invest in Bitcoins

Around 10 years ago, a man had 10,000 Bitcoins worth $0.01 US, and he was craving a pizza. He went to a store and bought the pizza in exchange for Bitcoins when the value of a Bitcoin was negligible. Now approximately the value of a Bitcoin is $59,571 or ₹43,30,253.

By Rea SetiaPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
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Around 10 years ago, a man had 10,000 Bitcoins worth $0.01 US, and he was craving a pizza. He went to a store and bought the pizza in exchange for Bitcoins when the value of a Bitcoin was negligible. Now approximately the value of a Bitcoin is $59,571 or ₹43,30,253.

Following the tremendous growth and increasing demand for Bitcoin, that pizza guy would have become a billionaire by now if he hadn't sold those Bitcoin.

With this sudden boom in the crypto market, everyone is looking answer to one question – “How to buy Bitcoin in India?

We heard you!

In this guide, you’ll find the answer to this million-dollar question. Stay with us!

What is Bitcoin?

In layman term, Bitcoin is a new form of currency that offers a fairer system where everyone is treated equally. Created back in 2009 by an unknown person using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin helps you instantly move your money anywhere in the world. Not just this, but Bitcoin promises lower transaction fees than the traditional payment mechanisms.

This cryptocurrency uses a peer-to-peer framework where no middleman or central authority is required to have control over it. Still, it's as solid as a rock. Thanks to Blockchain technology!

Why You Should Invest in Bitcoin?

There are several reasons why investing in Bitcoin is a sensible option. Let's discuss a few –

• Bitcoin's market cap has crossed 1 Trillion, and it's expanding like never before. It's the dominating asset as compared to other digital cryptocurrencies.

• It holds around 70% of the market, which is mind-blowing.

• The price is volatile in nature. Like the price of a Bitcoin could make new records or go deep into a well. Yes, consciousness is needed to generate high profits.

• The value of a Bitcoin rose from nothing to ₹30 lakhs in just a decade. No other currency has taken such a flight. That's why everyone is opting for Bitcoins, even in India.

• Some years back, people used to invest in Gold, Silver as an asset to protect themselves against inflation. But Bitcoins in India have been a proven thing to invest and secure yourself.

Today, we have so many options to buy Bitcoin in India. You can buy Bitcoin from the exchange platform, from independent providers, or any other methods.

Several brokerage firms also aid you in buying cryptocurrencies, but WazirX has been listed as top of India's most trusted Bitcoin & cryptocurrency exchange.

WazirX Exchange: A Trusted Way to Buy Bitcoin

Founded by Nischal Shetty, WazirX is India's most successful and trusted Bitcoin exchange platform that offers an amazing platform to buy, sell and trade Bitcoin and many more cryptocurrencies.

Here are a few must-know points about WazirX –

• Started in 2018, WazirX has built its popularity and trust in the Indian crypto market, and it's the largest crypto exchange in the nation.

• WazirX is a part of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange - Binance Group, which already serves users in 180 countries worldwide.

• The net volume as of 2021 is around $2.3 billion per month and growing every epic day.

• WazirX is serving more than 1.75 million users, which shows the company's growth rate and reliability.

How to Get Started with WazirX?

First of all, it's important to register yourself on the website. Then other formalities like KYC completion, funds deposition will be done.

Step 1

Go to the and signup button to register yourself.

• Fill up your details asked, like your email address and a password of your choice. Make sure that your password contains an upper case letter, a special character, and a number. The length should be more than 8 characters for better security.

• Before tapping on "I agree to WazirX's terms and conditions", make sure you read the documents and terms they've described. Mostly it's not needed as WazirX is a dominating company in the crypto market but still go through it.

• Then click signup to complete the process. Now it's time to scroll through your email, where you'll receive the verification mail. Click on "verify email" to get done. If you haven't received any email, then just check your spam folder or hit the resend option on the website. After the verification is done, you'll see a prompt stating, "Your email has been verified successfully".


KYC is important because it means to know your customer. It ensures that you're a valid person and not a fraud. Choose your country of residence after logging into your account in WazirX.

Tap the drop-down list and choose your nation. You'll be asked for KYC verification afterwards. You're all set, and your account pre-requisites are done here.

Congrats on having your account on the best platform.

Step 2

It's time to deposit some funds into your WazirX account.

Once you're done with the KYC process, you can deposit funds to your account. There's a method to transfer money into your WazirX wallet.

Method 1

You can make a transaction through high security ends like UPI/IMPS/NEFT/RTGS. You'll be asked by WazirX to fill in some details. Don't worry about money and stuff. It's all transparent, and your worthy money is safe with them.

Method 2

You can deposit via IMPS/NEFT/RTGS, but here the transaction details could be skipped. In case your sum is rejected, kindly go to the WazirX support page for such problems. It rarely happens when the transaction declines but if it happens, don't hesitate and panic.

Deposition of Cryptocurrency on WazirX

• Cryptocurrency depositing is an easy job. It can be done either from your wallet or another exchange. Besides, they charge no fees for that too.

• Start getting your deposit address from WazirX wallet. Now share this address on your current holding wallet for transferring Bitcoins.

Step 3

You're all set to buy Bitcoins in India with WazirX.

• Explore the different options provided and see the latest rates of cryptocurrencies.

• Scroll down more into the Bitcoin section, and you'll see two buttons labelled as Buy and Sell on your dashboard down.

• Enter the amount of your choice for BTC you have thought to buy.

• Hit the "place buy order" button and bingo! Wait for your order to get executed.

Congrats, you own some Bitcoins in India. Feel proud now.

Why WazirX is the best option for you?

Being the latest company in Crypto exchange in India, it's one of the fastest-growing and leading firms. Also, it's the most trusted exchange methods. More than A MILLION users are registered. This shows the faith of the people in WazirX.

The exchange is part of the world's largest crypto exchange, Binance group, a renowned firm depicting a picture of sheer will and hardworking employees of WazirX.

Not only this, but WazirX also provides you with the fastest and easiest trading experience on any platform. Be it your Android or IOS device.

The KYC process generally takes time in case of other exchanges. But with Wazirx, your KYC is done in seconds.

If we talk about the reviews, it's extraordinary. Most of the users working on WazirX are satisfied with the wide range of aids and amenities given by WazirX.

The exchange supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies on the platform. Apart from Bitcoin, you can check out and buy other digital currencies such as Ripple, Ethereum, to name a few.

The maker fees, intraday fees, and other charges are less as compared to other agencies. This is surprising for any user.

Also, it doesn't charge any membership fees as other companies do. For WazirX, customer matters more. That's why it's the biggest and ruling platform across India.

Final Words

Your search should start and end with WazirX. This is because hardly any firm provides you with lots of services. On the other side, WazirX is totally different. WazirX is expanding at a faster rate and can be one of the more reliable and expensive firms across the globe in the next 5-6 years.


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