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6 figure paying job for metaverse in future.

by Kaushal mandal 5 months ago in blockchain
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Metaverse is a crypto-related term that is currently booming and it has a great future looking towards it. It gained sudden hype as soon as Facebook announced that they are rebranding facebook under Meta. Not only changing their name they are creating a digital world on the Internet, where people can meet and greet with others without being physically present over there.

This was the biggest thing for crypto facebook being a big company that is looking to enter into cryptocurrency. This was what the crypto world wanted and soon after the announcement from Facebook there was Microsoft who was looking to have its own metaverse and even Adidas filled a patient for digital products.

This announcement made from big tech giant companies made the crypto market pump and moreover in the cryptos which have projects related to the metaverse saw a decent jump and they doubled their market capitalization and made into top 100 cryptos.

What is metaverse?

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Metaverse means living in a world based on the internet as what we can see big companies want us to believe but it is totally different if you have watched a ready player one movie. In that lead, the cast was living a different life in-game and different life in real life.

So living an anonymous life on the internet sounds cool though and doing the kinds of stuff that you are not able to do in your real life. But living in a digital world can also lead to more future opportunities in terms of monetary benefit or in simple terms generating income from it on a daily basis. Living a life you want and generating income and living your daily life through it sounds cool.

Examples of metaverse

There are various examples of metaverse that we have heard and used to on daily basis but we don’t understand it or we don’t have a clear idea about it. No worries this post would help you in that too.

Have you played Fortnite it is also similar to the digital world where players buy skins and different assets on the platform and they pay real cash for those kinds of stuff which would not generate any income for them in return?

But metaverse would be different from these games where players would be part of economics and it is not about only games imagining a world totally different from real-world and meeting real people virtually. If this was not enough metaverse can be used as a place to chill with friends and even get educated or even schedule office meetings. This big can be metaverse and it is just the beginning more kinds of stuff are yet to come and let’s talk about the future opportunities from where you can earn money be it working or playing or living in the digital world.

Metaverse job opportunities that would pay more than our regular job.

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It would be the coolest and most paying job in the metaverse because the world that we are talking about is designed by the developers and moreover, to bring new changes and even keep it running they would require developers and for this, you need to learn coding and even I had written one post on vocal which can help you learn to code even if you are a newbie.


After developers, designers would play an important role to design assets that the digital world needs and even it can be the salaried job from the organization or as a freelancer creating kinds of stuff which other users can buy and use while playing in form of nft.

In recent news, you might have seen NFTs are selling for millions that have good use cases. So creating or designing something for the digital world which has a use would sell for more than 6 figures.


Support would play an important role as more and more population gets exposed to the metaverse thing they would face difficulty in setting their account and even creating a crypto wallet to link with their account.

So support would play an important role in it and moreover who understand about the digital world more clearly they stand a chance to get the job and even get paid higher than the average pay in support field.

Tour guides

Tour guider job would be the most common in the crypto world. As we visit some historic places or museum tour guides help us understand the kinds of stuff without even reading a single word about it.

In metaverse would also have some places where new players need to follow rules and sets of instruction so tour guide would play an important role in that. This can be done as a freelance job or even getting paid by the organization.


Artist would be the real attraction in the digital world as we all know Ariana Grande held a concert in Fortnite. So maybe in the future, we can see digital shows hosted by artist musicians in the digital world and which would be seen from any part of the world from your bed.


As every participant would find some or other jobs digitally which would help them also generate a good income from the digital world by enjoying the metaverse.

There might be various options to earn while playing or visiting a pace to explore and get incentivized for just being a participant and enjoying or visiting certain places.


Metaverse and crypto are going to be big but do not put your everything into it and don’t leave your job first explore it as a hobby afterward decide and even do research about it before investing money or time.

Thank you for reading the article hope I was able to help and have a good day.


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Kaushal mandal

Hi, my name is kaushal mandal and I am a computer science graduate and a crypto believer.

Currently getting treatment for pancreas and fighting it

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