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10 Companies Proving Blockchain Isn't Dead

by Iggy Paulsen 2 years ago in blockchain

We're not dead yet! Take a look at these companies proving blockchain isn't dead.

Blockchain technology has been facing a serious roller coaster as far as interest, investment, and control goes. After the major Bitcoin boom and burst of 2017, people have started to flee the crypto scene—but is that really what they should be doing.

For all the talk about how "blockchain is dead," there are still plenty of companies proving blockchain isn't dead. In fact, they are proof of serious staying power in a world where competition for innovative ideas is sky high.

Don't believe it? Take a look at what these companies are doing with blockchain-based technology.

It's no secret that the finance world has been keeping a close eye on digital currencies. Though finance guys initially laughed at digital currencies like Bitcoin and similar uses of blockchain, they're beginning to eat their words.

Several major banks have compiled their own investment vehicles involving virtual currencies as a listed asset. Wells Fargo, though, is one of the most obvious banking companies proving blockchain isn't dead. They're a major, well-known bank outside of the cryptocurrency world.

Knowing that blockchain involves digital ledger tech that cannot be tampered with, the company recently filed for a patent to help keep banking records more secure. The digital tokens will protect sensitive data from leaks, thereby lowering the chance of another major scandal.

Robinhood is a name that just about every major crypto investor has heard of, and rightfully so. This micro-investing trading firm blazed a massive trail when they offered up a cryptocurrency investing platform geared towards people who are new to crypto.

Though you could always invest in cryptocurrency through crypto exchanges, Robinhood went so far as to make a point of making this a mainstream thing. This is now one of the most common ways casual investors by crypto—or just check on the price of Bitcoin. Robinhood lets you keep tabs on all manners of virtual currency.

Amazon has always been ahead of the tech trend curve, and that's actually much of the reason why they became one of the largest companies in the world. You might know about their PrimeNow offerings, their content creation, and even their printing services.

You might still be shocked to hear that Amazon came up with a blockchain framework service for small to large businesses. It's called Amazon Managed Blockchain, and it's what makes Amazon one of the leading companies proving blockchain isn't dead. There are a lot of Amazon services that save you time, money, and energy, but this one can actually help you make some money.


One of the more commonly cited real world uses for blockchain technologies is in shipping and logistics. Since they can't be altered, these ledgers help put together an amazing network to prevent loss and track goods in real time.

ShipChain is a new company that's using this to streamline the logistics world. So far, they have been getting calls from major clients and booming in business. Blockchain based technology isn't strictly limited to a niche community online.

You might know Kik as the social media platform people use when they're trying to get messages quickly and keep things on the down-low. In recent years, the company behind Kik decided to get a little blockchain with it.

Kik announced a digital currency fork called Kin, a fee-free cryptocurrency that can be used on their platform. It's now currently being traded, and was even added to certain cryptocurrency exchanges. Not too shabby!

Many of the companies proving blockchain isn't dead are finance-oriented, and it makes sense. Blockchain first got its followers through Bitcoin and peer-to-peer transactions, after all. Due is a company that harkens back to the old days by offering a way to pay freelancers with super low fees.

Due uses smart contracts and low fees to provide seamless payments. You can pay via cash or Due Cash. Either way, your freelancer will get paid and fees will be low. With hope, we'll see more of this getting adopted through the net.

Did you ever have a moment when you needed to verify a person's education? If you're in Human Resources, you have—and you already know it's a pain. It's mostly a manual process, really, and it's very easy to forge signatures.

Sony is working on making this a thing of the past. They recently announced creating a blockchain-based verification system that's designed to confirm a person's qualifications and educational attainment. That's right; lying on your resume just became a lot harder.

After the 2016 election, people rightfully started to ask what was really happening with their votes. With more signs of voter fraud being perpetrated by Russians and members of the GOP, it only makes sense that companies are starting to look to blockchain to secure the polls.

FollowMyVote is a company using blockchain to trace votes, make others alert when tampering could happen, and also just increase the safety of voters everywhere.

Don't be fooled by the name; Arcade City doesn't have much to do with gaming. This is a ridesharing app that's designed to make sure that you get from Point A to Point B.

Arcade City is poised to take on Uber and Lyft, which have been experiencing problems with both local politicians as well as keeping track of rides. They believe the future is decentralized, and honestly, that sounds pretty good to us.


Blockchain has a fun side, you know. Some of the companies proving blockchain isn't dead know this—and are working on skipping boring stuff like supply chains in favor of making cool games that are built on virtual currencies.

Cryptokitties, for example, is a cyber pet game that's built on the Ethereum blockchain. Yes, you read that right, kitties. Games based on cats have always been popular and it's no joke that Cryptokitties is taking over Ethereum.

You can trade kitties, breed new ones, create limited edition cats, and also learn a little bit about gene theory while you're at it. It's boomed in popularity, to the point that it slowed down the Ethereum network.

There are also a bunch of interesting dapp games you can play when you're bored.

Iggy Paulsen
Iggy Paulsen
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