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Why Handbags are Essential?


By Syed ImranPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

When it comes to ladies, a handbag is the most essential fashion accessory. A purse is a small bag which is used for carrying small necessary items. A handbag or purse is used as personal space and an extension for a lady’s style. Carrying a purse not only boosts your outfit’s beauty, but also increases your confidence level. The styles of purses may have advanced nowadays, but its main purpose of carrying essentials hasn’t changed till ancient times.

In a handbag, you can carry a cell phone, wallet, keys, a lipstick, a small sized hair brush etc. A handbag or a purse benefits in space saving, as well as it increases your outfit’s beauty.

A purse’s sizes also matter. You should first see what kind of purse suits you better, before buying it. Similarly, there are different types of handbags. Handbags come in a variety of different styles, colours and patterns. Some of them are mentioned below.

Types of Purses:

The types of handbags are related to the on-going season. Some of the following are famous handbags that women carry:

Shoulder Bag is a bag carried everyday by women. It is the most useful and famous bag. It is a bag which women hang on their shoulder with the help of a long strap that is attached to it. These bags are very large and have a lot of space to carry several necessary things.

Clutch is a stylish and flat handbag, without any straps. A clutch is perfect to take on an event or a party or in any occasion. A clutch is small in size and so, it doesn’t have a lot of space, keeping this in mind, a woman should take it somewhere. It usually has space enough to keep your mobile, loose change, tissue and other small items like lipsticks. It comes in a variety of different styles, patterns and colours, to match your outfit and give it a shine.

Beach Bag is usually a waterproof bag. It is a large bag with parallel handles. It has enough space to store your beach accessories in it. You can carry a cell phone, sunglasses, another pair of beach outfit, slippers like flip flops etc. It is very comfortable for carrying to a beach since it has a lot of space to store all your necessary things that you want to take to a beach.

Sling Bag is another purse also known as, cross-body bag, because it is worn parallel to your body. It has a long strap attached alongside it, to help you wear it. A sling bag is more like a clutch, which is tiny and fashionable. It boosts your outfits beauty and is perfect for formal occasions or casual wear. You can carry a lipstick, few tissues, mobile phone and some money in it. It is small and has little space to store essential items.

Barrel Bag is a long cylindrical shaped cross-body bag for women. It has a lot of space inside it, enough to store your cell phone, water bottle, perhaps an outfit as well. It is usually used by women when going to gym or ballet class.

Wristlets are a type of clutch, with a little loop big enough to fit on your wrist. They hang on our wrist and are very comfortable to hold. They are stylish looking and can go well with a party-wear dress or gown. They are often used in parties or weddings by women.

These were some famous types of handbags that are usually used by women. They are comfortable and are also space saving. You can store many other things in these handbags as well. All of them have their unique characteristics. Some of these handbags are also washable, so you have a better chance of using them for a long time.


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