Why are Flowers and Jewelry Feminine?

Flowers and Jewelry Feminine

Why are Flowers and Jewelry Feminine?
Flowers and Jewelry Feminine

It is not a secret that most of the jewelry that is available in the market today feminine in nature. As a matter of fact, up until the previous century, around 98% of the total jewelry pieces produced in the world were made considering women. To understand why exactly such a trend exists with mainstream jewelry pieces, one will have to go a long way back.

Earlier, there were different types of jewelry pieces that were made in different parts of the world. Be it the fables or images of god featured in western cultures, or the intricate long earrings and crowns that Egyptians wore, all these pieces had a outlined feminine value which made it impossible for men to wear jewelry.

However, this trend was a result of women’s tendency to wear feminine jewelry as much as it was down to men’s reluctance to do so. In simple words, Jewelry was not associated with the kind of image a ‘man’ was supposed to carry. Men were seen as workers, the builders of homes and soldiers who fought for their communities.

In this scenario, the handful of pieces that they did wear were lucky charms and rings, along with certain religious jewelry pieces that they thought would protect them in times of trouble. Further, it was only towards the beginning of the previous century that ‘outline’ or ‘over the top’ features became an important part of most jewelry pieces.

This was the time when jewelry was considered better in accordance to its size. Various rings and earrings featuring large sized diamonds and other stones got increasingly popular, and people thought that the size of the jewelry they wore should be a direct representation of their social status.

Of course, this is a concept which itself has its roots in prehistoric times. In certain communities, including the Great Egyptian empire, the size of the jewelry pieces that people wore was in a lot of ways a pointer towards their very identity. Women of specific social groups and classes wore specific types of jewelry pieces, and thought that wearing pieces associated with ‘lesser’ social groups would somehow degrade their identity.

Of course, those ideals have now been shunned, and we have a very inclusive industry where more and more pieces are coming up on an everyday basis. Regardless, even today jewelry pieces tend to be more feminine than anything else.

In the twentieth century for example, jewelry was actually used as a means to protest and a source of activism multiple times. There was the Art Nouveau movement where jewelry pieces that signified womanly freedom and rights gained increased amounts of traction. Further, while things have changed to a great extent recently, the following products, and the popularity of some of them will make you think otherwise.

In this article, we will focus on the ‘feminine’ part of the following jewelry products, and try to find out if these pieces can be considered ‘feminine’.

Pink and Green Waterfall Bracelet

One look at the product and people will be able to appreciate the nature of the delicate feminine jewelry piece. The two-tone pink and green bracelet features an open-ended design that looks like it does not have an outlined shape of its own.

However, the piece itself aims to capture the haphazard randomness of nature, has two specific colors that combine to form a unique blend which combines beautifully, and it has a feminine outline to it. Like many other pieces of today, this bracelet takes inspiration from natural phenomena, and is available in three different colors- Rose Gold, Yellow God, and White Gold.

Silver Waterfall Bracelet

Along the same lines as the above product, the silver bracelet for women does not have the same color scheme as the two-tone waterfall pendant. However, the design itself is heavily feminine, and the sterling silver tends to add a rather interesting aura to the entire piece. As you can see below, the design itself is very different from the above bracelet. However, the same kind of feminine overtone is very apparent.

The bracelet has two other variants, and all the three products can be considered ‘overtly feminine. These include the Rose Gold Waterfall bracelet, and the Yellow Gold Water fall bracelet.

Dragon Phoenix Pendant

Last but not the least, we have the Dragon Phoenix pendant. As you can see in the image below, the pendant features tourmalines, tsavorite garnet, rubies, natural blue zircon and even sapphire! Of course, the colorful nature of the overall piece along with the image of flowers that comes to mind is specifically designed to appeal to women who like over the top pieces that stand out.

However, if anything, the Dragon Phoenix pendant is overtly feminine, even more so than the above pieces. The inspiration for the designs are of course, flowers. Regardless, while the piece itself is beautiful and intricate, the handiwork and the quality of craftsmanship is what decides the overall value.

Of course, all of the products that you see above are 100% handmade, use the best quality natural diamonds and gemstones, and are made in America! You can check my entire range of products on the Marla Trudine website.

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