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Why are CROCS trending?

by Karely Hdz about a year ago in trends
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Now, I am no hater of a croc but we can all agree that they are not as fashionable as the mainstream make it seem. I remember when crocs had first came out, everybody thought they were ugly. You'd only see a few people proudly wearing these shoes and if you did, you'd be made fun of. I mean seriously you ever try wearing a pair of crocs in public? Embarassing, atleast I thought. Its not until recent years that they started to make a huge comeback, with them now being one of the most popular shoes of all time.

I'll be honest, I have fallen prey and bought myself a pair. Its like people normalized wearing crocs again. People went from hating these shoes to showing them off religiously on social media. Imagine a pair of crocs on top of a pillow in a pool with flowers around. Yeah, this is how people are treating crocs now. We have the croc veterans and then we have those who over hype trends. I can only imagine how croc veterans feel right now. It is like when you find that favorite song only to be on the radio two months later. Nobody loved it when it first came out why are we all singing along to the chorus, I hate it! We have a habit of hating things until they become a trend. "I suddenly do not hate crocs anymore"! Is that what really went through thousands of peoples minds?

I went back in time to when I first saw crocs, and dug deep into how crocs mysteriously found a way to get the worlds most hated shoe to be favored by the majority. I went into conspiracy theorist mode and thought was this all just a marketing strategy? Crocs has been around since 2002, I would not be surprised if those who invested in crocs stocks some time ago are now reaping the rewards. Its genius! With technology being huge right now, companies are finding ways to advertise not only through television but through social media. If you look at the charts, croc sales were pretty dead 2002-2010, going up only in 2011 and 2018. Later you see sales skyrocket in 2020. Why? Covid-19 happened and all of population went straight into social media. What better way is there to get into peoples minds (later pockets) but by actually collaborating with their favorite social media influencers and celebrities. Crocs even now has this feature where you can add charms to them that represent you in some way. Great, now I feel like I’m doing an ad for crocs(please send a pair). Anyway, not only did they manage to get social media influencers and celebrities to convince you into buying a pair, but they have got charms to go with it too! I'll be honest it does makes them look better, but this is the staple to getting more people to buy them. Post Malone, Bad Bunny, and Justin Bieber came out with their own pair, and most of my favorite social media influencers have shared their own crocs. If we put logic and common sense together, this without a doubt works. People only follow trends if they see people who they feel inspired by, promoting them. This just started to happen, before everyone went off of advertisements on TV, catalogs, and the stores. This is a huge way for companies to get discovered, through social media. We all live in the web of social media and it is only going to keep getting bigger, and so crocs found a way for their most hated shoes to now be the most wanted *gasp* you heard it here first folks.

Besides me cracking the huge company marketing strategies, crocs became more popular a little after people started to get them in their own hands. People started to share them on their social media platforms, and even sharing funny jokes about them. Actually, did we just start a revolution? Did crocs just bring the peace we desperately needed? Did we really just normalize crocs, the ugly shoe? Wearing crocs is like normalizing pineapple on pizza. Now you know how it happened. People are choosing comfort over societal needs and approval. Which is good. The trend of crocs giving people a sense of worth needs to die. You’re not any less cool if you don’t wear crocs and youre not any more cool just because you wear them. The trend of choosing comfort over approval needs to rise. Crocs was just the catalyst for this. More people are wearing crocs now more than they wear regular shoes. I am not complaining. They are just comfortable and the amount of swag they give you for wearing them with socks can not be explained. It gives you that laidback chill feeling without even trying. I can't wait a few years down the road to say, "Wow I really hated crocs but now I have a pair of each color in my garage. Ha-ha"!


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