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Where to Buy Affordable Clothing in Chicago?


By SarahPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

With life seemingly getting more expensive by the day, people are constantly looking for ways to lower their expenses. This goes for everything, including clothing. However, no one wants to lower their clothing budget and end up with questionable fashion choices. This makes it important to find affordable stores in your area that do not negate style, class and trends.

Where can you buy affordable clothing in Chicago that meets these criteria? Here are six top suggestions.

1. Margaret M

If you run a clothing retail store, go to a wholesale clothing chicago shop like Margaret M for an extensive, affordable collection. When shopping for resale, the key things are getting trendy, high-quality clothing pieces at a good price, so you have room to mark up and make a profit. The store stocks various clothes for petite and plus size women and virtually provides something for everyone.

2. Urban Outfitters

This store is known for its delightfully low prices. The store is best to shop at when looking for off-season items. You will find both men’s and women’s clothing for a steal and can find some great buys if you are willing to take the time to comb through the store.

3. Garage Sales

While this is not really a store, Chicago sees its fair share of garage, boot and yard sales. These are almost always worth the trouble. People will often buy items that they will not like once they get home, whether ill-fitting or the wrong colour for their tone and so on. At times, these tend to be high-quality designer items. Fortunately for you, these are some of the items that find themselves on sale. You can therefore make some great buys by attending these.

4. Flea Markets

Chicago has numerous fleas markets that sell food, clothing and numerous other items. For one, the Swap-O-Rama flea market is open on Thursdays, Saturday and Sundays for different items. Here, you will get a wide selection of trendy clothes without breaking the bank.

5. Online stores

Online stores are able to hold lower prices because of the economics of running an online store. A brick and mortar clothing store will have overheads and other business expenses that online stores don’t have. This makes it cheaper for them to run their business, a benefit that is passed down to the consumer in the form of lower prices. With some time to look around, you can find a few online stores with a wide array of clothes and fair prices.

Fashion and good looks does not have to be expensive. These stores will give you both new and used clothing items that can be paired creatively to achieve classy, fashionable looks every day- without spending an arm and a leg.

6. Ebay

While Ebay has all types of products: new, refurbished or used, it's still an excellent source to buy affordable clothing. They hold numerous categories of clothing such as:

- Outerwear;

- Tops;

- Dresses;

- Jeans;

- Activewear;

- Sweaters;

- Others.


When it comes to buying clothes, it's important to choose the right store to get the best prices possible. Whether it is for fashion wear or casual clothing. Different criteria should be considered, you should always check the average price of the item new versus refurbished. You should also look at the size charts to make sure the clothes you buy fit you perfectly. You should also check the material of the clothes to know how to treat the material to allow a longer lifespan and allow the material not to shrink and keep his shape.


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