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When I am old, I also want to be beautiful and elegant

Japanese housewives wear this: shoes with heel, head cap

By Egg LemmonPublished 6 months ago 7 min read
When I am old, I also want to be beautiful and elegant
Photo by Roland Denes on Unsplash

Even if we want to retain our youth, we all have to face a harsh reality: everyone will have to grow old one day. People do get old, but beauty never goes away.

We don't need to still look as good as 20 years old at the age of 50, but we can still look beautiful and graceful in our old age. Take a look at the Japanese housewives' interpretation of the older years, and you will have more confidence and calmness about your wrinkles ~

[A] woman is to be beautiful, shoes with a heel, head cap wear up

Japanese housewives live and are imagined completely differently, with no greasy vulgar dress, and not all wrapped up in the life of the rice and oil, but still live generous and exquisite.

In their daily dress, you can't see the tacky big red silk scarf, cheap old age clothing, or casual T-shirts, or textured suits, as long as it's stylish enough to be beautiful, what's wrong with age?

Japanese housewives are a confident and relaxed attitude that is worth learning, but their fashion and beauty are not a secret, only with heels and hats two pieces of a single product will be enough.

Use the hat to modify the face shape, but also can enhance the dressing atmosphere sense. With heel shoes can do to modify the foot type, increase the height and thin. The charm of these two items, then understand the next, you will love it!

[Two] shoes and caps like the Japanese housewife like choosing, senior and generous

>>"Shoe with the heel" of the talk, Japanese housewives like choose

① heel height by the "golden ratio" selection

Love to wear heel shoes, of course, from the first to choose a pair of the most comfortable shoes to start. The most important thing with heel shoes is of course the height of the heel, the heel height + leg length just to meet the height of 0.618 golden ratios, is the most appropriate length.

Do not need to be in the age of forty or fifty years old to pursue the high sexy, 1-5 cm heel height will be able to meet the requirements of comfort and high ~

② by the lower half of the body to determine the size of the heel thickness

Do not ignore the relationship between the thickness of the heel and the volume of the lower body, the heel is too thick will look bloated lower body, bulky, while the heel is too thin and will make people become head heavy, now still think that the choice of heel thickness is not important?

The amount of lower sense of small or thin legs, the small bone structure of the sister on the choice of fine heel shoes. If the volume of the lower sense of large, thick legs, large skeleton, choose thick heels, look more coordinated Oh ~.

③ Enhance the slimness of the feet with skin-baring or narrow lines

The subtlety of Japanese housewives in selecting shoes with heels is that they don't have to worry about the shoes being bulky at all.

Try to choose a partial skinless design, narrow and long vamp, pointed toe or fine heel version, can increase the slim and fresh feeling of the foot, this is the Japanese housewives are not afraid of a dull secret!

>>Wear a good hat of the introductory rule: according to the face type choose a hat

Selected shoes, of course, also can not leave behind the hat. Choose hat of course to start with the face type, Japanese housewives are no exception.

Round face and square face sister try to choose a wide-brimmed cap, low skull top, and short face to choose a high top hat to adjust the face shape. These two face types wear a hat, try to wear the hat back, reveal the hairline or part of the bangs, and shows delicate Oh ~

It is a partial narrow long face type, then should choose the top height shallow cap, beret, newsboy cap, and duck tongue cap can adjust the face shape.

Facial angle sense more diamond-shaped face is to choose to have obvious curve curvature hat, dome cap, wide brim cap are for diamond-shaped face tailored cap yo ~

>>Japanese housewife's favorite temperament cap type, elegant but time

Type 1. more modify face type wide eaves cap and beret

However, most Japanese housewives love also have to be wide brim cap and beret these two. Both can modify the face type and elegant dignified, do not have to pretend to be cute, with their temperament can also be beautiful to let people staggering.

A wide brim cap and beret than other hats have more texture, also can easily hold the autumn and winter thick clothing, coat, suit, cowboy boots, etc. can be completely safe to wear!

Type 2. more texture and volume of hard texture

Knitting, cashmere, corduroy, tweed, and other thickness and volume of materials made of the hat, are also the favorite of Japanese housewives. These hats have a sense of texture but are not bulky, the most can reflect the taste.

But the material is thick, the hat version should be simple, design elements also as little as possible, otherwise look as usual bloated show short.

[Three] hat + with the beauty of the combination of shoes, old can also reduce the age of the character

>>coordinate hats and shoes, Japanese housewife "exclusive" fashion points

Point 1. hat and shoes of the amount of sense, style echo each other

Sisters all know that the Japanese housewife wears the most important is the overall harmony and unity of the loose feeling, then, how to hat and shoes two unrelated single product tied together?

The answer is to keep the sense of volume or style similar. A large number of sense hats with a large number of sense with heels, shoes, and hats to keep the color, style, or material consistency, also can have a natural temperament Oh ~.

Point 2. hat and clothing area largest or smallest color echoes

Japanese housewife's favorite dressing technique is a color echo. Can let the hat and shoes with the largest area of clothing color echoes, such as beret, high heels, and half skirt echo are very good.

Can also let shoes and hats and the overall area of the smallest accessories color echo. White Panama hat, knit shawl and single shoes just form the echo of the upper and lower, meet blue shirt and gray pipe pants of elegance, how many years old wear are as good!

Point 3.hat and adjacent clothing constitute a simple and traditional combination

Can also in the previous shoes and hats color echo on the basis, let the hat and adjacent clothing have a pattern of simple and traditional combination, refuse to dress monotonously.

Black newsboy cap with a printed sweater, retro literature; duck tongue cap combined with striped sweater easy casual, also can make people young several years oh ~

>>Japanese housewife's favorite "shoes + cap" autumn and winter combination

Combination 1. thick wide eaves cap + long half skirt + loose high heel boots

As this year's fall and winter are the hottest pair of boots, high-heeled boots because of the amount of feeling big, of course, with thick wide eaves cap to balance the center of gravity. Boots don't forget to choose a pointed toe wide tube design yo ~

The long half skirt with an open fork will be more leg length. The loose half skirt has a sense of drape, and the boots' color contrast, more embraces the autumn and winter lazy and advanced.

Combination 2. the same color system bowler hat + pointed toe short section nude boots

Since it is a combination of hat and shoes with heels, of course, not less than every year autumn and winter are wearing pointed-toe short-section nude boots. Low-key black or dark brown, never use worry will be wrong.

Slim bottom shirt with khaki umbrella skirt in the bowler hat and nude boots under the addition of becoming more elegant, even the plain cardigan with straight pants also because of the addition of the hat and nude boots become more temperament show high, which does not hurry to arrange a wave?

Combination 3. skin revealing sense high heels + hat

However, with heels in the most famous of course also have to be "elegant woman taste" representative - dewy sense pointed high heels, meet the cap is not allowed!

A newspaper boy cap with a striped shirt will be older women's elegant mature show to the fullest; navy high heels with jeans, calm and fashionable, this is the secret of the Japanese housewives beauty.

Life has a recipe, beauty is the best "seasoning"

Only with a textured hat, a pair of heels with the right height can complete the fashion, a novice will also, why not now try?

Anyway, we will have to grow old that day, then why not choose to grow old elegantly, like the Japanese housewives, with a hat, and heel shoes to wear out of the calm taste, to the banal and boring life declared war!


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