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What Are Thai Fisherman Pants? Patterns and Where to Buy Them

by Monica Lee 2 years ago in shopping
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Thai fisherman pants

Thailand is widely known for its rich cultural heritage and especially in the fashion world. Thai Fisherman pants are one of Thailand’s traditional wears that has stood the test of time. These pants were famous among fishermen and farmers. They are perfect for the tropical climate in Thailand, cheap to make, dry fast, cosy, safe to wear, light and airy. If you would like to understand fisherman's trousers better, here is a detailed explanation of what the pants are, their patterns and where you can purchase them.

What Are Thai Fisherman Pants?

Thai Fisherman pants are light unisex pants that are designed with a wide waist such that one size can fit everyone. The trousers have a long tube of material at the waist that joins to two even bigger tubes for the legs. You should put one leg in each tube and wrap the waistband across your stomach to your preferred tightness and flatness. The excess material from the waistband is folded to form a neat knot.

Thai Fisherman Pants Patterns and Why You Should Make a Purchase

The pants can be made in various styles and patterns which are modified now and then. The internet has several resources that can guide you into selecting your preferred pattern to make the pants. However, two major styles are widely known among Thai Fisherman pants experts, the Samurai style and the yoga pants style.

The Samurai pants are made with a strap on the back. It is attached to the loose waist in the front and gives a folded waistband. The yoga pants style is designed with waist ties at the front and back and has an open pattern at the side.

Although fishermen and farmers in Thailand traditionally used these pants, they have become a fashion sensation as a result of their diverse uses. They are popularly known as Thai yoga pants because they are perfect for doing yoga exercises as a result of their lightweight and comfort.

Besides, the pants can be worn as pyjamas, for beach activities, for backpacking, as casual fashion and even as pregnancy wear. The pants are available in rayon and silk material although it tends to shrink when washed, unlike the long-lasting cotton material. The pants have been customised to meet fashion standards and are available in a wide range of colours unlike the traditional blue or black.

Where to Buy Thai Fisherman Pants

The Fisherman pants can be found in Thailand and especially in Bangkok, where most tourists visit. They come in various price ranges and are generally inexpensive. Besides, times have changed, and online businesses are booming like never before. If you would love to get a pair of these pants and you are not in a position to get them from a physical shop, checkout Layy Pants online store for the latest collections of Thai fisherman pants.

Layy pants online store has an excellent selection of Thai Fisherman Pants, also known as Thai wrap pants or yoga pants. The collection here is made to the customer’s satisfaction in terms of quality, comfort and style. Layy pants are designed and made by highly skilled artisans who understand matching comfort, functionality and fashion. The pants here are very affordable and all retail at a maximum price of €30, which could be as low as €15 during a sale. Besides, orders above € 40 have a free shipping offer.


Thai Fisherman pants are the best option if you are looking for uniqueness, diversity, comfort and style without digging too deep into your pockets. Get your Thai wrap pants today and enjoy that yoga class, backpacking, casual look or beach walk you have been anticipating.


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