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What are Huarache Sandals? Why Are They Still Popular?

Huarache Sandals

By SarahPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

Huarache sandals are traditional Mexican sandals that were initially made from strips of leather intertwined to create a pattern. They are pre-Columbian in origin, meaning they had been used hundreds of years ago. They have stood the test of time and are still considered one of the most sought-after sandals in the world. Listed below are some reasons why Mexican huarache sandals are still trendy.


Most people prefer huarache sandals because they are comfortable. They allow the feet and the toes to splay and enable them to move naturally. They also have an open-toe style that allows air to flow, making them breathable.

Relaxed Fit

Huarache sandals have a relaxed fit and can be worn continuously for longer periods. They aerate the feet, and the comfortable fit helps support the heel and sole. Plus, the straps are adjustable. People prefer wearing huaraches as they protect the feet from strain.

Feet Support

Huaraches provide pain relief as they are made in such a way that they take the shape of your feet. They also provide arch support. You can wear them throughout the day without feeling any discomfort. They are made of lightweight materials, so you will not feel the weight of the footwear while walking or hiking.

Ultimate Summer Footwear

They are the best summer footwear for traveling and going out. Their open style saves you from sweaty and smelly feet even in the heat. They look best with summer dresses and casual outfits, and many prefer huarache sandals as their go-to footwear in the summer.

Versatile Style

Huaraches can be styled with all kinds of clothing. Huarache shoes with a closed pattern can be paired beautifully with formal attire. You can also accessorize huarache sandals effortlessly with semi-formal and casual attire. As a result, they have managed to stay in style.

Evolving Style

The huaraches made today have evolved. They are made in different patterns using various materials to suit the need of the times. They appeal to the tastes of people of varying age groups. Apart from the sandals, there are also huarache boots, loafers, gladiator sandals, and gladiator shoes.

Durability and Affordability

The huarache sandals are affordable, and a pair can be easily bought without affecting your budget. They can handle a lot of wear and tear, and you will not have to worry about replacing them soon. Modern huaraches have rubber soles, which make them more durable and cost-effective. Also, today’s huarache sandals are made with water-resistant materials, so they don’t get damaged when wet.

If you’re looking for premium Mexican huaraches at affordable prices, visit Brand X Huaraches to place your order now.

Huaraches Sandals for Summer

People that live in countries with long summers understand the importance of sturdy footwear that can protect their feet from the heat when they are outdoors. The sheer pleasure of ventilated sandals that keep sweat at bay and protect from sunburn cannot be found in any other footwear except leather huaraches. The right footwear is critical to completing a look whether one is stepping out for a formal or casual gathering, and there is nothing better than a quality pair of huaraches. Here are some popular designs for summer:

Woven Huaraches

These leather sandals are the best huaraches for summer because they are designed for Central American weather conditions. Made of soft, handwoven leather, these shoes mold themselves to the individual’s feet and stretch comfortably with regular wear. The ones made by Brand X Huaraches are perfect with a slightly thick sole to make them comfortable while walking on cobbled roads and walkways.

Slip-On Huaraches

Leather slip-on huaraches are made with high-quality materials. This trendy leather shoe has a leather insole with soft cushioning and leather lining on the upper, which makes it comfortable footwear perfect for long walks.

Runner Huaraches

All Mexican huaraches are made of genuine leather softened overnight, but these runners are ideal for urban style. The shoes are minimalistic in nature with closed toes and beautiful uppers woven over flexible rubber soles. These shoes are perfect for loungewear or evening wear for casual evening gatherings.

Hybrid Huarache Loafers

Some menswear brands have created new kinds of summer huaraches that combine the good features of huaraches and loafers. These hybrid summer shoes are available in colors like tan and black and are ideal for men that want to try out huaraches in summer but are worried that it may look too casual with evening wear.

Slides with Peep Toes

Slide-on huaraches with peep toes are another summer favorite as they are available in regular tan and black and other colors like white, pink, and gold. These can be worn on warm summer evenings or just relaxing in the backyard garden around the barbecue.

Mexican Huarache Sandals

If your summer budget for footwear is limited, opt for Mexican huarache sandals with the open-toe design. This traditional design is lightweight and ideal for walks around the neighborhood at the beach. Handmade from genuine leather and treated in the traditional way, these sandals are waterproof and fit snugly and comfortably.


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