What Are Aussie Women Wearing This Season?

by Isla Wright 3 months ago in trends

Although it’s clear that no one can compare to the chic Parisians or bold New Yorkers, this year it’s all about the Aussie ladies dictating the latest trends.

What Are Aussie Women Wearing This Season?

Their ability to play with elegant and sporty clothes is quite impressive, and their fashion style perfectly reflects their laidback beach life and mood. Ladies from the Land Down Under are no strangers when it comes to monochrome, practical and ultra cozy pieces. Their impeccable style always gives you an impression that they have just stepped out of the ocean, because real Australians like to keep it cool and chill whether they’re heading to a business meeting or lunch. Although minimalism and subtleness are very much present, we couldn’t help but notice the presence of fashion and style diversity as well as a unique approach to the processing of materials and forms. Here’s an insight into what Aussie women are wearing this season, and feel free to copy their amazing style.

Love me some blue jeans.

Just as with the white shirt and a little black dress, denim jeans are eternal. Australians simply love the low-waisted and classical cut (something between mom jeans and bf jeans) and they liked them ripped. You will rarely find them in a skinny model. They like it loose and fun, just like their personalities.

Silky dress? Say no more.

Since there are so many beach weddings, ladies out there like to keep it simple, yet sexy. Sometimes, it’s exhausting to find the most perfect dress, but luckily there are tons of websites where you can explore the best Sydney shops or women’s luxury fashion in Melbourne. Silky dresses are ruling the world right now, and Australia isn’t left behind. To complement their look, they often choose ankle strap sandals with a high heel or mid heel, usually in white, beige, silver, gold, or black. For an additional coolness, they like to put on an oversized denim jacket or simply a long blazer.

White is their fave summer color.

If you ever happen to walk down Australian streets, you’ll see many gorgeous women wearing romantic off-shoulder white shirts or ruffled ones. Also, every fashion-savvy lady would tuck their fave shirt in high-waisted beige or white pants. And no matter how hot it is outside, they’ll put their favorite blazer over. Sometimes, you just have to do things for fashion purposes.

Summery dresses

If floral maxi dresses don’t scream summer, nothing does. Summery dresses in different colors and floral designs are a must for many Aussie ladies. Since the weather is hot, there’s no way they would go out without sunscreen or a chic straw hat. Straw hats are perfect summer staples—plus they keep your head safe. They take the best from both worlds, and we love how practical that sounds. As for the shoes, they like flat slippers in vibrant colors and subtle jewelry.

Color pop

Color blocking is more than welcome when it comes to Aussie girls. They would pair a purple satin shirt with a yellow pencil skirt and own it like it’s nobody’s business. In addition, a pair of red heels would definitely be the final touch. They like to mix patterns as well, so don’t act surprised if you see them wearing a checked shirt with a flowery pencil skirt.

A hot bikini

Since summer is basically all year round, women like to keep their bodies on point and go on certain treatments in order to look perfect for the beach. Therefore, their swimsuit game is strong and there are quite a few popular models they like to wear. Teeny-tiny bikini triangle tops and V-bottoms became popular thanks to many Instagram influencers. Also, one-pieces with high hip cuts are a must because they perfectly emphasize their figure and make legs look longer. As for the colors, neons are super hot right now, as well as yellow, blue, tangerine and nudes.

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